RAW SAPP: Monday Night Raw, Braun Strowman, Reigns' Predictability, Glove Slap, More

Sean Ross Sapp's Raw thoughts.

Opening segment

CM Punk On WrestleMana 29 Performance: They Couldn't Follow Me
  • Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns were pretty bad here, but the crowd liked it, so no harm done.
  • Stephanie McMahon's burn on CM Punk was fantastic. The crowd chanted his name, and she said if they kept up for a couple of minutes they'd last longer than he did in his fight. SAVAGE. She came out with a bullet in the chamber and didn't hesitate to pull the trigger.
  • Stephanie implying she should be in the Shield reunion was funny.
  • What wasn't funny is the old "Hey I'm running this show and want to troll my paying customers" gag. Imagine if any other commissioner in sports did that.

WWE Raw Tag Team Championship
Cesaro & Sheamus (c) defeated The New Day (w/ Big E)

  • I obnoxiously cackled at Big E dumping a soup spoon full of Booty-O's on a kid's face in the front row. Just phenomenal.
  • They tried a little too much here and it got sloppy, but it was just an off night. If they wrestled 100 times, it'd be good 90-95 times.
  • New Day lose in their rematch. I'm usually against rematch clauses, but when you break a title reign record, it's more than deserving in storyline.  

Braun & JeriKO & Stephanie

  • I am a fan of Strowman's almost cheesy perpetual anger. Even in his voice.
  • Owens tells Strowman he's next in line for a title shot after the Rumble, and Strowman tells him "be careful what you wish for."
  • This was pretty terrible and made everyone look a little dumber. We also got a boring Stephanie/JeriKO segment a bit later.
  • Stephanie catches Braun beating up some guy for not telling him where Zayn is. Heh.

Golden Truth, Bayley, Anderson, Gallows

  • Bayley got a big pop from the crowd.
  • Bayley gave Goldust a polka dotted bear. WHO THE FUCK IS CHOPPING ONIONS IN MY HOME OFFICE?! STOP IT.
  • Anderson ripped the head off of the bear. I've seen a whole lot worse to set up a match than this. 

Nia Jax defeated Jobber

  • This is pretty self explanatory. Hiding Nia's weaknesses is the same approach they took with Strowman, and that seems to have worked pretty well. Nia isn't as athletic or as natural on the mic, and doesn't have as many good workers to hide those weaknesses though.

Charlotte defeated Bayley, Special Guest Ref Dana Brooke

  • I liked the promo work here for the most part. I know a match isn't getting expunged, though. Just say it's a no-contest, Charlotte.
  • This match was what it had to be, Charlotte had to get a cheap ass win, and Bayley had to look strong. All of those things happened. Much better than when it came out of the gates

Neville defeated TJP 

  • Austin Aries is getting better on commentary every week. 
  • I really don't buy TJP as a face anymore. I did during the tourney, but anyone who shoehorns in video game references is a doucher. 
  • Neville had a fantastic sell of the Detonation Kick.
  • We got "Let's go TJ/TJ Sucks" chants. Hey, at least they're making noise. I'm cool with that.
  • Neville cut a promo on the crowd, a good one, but he got what-ed out of the building.

Enzo, Cass, Rusev, Jinder Mahal

  • Enzo was in a wheelchair selling his beating, good stuff. He also cut a good promo and the crowd loved those two.
  • Cass beats down the heels. Sure. Why not? I guess. 

Darren Young & Bo Dallas (w/ Bob Backlund) vs. Shining Stars

  • I was hoping for a Strowman crush segment. I got one. He came out with a damn Christmas tree and beat everyone up. That was fantastic.

Braun Strowman vs. Seth Rollins

  • This is the type of worker Strowman has to be against.
  • I love how big of a deal they made it that Strowman being taken off his feet was. 
  • I thought Strowman got hurt on the post spot, he hit that like a bat out of hell.
  • Zayn interfered to a great reaction. This was a great way to keep neither man from losing. Jericho picked the bones after. This was a really enjoyable segment.

Anderson & Gallows defeated Golden Truth

  • Sorry, but I wouldn't be out in the ring singing and dancing if someone disrespected my late father.
  • I would have loved to have seen Anderson & Gallows have a come to Jesus meeting with Stephanie & Foley about how they haven't performed up to their contracts and make that the catalyst for success.

Rich Swann defeated. Daivairi, Cruiserweight fun

  • Short and sweet, Swann wins. 
  • Daivari has a hell of a frog splash on him.
  • Neville attacks Swann after the match. The right move. My satellite going out wasn't the right move, however.
  • Apparently there will be a duel on 205 Live. 
  • Apparently I'll also be watching 205 Live.
  • Jack Gallagher's glove slap? SWEET.

Roman Reigns vs. Kevin Owens

  • I wasn't much into this, but it wasn't all doom and gloom.
  • Kevin Owens' chinlocks drive me nuts, and they're supposed to.
  • I loved Owens busting out a backstabber and codebreaker.
  • Why does Reigns have the United States title exactly?
  • Reigns main events are too predictable. It's a waste of time.

Overall thoughts

  • Three really good weeks of Raw followed by a couple not so good weeks. If Strowman wasn't around, I can't imagine how rough it'd be.
  • So many of the problems are quick fixes and get people over. So why not do them? Neville turning heel has given him a new leash on life.
  • There were no exceptional matches. No Rumble announcements. I NEED DETAILS AND INFORMATION.
  • I really hope the Strowman push isn't used to just put Reigns over. That would severely disengage and disenfranchise me. Can't happen.
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