WWE Fastlane 2019 Stats From Sean Ross Sapp Of Fightful.com

- Roman Reigns set some records at WWE Fastlane, including being the first man to headline three of the shows.

- Reigns' win on Sunday also put him at 4-0 a WWE Fastlane, by far the best record of anyone.

- The longest match of the night was The Shield vs. Baron Corbin, Bobby Lashley and Drew McIntyre at 24:50. This made the match the longest in WWE Fastlane history.

- The shortest match at WWE Fastlane was The Bar vs. Kofi Kingston, which only lasted 5:15.

- Becky Lynch's DQ win stretches out her streak of not winning a PPV match via pin or submission since September. She has, however, won by eliminating opponents and via a ten count.

- Sasha Banks' successful defense of the Tag Team Titles along with Bayley was Banks' first ever successful televised title defense on the WWE main roster.

- Samoa Joe's title defense on Sunday was also his first ever on the WWE main roster of any kind, successful or otherwise.

- Mandy Rose's loss to Asuka marked her first televised singles loss since July against Becky Lynch.

- 13 former NXT or NXT Women's Champions competed on WWE Fastlane.

- Cesaro & Sheamus have had a match either teaming with each other or facing each other on WWE PPV or Kickoff shows every year since 2014.