10/2/19 Impact Wrestling Xplosion Results: Eddie Edwards vs. Adrian Quest & An Interview With Trey

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Eddie Edwards vs. Adrian Quest

The match begins with some chain wrestling between Edwards and Quest, Quest gets Edwards in a headlock and Edwards escapes to drop him with a back elbow strike. Edwards corners Quest before attacking him with chops, Quest recovers and rolls up Edwards for a near fall. Quest then hits Edwards with a rana followed by a drop kick, Edwards recovers and he nails Quest with an F-5. Edwards misses a charge in the corner and Quest nails him with a springboard drop kick as we go to a commercial break, we return from the break to see Quest nailing Edwards with a few strikes and stomps. Quest then hits Edwards with a slingshot swanton bomb for a near fall, Edwards fights back and he nails Quest with a release front suplex. Edwards then drops Quest multiple times with clotheslines and an overhead release suplex, Quest fights back and Edwards kicks him in the head before landing a backpack stunner for a near fall. Edwards hits Quest with a flapjack, Edwards looks for a Boston Knee Party and Quest counters with a roll up and tornado DDT for a pair of near falls. 

Quest goes to the top rope and he lands on his feet during a moonsault attempt, Quest then hits Edwards with a super kick before eating a lariat. Edwards nails Quest with a power bomb followed by a Boston Knee Party for a three count.

Winner: Eddie Edwards

- It’s time for Around The Ring with Josh Matthews and his guest is Trey from The Rascalz, Matthews and Trey play PIG. Trey says that he doesn’t know who the best athlete is from The Rascalz when it comes to outside of the ring activities, Tessa Blanchard interrupts and she wants to play basketball with them and gets denied. Trey reveals that he was born and raised in Toledo (Ohio), Trey wins the game of PIG. 

- This weeks Impact Classic Match is Bully Ray vs. James Storm from TNA No Surrender 2011, which Bully Ray would win by DQ. 

- We then see Dave Crist vs. Tessa Blanchard from this past weeks edition of Impact, which Blanchard wins to qualify for the X Division Title Ladder Match at Impact Wrestling Bound For Glory.

- We get a video package of Sting’s five best moments at Impact Wrestling Bound For Glory.

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