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Tonight is the go home show for Great Balls of Fire! Will Brock Lesnar and Samoa Joe have another encounter tonight? Will Roman Reigns get back at Braun Strowman for putting him in an ambulance last week? What is next for Enzo Amore? All this and more tonight on Raw!

Here we go!

Video package on Enzo and Cass break up starts us off.

Enzo starts us off. Enzo vs. Cass will happen at Great Balls of Fire. Enzo says over the past year, he has been knocked out, beaten, disrespected, and it all happened when Cass had his back. Enzo says he was looking right past him. Week after week he runs his mouth, but he gets right back up. Cass never had his back, so, what is the worst thing that Cass can do? Knock him out at a PPV? It's already been done. Enzo goes on to say that he is one of the toughest guys to step through the ropes in a long time. Enzo says he knows who he is, he doesn't need to be someone he is not. Enzo says he is confident and grateful.He is grateful for his dad, for every kid out there wearing a "Certified G" shirt. Enzo says he is going straight to the top. He has climbed out of holes, way deeper than 7 feet. He says Cass is nothing more than a 7 foot catch phrase that Enzo wrote. Enzo goes on to say that Cass needs to start wearing a shirt that says "Cass-hole". Enzo says that boot Cass hit him with gave him new life and Enzo is now an army of one.

Cass says that he is the star, he is where the money is and if Enzo thinks he can just sit there and run his mouth... Enzo comes from behind and knocks him down! Refs come in to take them apart! The match takes place this Sunday!

Bayley and Sasha make their way to the ring for tag team action!

Bayley and Sasha Banks vs. Nia Jax and Alexa Bliss

We start with Bayley and Nia, Nia immediately picks her up, Bayley gets down, Nia picks her up again, Bayley outside the ropes and slammed down on the apron. Nia with kicks in the corner. Bayley gets some in of her own. Dropkicks by Bayley. Nia picks up Bayley and throws her into turnbuckle. Bayley with kick and tag to Sasha. Double dropkick, Nia one on one with Sasha now, Sasha with dropkick sending Nia out of the ring. Nia pushes Bayley off apron, knee to Bayley slamming her into the barricade. Sasha goes to check on Bayley. Commercial break.They take Bayley to the back, it's Sasha on her own. Back with Alexa in control over Sasha, Sasha comes back throwing Alexa in the corner. Alexa with a kick to the face, throws Sasha in the corner who runs into Nia. Sasha goes for double knees and misses allowing Nia to tag in. Nia with backbreaker and elbow drops. Tag to Alexa, Sasha in corner, slap to the face by Alexa. Tag back to Nia with a big chop. Sasha with some punches and then runs into Nia's elbow. Bear hug by Nia. Sasha with elbows fighting back and Nia tosses her across the room. Alexa tagged in stands on Sasha's back and slams her head into the mat, cover and kick out. Alexa stands on her hair and pulls her arms up. Alexa grabs Sasha by the throat, slams her down, misses double knees, Sasha lands double knees. Sasha with a slam and kicks Nia off the apron. Banks Statement by Sasha and Alexa taps out!

Winner: Sasha Banks and Bayley (Sasha over Alexa via submission with Banks Statement)

General Manager Kurt Angle is backstage with Braun Strowman. Braun says that Roman will not be there on Sunday for Great Balls of Fire. Angle says that Roman will be there for Sunday's match. Braun says he better have competition in the ring by the end of the night.

Video package on Brock Lesnar and Samoa Joe. In the interview portion Brock says he loves who he is. Samoa Joe he will unbalance the Beast by slowly taking away his confidence. Lesnar says at Great Balls of Fire "Welcome to Suplex City, B***h".

Cruiserweight action up next.

Cedric comes out and says the nonsense between himself, Noam Dar and Alicia Fox is over. He calls Dar out to the ring and says he will send him back to Alicia in a neckbrace.

Cedric Alexander vs. Noam Dar with Alicia Fox

Alexander starting strong with a series of hits, off the top rope onto Noam. Noam runs out of the ring. Alicia stands inbetween Noam and Cedric to keep him from further damaging him. Back int he ring Noam gets the upper hand after a big kick to the chest. Noam with an arm hold. Dar with kick, Cedric catches one and elbow to the face. Alici on the apron, calls Cedric a loser, Dar tries to take advantage of the diversion, it doesn't work and Dar receives a Lumbar Check. Cover and win.

