Reby Hardy Just Threatened To Melt Down The TNA Tag Titles And Turn Them Into Gold Hoop Earrings

Welcome to another installment of 


Jun Akiyama Thanks AEW Fans, Says He Will See Them Soon After 2/24 Collision Appearance

in which I examine the off-center stuff
in the wrestling world

like Reby Hardy threatening to melt down the TNA Tag Belts
if they don't "come correct" with a better contract offer


So Matt and Jeff Hardy's contracts are up on Wednesday.

The next round of TNA tapings start on Thursday.

The two sides don't appear to be close to an agreement, and in fact, reports say that they're not going to resign.

But we should have known, if we just paid attention to the signs.

What signs? How about Matt's wife Reby going off on Twitter:

Negative Changes.

AND straight fuckery.

I mean, one of the other would be bad enough, but BOTH?

No wonder she's talking about the Hardys leaving TNA.

But she's also threatening something else.

Something much more nefarious:

Reby Hardy is going to melt down the TNA Tag Titles and turn them into Gold Hoop earrings.

Thursday's tapings should be interesting, to say the least.

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