Report: Bray Wyatt Has Been Spending The Money He Owes In Child Support On JoJo

And the saga continues for Bray Wyatt.

Following an up and down 2017 for Bray Wyatt's on-screen character, his personal life went on a bit of a rollercoaster as well. During the summer of 2017; a mere hours before Monday Night RAW went live on the USA Network, The Daily Mail would release a report that Bray Wyatt's wife, Samantha Rotunda, had filed for a divorce against Wyatt due to an alleged affair between Wyatt and current WWE ring announcer, JoJo, real name Joseann Offerman. The report would stand to be true, as Wyatt and JoJo are still together.

The situation is apparently not over, as The Daily Mail has once again, reportedly discovered some new information within the Wyatt circle. The site is reporting that Samantha Rotunda is accusing Wyatt of spending $11,000 on unnecessary items and purchases for JoJo. In September of 2017, Samantha Rotunda took Wyatt to court and demanded $15,000 per month in spousal and child support. Two months later, she was granted a temporary income of $14,735 per month and was also granted a $50,000 one-off payment for legal fees. Although Wyatt once agreed to those terms, according to documents obtained by the Daily Mail, Wyatt has refused to pay anything more than the $6,000 that he was paying following the initial split in June. Wyatt was set to pay $14,765 a month in maintenance and child support fees for the two daughters that Wyatt has with Ms. Rotunda. The former WWE Champion has yet to pay those fees and as noted above, has used that money and spent it on personal purchases for himself and Joseann Offerman.

Wyatt apparently has spent $11,000 on "non-neccesary" items from December 20th, 2017 to January 4th, 2018. The list of purchases include: Visits to strip clubs, women's swimwear, $5,006.27 on 'miniature horses, supplies and feed', $533.93 in jewelry, a $112.79 bar tab on January 2nd, $285 at Miami's dubbed #1 strip club "Tootsies" and $171.20 on swimwear at 'Cerulean Blu'. Rotunda and Wyatt have reportedly been forced into mediation and were spotted arriving at Family Law Practice in Tampa, FL on Tuesday.

Samantha Rotunda's lawyer, Ray Rafool, gave a comment to the Daily Mail regarding the situation:

"This really is just the tip of the iceberg. He had already gone to Vegas and spent a lot of money at Nobu or one of the restaurants – substantial amounts of money. He's told my client – it's my money, not your money. It's my money. That's a dangerous and reckless mentality. It's not accurate under the law and it's not healthy for the family."

Wyatt would go onto Twitter to respond to the report stating that "people spread lies".

We will keep you updated as this situation unfolds. Wyatt is still scheduled to compete against Matt Hardy this Sunday at the WWE 'Elimination Chamber' event, which we will have full coverage of here on the site.

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