Winner: Cedric Alexander via pinfall with Lumbar Check

The Miz and the Miztourage make their way to the ring. Miz has the mic. It's time for Miz TV. Miz says that Lonzo Ball will big the biggest bust in NBA history. Miz says that when Ambrose came to WWE, everyone saw the promise in the ring. That he could be the next Roddy Piper but we were all wrong. We got the Dean who would tell a joke. Miz says Dean can't handle success. Every time Dean was a top dog, a main eventer, he caved under the pressure. Miz says Dean can't take the Intercontinental Title and make it relevant because that's his job. He says the biggest joke of them all is Dean Ambrose. Dean makes his way to the ring. Dean says what Miz says is all true, he really has him all figured out. Dean might come down and whoop him anyway. Dean says he is going to want the rematch for the title, TONIGHT. Now out comes Heath Slater and Rhyno. Heath says the last man to beat The Miz was himself. He wants a title shot. He has earned the opportunity...for his kids. Dean says it's his turn. The Miz says Dean will get a rematch when Miz says so. Miz says Heath will not get a title shot at all. Out comes General Manager Kurt Angle. Angle says that he makes the decisions when and where he competes. Miz tells Angle to stay out of his business and go talk to Corey Graves about personal business. Miz says he will defend his title. Kurt can make the decision of who he face. Angle says BOTH. Angle makes a match for tonight for the Intercontinental Title for The Miz against Heath Slater. The winner will face Dean Ambrose on Sunday at Great Balls of Fire.

Heath Slater vs. The Miz (Intercontinental Title Match)

Heath goes for a quick roll up. Miz kicks out. Lock up, Heath with headlock, Miz with arm lock, quick cover by Heath, kick out, head lock by Miz. Rope break, Miz kicks Heath in the stomach. Miz gets Heath down, hip toss by Heath, cover and kick out. Heath gets Miz down, backslide by Heath after Miz gets up. Cover, kick out. Head lock by Heath, Miz gets him down. Miz gets Heath in the corner, reversed, hits to Miz, chops to the chest. Moves Miz to the other corner and another chop. And another one. Miz gets hit in the groin by Heath, Miz rolls out! Commercial break. Back with the Miz in control, then Heath comes back with hits, Miz gets him back down and cover, kick out. At this point Miz's pants have ripped, Miz was not in ring gear when the match started. Heath and Miz with back and forth, huge hit to Slater, cover and kick out. Miz uses bottom rope to his advantage. Miz throws Heath out of the ring. Rhyno and the Miztourage stare at each other. Miz drives Slater into the barricade, back into the ring. Slater down, cover by Miz, kick out. Miz getting ready to do the kicks, and he does. Heath back up and slams Miz down. Both men are down. Back and forth, Heath with punches, knee to the face, gets Miz down. Heath rammed into the corner, roll up by Heath, kick out. Slater with neck breaker. Cover, kick out. Miz with running clothesline. Miz to top rope, powerslam by Heath Slater off top rope!! Heath has his arm for the cover, Axel distracts the ref! MIz with Skull Crushing Finale, cover and win. Miz throws Heath out of the ring at the Miztourage who start beating on Heath. Ambrose comes to his help. The Miztourage come in the ring and beat up Ambrose. Miz comes back in and smack talks Ambrose and then gives Ambrose the Skull Crushing Finale.

Winner: The Miz via pinfall after Skull Crushing Finale

Backstage Apollo Crews talks with Titus O'Neil. Titus says that the Braun match is the perfect match for him. That Braun Strowman makes stars. Apollo is hesitant, he just had a baby. Titus talks Apollo into it by selling him on that he would be impressing his daughter. "Crews can't lose" chants ensue.

Goldust is in the ring with a mic. Goldust says "Welcome to the world premiere of his latest and greatest masterpiece, The Shattered Truth". Goldust thanks R-Truth because without him being so naive and jealous, none of this would be possible. We see on the titantron, The Shattered Truth. The film is the match from last week with Ode to Joy by Beethoven playing over it. In the ring, R-Truth was behind him eating popcorn and then starts beating up Goldust, sending him into the ringpost. Goldust retreats back up the ramp.

Angle talks to Cesaro and Sheamus and talks to them about their rematch with the Hardy Boyz. He officially makes it a 30 minute Iron Man Match! Cesaro asks for Finn Balor singles match which will happen tonight.

Seth Rollins makes his way to the ring where Curt Hawkins is centered in. Curt says he should be facing Braun. Curt gets interuppted by Seth. Seth punches Curt in the face. The ref rings the bell for a match.

Seth Rollins vs. Curt Hawkins

Huge knee to the face by Rollins, cover and pin.

Winner: Seth Rollins via pinfall

Seth calls out Bray, tells him that he needs to be worried about his wrath. Seth says Bray is not a "god". Seth asks if Bray is a man or just a coward.

Samoa Joe and Brock Lesnar do an interview. Joe tries to ask Paul a question and Brock interrupts him saying that it is between him and Joe not Paul. Brock says he will be leaving the champion Sunday. Brock calls Joe a coward. Joe wants to fight already. Brock says that Joe cannot get under his skin. Joe says he's been choking out the best for 20 years and he's gonna get him next. Joe calls Brcok and Paul smug. Joe gets frustrated and leaves the interview. Brock tells him to go find him. Joe searches backstage. Paul says that Brock is looking for him. Refs go after him and tell him to wait for Sunday. Brock stays put in his interview area. Joe yells for Brock. Angle tries to stop him. Joe has found Brock but everyone is holding him back from doing anything. Joe yells that he will put him down! Sunday should be great between these two!

