Renee Young: Nothing Changed For Me When Jon Moxley Went To AEW

It's been almost a year since Jon Moxley left WWE and joined AEW. And no one has had to deal with the fallout from Moxley's move more than his wife Renee Young.

At the time of Moxley's departure, Renee was a commentator on WWE Raw. And while she was initially worried about how things would change without her husband around, she quickly found out that things were about the same, aside from one big difference.

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“I was expecting, because at that time, I'm doing commentary, I'm sitting in production meetings and all the news breaks of him going to AEW, and I was bracing for that impact of like, what's going to happen? And nothing changed for me. No one treated me differently," Renee told Lilian Garcia on Chasing Glory. “It was easy for me. It sucked for me not having him on the road with me. My biggest issue was like, damn, we don't get to travel together. You're not in the hotel room when we finished the show. I miss having those moments, but ... He's really happy. He has like a different energy to him. It's crazy. Because I've only known WWE, Jon. Then once he was gone and now he's like, oh my God, to the point that I'm like, 'Can we stop talking about that?' Because he loves it. It's his first love. He lives and breathes wrestling. He loves it. Yeah, he's always making me watch Japanese wrestling or watching old school Terry funk stuff that I'm like, 'All right, I get it. I love it.' Yeah, he's so happy. It's cool to see him just bopping around thinking of different ideas and things that he wants to execute. It's really cool.”

Moxley has stated many times that Renee supported his decision to move on from WWE and told Fightful in an exclusive interview just how happy he's been since moving on from WWE.

Renee was reportedly backstage at AEW Revolution, where Moxley captured the AEW World Title by defeating Chris Jericho.

Thanks to Chasing Glory for sending the transcription. Fans can watch the entire interview in the video above.

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