Report: WWE To Be Paid $265 Million Dollars Per Year By NBCU For Raw Rights

WWE seems to have cashed in on their television rights.

Last week, it was reported that WWE reached a deal with Fox to broadcast Smackdown in a five year deal worth over one billion dollars. The Hollywood Reporter reported on Tuesday that WWE has agreed to a deal with NBC Universal for Raw. NBCU had the rights to both Smackdown and Raw but according to the report NBCU did not counter Fox's offer on Smackdown in order to focus on Raw.

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NBCU and WWE have reportedly came to an agreement which puts the rights fees for Raw at 265 million dollars per year.  Before these two deals, WWE was only receiving 130 million dollars for both Raw and Smackdown from NBCU.

The Hollywood Reporter also had sources who said Fox was not only promising money but consistent promotion. CEO and Chairman of Fox Rupert Murdoch reportedly said NBCU was embarrassed of professional wrestling. Another Fox employee stated WWE would be an easier sale for FOX than UFC because wrestling is more family friendly.

With NBCU not counter offering and the promise of promotion, WWE agreed to the deal with Fox and later came to the deal for Raw with NBCU.

These deals are being reported as agreements and not completely official. Smackdown's move to Fox is said to be coming in October of 2019.


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