Neville (Cruiserweight Champion) vs. Mustafa Ali

We start with lock up, then neville taking control. Back and forth, Ali gets Neville on his back. Ali with kick to torso then dropkick. Huricanrana by Ali, Neville dodges, then crossbody splash by Ali, cover and Neville kicks out. Ali positioning Neville, gets to top rope and Neville gets Ali down, Ali in sitting position on top rope, neville stands him up, Ali lands on his feet, Ali with huge DDT, cover and kicks out. Ali positions Neville again, Ali to top rope, Neville pushes Ali off of top rope outide the ring onto the barricade. The ref begins the count. Neville goes outside the ring, throws Ali back in. Neville with Ali in the corner, kicks to the face, Neville with a running boot, ref check on Ali, Neville with more knees, a big stomp, throws him up in the air and lets him come down on his face. Ali comes back with an elbow, moves out of the way, Ali gets caught with a clothesline, Neville with Rings of Saturn, Ali taps and Neville takes forever to release the hold after the tap.

Winner: Neville via submission after Rings of Saturn

We see Bray Wyatt in the desert doing Bray Wyatt things. He is playing mind games with Seth and says that on Sunday he will look into the eyes of a god.

Backstage, Alexa gets asked if tonight is foreshadowing Sunday night at all. Alexa says she is not worried, winning requires strength and intelligence.

Finn Balor vs. Cesaro

The Hardy Boyz come out after Cesaro's entrance. They taunt them and go to commentary. Now on with the match! Finn goes to work, headlock, Cesaro grabs his ear, dropkick to the knees by Fin, kicks and punches. Headlock again by Finn. Cesaro with back breaker. Cesaro with hits to the back, throws Finn in the turnbuckle, Cesaro with an uppercut. Finn with punches, Cesaro with clothesline, cover and kickout from Finn. Cesaro has control over Finn, Dropkick by Cesaro, Chops to Cesaro in the corners, Finn with stomps to Cesaro's Chest, Sheamus on turnbuckle trying to distract ref, Cesaro comes back and gets Finn in the turnbuckle and unloads kicks. Now chops to Finn's chest, Finn reverses and chops Cesaro. Cesaro sends Balor out of the ring. Commercial break. Come back to Cesaro in control, he has Finn in an arm hold. Finn comes back ith elbows, Cesaro with a vertical suplex, cover and kick out. Cesaro with an uppercut, cover and kick out. Finn with double stomp to the chest. Finn with punches, dropkicks, Cesaro out of the ring. Balor on the apron and kick to the face. Balor throws Cesaro back in the ring. Slingblade by Finn, Elias Samson shows up outside the ring distracting Finn, Cesaro with an uppercut, cover and kick out. Cesaro with running uppercut, then another uppercut. Balor sends Cesaro outside the ring. Samson grabs Finn as he is next to the apron. The Hardy's come to assist Finn and take out Elias and Sheamus.Finn flips out on all of them. Cesaro throws Finn on the apron getting the knee. Mayhem breaks loose with Twist of Fate and people flying. Cesaro and Finn Balor end up inside the ring. Finn off the top rope with Coup de Grace, cover and win by Finn.

Winner: Finn Balor via pinfall with Coup de Grace

Up next Braun Strowman!

An ambulance backs into the arena.

Strowman says there are few things more in this world he likes more than beating up Roman Reigns. Braun is mad that Roman will not stay down. He says if Roman is stupid enough to show at Great Balls of Fire, he will still leave in an ambulance. Braun wants his competition NOW. Out comes Titus O'Neil, he says tonight will be a Titus Worldwide special occasion. Titus introduces Apollo Crews.

Braun Strowman vs. Apollo Crews

Apollo gives Braun some strikes, Braun taking some hits in the corner. Braun starting off a little slow, then delivers a big boot to Crews and screams in his face. He throws Apollo out of the ring and allows the ref to start counting. Apollo gets back in and into the neckhold from Braun. Braun hits his chest while keeping him on the ground. Apollo gets in some torso shots but Braun just brings him back down. Braun kicks him out of the ring. Apollo gets up, slaps Braun, gets him with a kick to the face, takes out his knee, Apollo gets caught with a huge kick. Apollo isn't moving.Braun lifts him up on his shoulder and huge powerslam. Went for the cover and then lifts Apollo up himself not allowing himself to win the match, another powerslam and Braun still will not let the match end. One more powerslam and Braun covers and lets the ref continue his count this time.

Winner: Braun Strowman

Titus gets in the ring, Titus says he isn't scared of Braun, he throws punches at Braun but Braun hits him with a huge clothesline. Braun powerslams Titus. Braun grabs Apollo and throws him over the barricade into the crowd. He moves him over to the ambulance, throws him in the back and tells the ambulance to drive off by hitting the back. The ambulance isn't moving though. Braun goes to the driver's side and Roman hits him in the face, Roman with a series of punches but Braun throws him face first in the ambulance then throws him on the stage. Roman throws Braun into the screen. Roman with a speer into Strowman off the stage! Both men are down! Strowman is back on his feet, then Roman in separate areas. Great Balls of Fire is this Sunday! Stay with us at fightful.com for all of the coverage!

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