10/23/2019 AEW Dynamite Results: Tag Tournament Finalists Are Revealed & Britt Baker's Homecoming

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AEW World Tag Team Tournament Semi-Final
The Private Party (Isaiah Kassidy & Marq Quen) vs. The Lucha Brothers (Pentagon Jr. & Rey Fenix)

The match begins with Quen getting Fenix in a headlock, Fenix gets free and Quen nails him with a head scissors followed by a drop kick. Pentagon Jr interferes and he kicks Quen in the face, Fenix then nails Quen with a release German suplex. Pentagon Jr tags in and Fenix attacks Quen with chops, Quen recovers to drop both opponents with a double drop kick. Kassidy tags in and he double teams Pentagon Jr with Quen, Fenix interferes and he gets double teamed by the opposition. Quen tags in and he takes out Fenix with a suicide dive, Pentagon Jr gets in the ring and Kassidy kicks him in the face. The Private Party then nail Pentagon Jr with the Silly String, Quen nails Pentagon Jr with a 450 splash for a near fall. Pentagon Jr fights back and then Fenix nails Quen with a hook kick, Fenix tags in and he nails Quen with a top rope double stomp. The Lucha Brothers then double team a cornered Quen, Kassidy hits the ring and The Lucha Brothers cause him to give Quen a reverse rana.

Fenix takes out Kassidy with a suicide dive while Pentagon Jr nails Quen with a driver for a near fall, Pentagon Jr attacks Quen with a few kicks before tagging Fenix in. Quen fights back and he nails Pentagon Jr with a top rope rana, Quen avoids a Fenix rana and Kassidy tags in. Kassidy then hits Pentagon Jr with a double jump rana, Kassidy then knocks Pentagon Jr to the arena floor. Kassidy hits Fenix with another rana before nailing Pentagon Jr with multiple dives, Kassidy then nails Fenix with a crucifix bomb for a near fall. Quen tags in and Fenix nails him with a hook kick, Kassidy hits Fenix with an assisted stunner followed by an assisted sliced bread. Kassidy follows that up with a suicide dive against Pentagon Jr, Quen then hits Fenix with a shooting star press for a near fall. Fenix attacks Kassidy with a bunch of strikes, Fenix then attacks Quen with a Gory Bomb while also falling on Kassidy. Pentagon Jr tags in and he attacks Kassidy with a power bomb back breaker, Fenix goes to the top rope and Quen sends Pentagon Jr into him. The Private Party hit Fenix with a Gin & Juice, Pentagon Jr fights back and he attacks both opponents.

Pentagon Jr avoids Gin & Juice to hit Kassidy with a destroyer, Fenix returns and he nails Quen with a penalty kick. Pentagon Jr then hits a downed Quen with an arm breaker, Pentagon Jr and Fenix then hit Quen with a double stomp package pile driver for a three count.

Winners: The Lucha Brothers (Pentagon Jr. & Rey Fenix)

- A video package about Wardlow airs.

AEW World Tag Team Title Tournament Semi-Final
SCU (Scorpio Sky & Frankie Kazarian) vs. Dark Order (Evil Uno & Stu Grayson)

The match begins with Kazarian and Grayson working over each others arm, Kazarian hits Grayson with a few arm drags. Uno interferes and he cracks Kazarian with a right, UNo and Grayson double team Kazarian while the ref was arguing with Sky. Uno tags in and he attacks Kazarian with some strikes, Kazarian fights back and he drops Uno with a clothesline. Sky tags in and he nails Uno with a drop kick, Uno backs Sky into the corner before tagging Grayson in. Grayson and Uno double team Sky for a near fall, Sky fights back and he nails Grayson with a few clotheslines. Uno interrupts and Sky still hits Grayson with a double stomp, Kazarian tags in and he double teams Grayson with Sky. Sky tags back in and he nails the arm of Grayson with a top rope axe handle smash, Grayson nails Sky with an overhead kick before knocking him out of the ring. Uno throws Sky into the ring steps while Grayson distracted the ref, Grayson gets a near fall on Sky as he is thrown back in the ring.

