Report: New Championship Coming To WWE Raw

With the brand split resulting in low ratings, Raw may get a shot in the arm in the form of a new championship.

According to PWInsider, a Cruiserweight Championship has been commissioned. The division has been promoted for well over a month now, but hasn't seen the official launch yet. Currently, the WWE is running the Cruiserweight Classic tournament, which wraps up next month. The title and division will be a Raw-only feature.

The last time the WWE had a cruiserweight championship was 2007, when Hornswoggle became champion and the title was retired. Over the intermittent history of the championship (dating back to when it was the WCW Light Heavyweight Championship, as recognized by, talents like Brian Pillman, Raven, Jushin Thunder Liger, Rey Mysterio, Sean Waltman, Chris Jericho, Eddie Guerrero, Dean Malenko, Matt Hardy and others became champions, while the likes of Christian and Jeff Hardy held the WWF Light Heavyweight Championship.

One major change is the weight limit of 205 pounds, a change from the old cruiserweight limit of 220-225 pounds. In the nine year absence of the championship, wrestlers have become smaller for any number of reasons. was able to verify this report with several sources.

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