The REAL Reason Stephanie McMahon Took That Table Bump At Mania 33

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Hey remember this?:

Sure you do. It was the rare instance of Stephanie McMahon getting a comeuppance.

She's the kind of heel that a lot of fans hate the most: a bulletproof one.

She's incredibly vicious with her cutting insults, "emasculating" her talent left and right.

Then there's her favorite mode of discipline:

She does it a lot.

It's become like her catchphrase at this point.

She even does it in slow motion.

You don't even have to be a wrestler to get in on the act.

And she can never get her comeuppance for any of it, not really, because A) the WWE doesn't do man on woman violence (nor should they, not like that) and B) she's the boss's daughter.

I mean, yeah there was this:

But that was like THE ONE TIME.

Also this time:

Actually, I'm fairly sure there are more times, and that my argument completely breaks down upon further scrutiny, but let's just keep pressing on, shall we?

Suffice it to say that Stephanie gets her comeuppance more rarely than other heels. Can we agree on that?

Thank you.

So at WrestleMania 33, when we saw this:

We had to assume it was for a major plot point in the storyline. Stephanie hasn't been on RAW since the table bump, and fans are thinking maybe this signifies a change in the overall presentation of the character. Maybe she won't be so "emasculatey" any more. You know, since she finally (kind of, accidentally, at the hands of her husband) got her comeuppance.


According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, she was scheduled for some time off so she and the family could go on vacation.

Yes, the McMahon-Helmsley tribe headed to beautiful Turks & Caicos to soak up the Caribbean sun at the lovely Beaches Resort.

Pretty nice, no? I'll bet a gal can get a lot of hot stone massages at a place like that, which would help recovery from falling through a table.

Look, I'm not saying that she and her family don't deserve a vacation. They work really hard.

I'm saying it's funny that some fans thought she was staying off TV to further a storyline angle, and instead she's drinking PiƱa Coladas poolside as a cabana boy rubs her feet.

I find that shit HILARIOUS.

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