Renee Paquette On Jon Moxley’s Decision To Announce Her Pregnancy On AEW Dynamite

Renee Paquette is ready to see Jon Moxley in "dad mode."

Renee Paquette and Jon Moxley announced that they were expecting their first child live on television when Jon Moxley said it in a promo on AEW Dynamite. For Renee, she expressed the feeling of relief this gave her in a new interview with Denise Salcedo.

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Denise shared the following quotes with Fightful.

Renee Paquette Says The Way Jon Moxley Announced The Pregnancy on AEW Dynamite Took Pressure Off Of Her Having To Do A Big Reveal

It was not always the plan. As it got closer, we’re like, ‘I guess we should be announcing it soon,’ cause I am sure at some point people are gonna be like ‘is she just getting really fat?’ {laughs} And he was already in Jacksonville, and he was messaging me and was like ‘I think I am just gonna say it tonight’ and I was like ‘okay.’ It just took so much pressure off of me because I kept trying to think of how we were gonna announce it. I didn’t want to be cheesy or too over the top or too emotional or vulnerable with it, so the fact that he took those reigns and I didn't have to think about it beyond that was easy. It was funny for me because it was almost a throw-away line in the promo for him, he kinda just said it and moved on, it wasn’t like the purpose of the promo but it was such a pivotal line, and immediately my phone was just blowing up with friends being like ‘excuse me?’ {laughs} It was pretty funny, pretty cool, and it was just nice to have it out there now… I didn’t have to worry about doing some big fancy reveal…

Renee Paquette Shares Her Reaction To When She Found Out She Was Pregnant, Is Excited To See Jon Moxley in “Dad Mode”

I was so excited, I felt like I was waiting for it to happen at some point. At some point I am gonna become a mom, that will be the journey I am gonna take but then once it happened it was like ‘Oh I am actually pregnant, this is a thing that is going to happen, now there’s this child that I am responsible for, forever…’ I had very little experience with babies, so we’ll see how it all goes… I am also excited to see how Jon reacts to having a baby in the house. Him in dad mode is gonna be great. {laughs}

Renee Paquette Says She Wants To Raise ‘A Badass Girl’, Talks About What She’s Excited For In Regards to Motherhood

I think the thing I am really excited about is to raise a badass girl. Like finding out that she was a little girl, I was like ‘Yes!’ I feel like there’s so much knowledge and experience that I want to give to this little girl. I want her to come out swingin’ like she is gonna be a little badass. So I am really excited for that aspect of it, I think even for Jon too, right away he was like she’s gonna be a jiu jitsu champion, and she’s gonna be wrestling on the mat right off the bat so I think just kinda picturing this rough and tumble little girl that we’re gonna have, so we’ll see what happens, she might just come out be like this sensitive sweet little soul… I do feel like now that I know it’s a little girl, and we’ve got a name picked out, now I am ready for her to be here.

Renee Paquette Says Jon Moxley Is Gonna Be A Good Dad and Says She’ll Be The Heel Parent and He’ll Be The Babyface

He’s gonna be such a good dad. I am so excited for him. I already know that any and all of our kids will be obsessed with him, I’ll be the bad guy for sure, he’ll be the babyface, I’ll be the heel. {laughs). Jon just has so much more patience than I do too, he’s very patient, his mood is always pretty much the same where like I can be all over the place, I feel like he’ll just always be that centered person, always in a good mood…

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