10/14/2019 WWE Raw Results: The Draft Ends, The Fun House Burns Down & New Tag Champs Are Crowned

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- The show starts off with highlights from previous editions of Firefly Fun House, focusing on The Fiend and Seth Rollins. We also see highlights from WWE Clash Of Champions, WWE Hell In A Cell and last weeks Smackdown.

- Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch makes her way to the ring, Lynch says she came here tonight expecting to beat up Sasha Banks. Lynch says that Banks is too injured to fight her tonight, Lynch says there will be a war tonight between her and Charlotte Flair. Flair interrupts and makes her way to the ring, Flair says she and Lynch could be fighting forever. Flair says that she doesn’t even want to fight Lynch tonight, as she would rather be friends with her. Flair faked everything before attacking Lynch, Lynch fights back and a brawl breaks out between the two that spills to the arena floor.

Winner Gets Their Brand The First Pick In Tonight’s WWE Draft
Becky Lynch (Raw) vs. Charlotte Flair (Smackdown)

The match begins with Flair backing Lynch into the corner while landing shoulder thrusts, Lynch gets free and drops Flair with a clothesline. Lynch drags Flair around the ring before attacking her with kicks, Flair recovers and attacks Lynch with a few strikes. Flair also traps Lynch in the ropes while pulling back on her hair, Lynch and Flair have a striking exchange until Flair rolls up Lynch for a near fall. Lynch then drops Flair after landing a dragon screw leg whip, Flair recovers and uses a hair pull to drop Lynch. Flair traps the head of Lynch before smashing her face first into the mat below, Flair then holds Lynch in a head scissors. Flair uses her legs to propel Lynch into the corner, Flair misses a knee drop and she still manages to drop Lynch with a forearm strike. Lynch escapes a pin attempt to nail Flair with a drop kick, Flair recovers and she attacks Lynch with chops. Flair is sent to the ring apron and Lynch uses a springboard kick to knock her to the arena floor, Lynch misses a baseball slide drop kick and Flair sends her into the ring post as we go to a commercial break.

We return from the break to see Flair nailing Lynch with more chops, Lynch fights back and she drops Flair with clotheslines followed by drop kicks. Lynch then nails Flair with a flying shoulder tackle, Lynch then nails Flair with multiple kicks before landing a missile drop kick for a near fall. Flair fights back and she gets Lynch in a Boston crab, Flair looks for the Figure Eight and Lynch knocks her out of the ring. Lynch then hits Flair with a baseball slide drop kick, Lynch leaps off the ring apron onto Flair before getting her back in the ring. Lynch then misses a leap off the middle rope and Flair nails her with a Natural Selection for a near fall, Flair goes to the middle rope and Lynch knocks her off. Lynch goes for a Disarmer and Flair sends her into the corner before landing a big boot for a near fall, Flair then focuses her attack on the leg of Lynch. Lynch sends Flair into the corner before rolling her up for a near fall, Lynch drops Flair before landing a guillotine leg drop for another near fall. Flair recovers and she nails Lynch with a spear for another near fall, Flair gets angry with herself and Lynch rolls her up from out of nowhere for a three count.

Winner: Becky Lynch (Raw)

- Charly Caruso interviews Seth Rollins, who says that today is a good day because it is draft day. Caruso says Bray Wyatt doesn’t care about the draft because Wyatt appears everywhere Rollins is, Rollins says he may be going about things with The Fiend all wrong and everything ends tonight.

- Jim Cramer on Mad Money provides some analysis of the wrestlers left in the WWE Draft.

- The USA and Fox war rooms are shown.

- Stephanie McMahon comes out to reveal the drafts picks, with Raw’s first pick for tonight being WWE Universal Champion Seth Rollins, while Smackdown’s first pick is WWE Champion Brock Lesnar, while Raw’s next pick is Charlotte Flair, while Smackdown’s next pick is The New Day and Raw’s last pick is Andrade w/Zelina Vega.

- The WWE Draft Panel is up next, which consists of Renee Young, Booker T, Beth Phoenix and Samoa Joe. Booker T says The New Day are a huge pick and Andrade is an extraordinary talent, Phoenix says USA made good calls with Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair. Joe says that Smackdown getting Brock Lesnar is a big move.

- Andrade and Zelina Vega make their way to the ring, Vega says they weren’t drafted in the same round as Brock Lesnar, Seth Rollins, Becky Lynch or Charlotte Flair, because they were all drafted in the first round like Andrade.

Andrade w/Zelina Vega vs. Ali

The match is joined in progress and we see Ali knock Andrade out of the ring with a drop kick, Ali looks for a dive and Vega distracts him. Andrade gets back in the ring and Ali nails him with a few strikes, Ali ducks down and a charging Andrade nails him with a drop kick. Andrade then stomps away on a downed Ali, Andrade focuses his attack on the injured arm of Ali. Ali goes to the middle rope and Andrade shoves him out of the ring to the arena floor, Andrade follows Ali out of the ring to send him shoulder first into the ring post. Andrade gets Ali back in the ring before applying a rope assisted arm bar, Andrade releases the hold to stomp away on Ali. Ali fights back and Andrade nails him with a knee strike for a near fall, Andrade holds Ali down while wrenching away on his arm. Ali gets free and Andrade reapplies the rope assisted arm bar, Andrade charges at Ali and Ali gets out of the way to send Andrade crashing to the arena floor. Ali goes for a dive and he leaps over Vega to land on Andrade, Vega interferes again to nail Ali with a rana on the arena floor. Andrade gets Ali in the ring to land a hammerlock DDT for a three count.

Winner: Andrade w/Zelina Vega

- Stephanie McMahon is out for the next set of draft picks, Raw’s next pick is the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions the Kabuki Warriors, while Smackdown’s next pick is Daniel Bryan, while Raw gets Rusev, as Smackdown gets Smackdown Women’s Champion Bayley and Raw picks up Aleister Black.

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