Uno tags in and he double teams Sky alongside Grayson, Grayson tags back in and he nails a downed Sky with a slingshot swanton bomb. Grayson slows things down further by holding Sky in a chin lock, Sky fights back and he lays out both opponents. Sky goes for a tag and Uno knocks Kazarian off the ring apron, Uno tags in and he nails Sky with a swanton bomb for a near fall. Grayson tags in and he double teams a cornered Sky with Uno, Uno tags back in and he chokes a downed Sky. Grayson tags in and he attacks Sky with a few strikes before landing cross face strikes, Uno tags in and he attacks Sky with chops. Sky fights back and Uno nails him with a suplex for a near fall, The Inner Circle are shown walking through the crowd. Uno holds Sky down while ripping away at his face, Sky recovers and he nails Uno with a neck breaker. Kazarian tags in and he cleans house against the opposing team, Kazarian nails a downed Grayson with a slingshot leg drop.

Kazarian follows up by hitting Grayson with a spinning neck breaker for a near fall, Kazarian traps Uno while hitting Grayson with a northern lights suplex for a near fall. Grayson recovers and he battles Kazarian on the top rope, Kazarian knocks Grayson off the ropes and Uno interferes to knock him to the mat below. Sky hits the ring and he gets propelled into Kazarian, Uno tags in and he nails Kazarian with an assisted sit out power bomb for a near fall. Grayson tags back in and he is sent into Uno, Sky tags in and SCU hits both opponents with cutters. SCU gets both opponents in dragon sleepers until Grayson finds a way to break it all up, Grayson returns and he uses a rana to knock Kazarian out of the ring. Grayson then takes out Kazarian with a suicide dive to the arena floor, Uno nails Sky with a flat liner for a near fall. Grayson tags in and Sky prevents the Fatality from landing, Kazarian returns to hit Grayson with a DDT. Kazarian then hits Uno with an assisted DDT on the ring apron, SCU hits Grayson with SCU Later for a three count.

Winners: SCU (Scorpio Sky & Frankie Kazarian)

- Cody is shown arriving at the arena.

Joey Janela vs. Kenny Omega

The match begins with Janela and Omega working over each others arms, Omega gets Janela down while wrenching away on his arm. Janela gets free and he takes Omega down with multiple arm drags, Omega propels Janela to the ring apron before landing a few strikes. Omega uses a few kicks to knock Janela to the arena floor, Omega follows that up with a dive on Janela. Omega gets Janela into the ring before attacking him with strikes, Omega misses a charge in the corner and Janela attacks him with multiple European uppercuts. Janela follows Omega around the ring while landing some chops, Janela goes to the middle rope and Omega sends him to the mat below. Janela trips up a charging Omega before sending him out of the ring after landing a basement drop kick, Janela then leaps off the top rope onto Omega. Janela gets Omega in the ring before getting a near fall on a pin attempt, Omega fights back as we go to a commercial break. We return from the break to see Janela a You Cannot Escape from Omega, Omega recovers and he hits Janela with a few snap dragon suplexes.

Janela fights back and he sends Omega into the corner with a release German suplex, Janela then nails Omega with a top rope elbow drop for a near fall. Janela places Omega on the top rope and he follows him up there, Omega escapes and he drops Janela face first on the top turnbuckle. Omega then hits Janela with a snap dragon suplex and a V Trigger for a near fall, Janela fights back to avoid a V Trigger and nail Omega with a release German suplex. Janela nails Omega with a fisherman buster suplex to end a striking exchange, Janela clobbers Omega with a lariat for a near fall. Omega rolls to the ring apron and Janela misses a top rope swanton bomb attempt, Omega gets Janela in the ring to land a V Trigger. Omega then hits Janela with a One Winged Angel for a three count.

Winner: Kenny Omega

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