Randy Orton Says Get Your Popcorn Ready For Jim Cornette's Speech At WWE Hall Of Fame

Excitement was already high for this year's WWE Hall of Fame ceremony but the recent announcement of Jim Cornette as The Rock 'n' Roll Express' inductor has certainly only heightened the anticipation. It seems that fans aren't alone in their interest either with Randy Orton even commenting on the announcement of Cornette appearing.

"I'd say until a few days ago, Kurt Angle was the guy who I was most curious to see get inducted this year. But a couple days ago, I heard that Jim Cornette is going to be given a live microphone and so I'm going to have a bag of popcorn, maybe a little flask of some good stuff in my breast pocket, and I'm going to sit back and listen to Jim Cornette and just cross my fingers that it's as good as I think it can be." Orton told IGN. 

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'The Viper' also commented on the legendary manager's much discussed relationship with WWE, "Because he is amazing on the mic, he doesn't hold anything back, and I think it says a lot about WWE and whoever made that final decision -- I'm sure it was Vince -- to have Cornette induct the Rock 'n' Roll Express. Because there's some bad blood there. I don't know what it is. I know as far back as 17 years ago when I first signed there was some kind of weird backstage heat thing going on where Cornette never went up north and didn't like interacting with the guys in the office. You never really knew what it was, though I'm sure if you did some digging you could find out. I'm not interested in that though, I just think it's cool that he's being allowed to come and induct these guys into the Hall of Fame. These guys who are both very deserving in their own right."

Cornette certainly hasn't been shy about sharing his opinions on the WWE's product or some of its decision-makers but whilst always controversial, no one can deny that Cornette is wildly entertaining and it's that reason everyone is talking about his upcoming Hall of Fame appearance. For more of Orton's thoughts on the fast-approaching WrestleMania week, read his full interview with IGN here.

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