Report: Good Seats At Greatest Royal Rumble Event Are Designated For Families

There will sections for families with women at the Greatest Royal Rumble.

As reported by Wrestling Observer, the King Abdullah International Stadium has reserved the best seats at the Greatest Royal Rumble event for families that have at least one adult female with them. Single men will be separate and have only been given the option of less preferable seats. This has happened reportedly because the government of Saudi Arabia wants the video footage to reflect the strides they believe to be making in treating women more fairly. Apparently, single men are separated in other facets of life in the country.

The country has given women more rights (like driving) in past years but some WWE fans have been vocal about this event since it excludes any female wrestlers which has been attributed to the wishes of the government.

The event has seven championship matches scheduled including a steel cage match between Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns for the WWE Universal Championship. The main attraction of the event will be a 50-man Royal Rumble.

Fightful Wrestling will have live coverage and a recapping podcast for the event.

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