10/8/2019 AEW Dark Results: An All Out Rematch Headlines, Plus Darby Allin Gets His First AEW Win

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Tony Khan: It's Us Against Them And I Am The Captain Now

- The show starts with Tony Schiavine discussing the debut of AEW Dynamite.

Darby Allin vs. CIMA

The match begins with CIMA attacking a seated Allin with a running double knee strike, Allin recovers and he attacks CIMA with strikes followed by a springboard arm drag. CIMA exits the ring and Allin nails him with multiple suicide dives, Allin gets CIMA in the ring before going to the top rope. Allin goes for a Coffin Dive and CIMA counters with a power bomb, CIMA corners Allin afterwards to land a drop kick. CIMA keeps Allin down for a short time while applying a modified horse collar, Allin gets to the ropes to break the submission attempt. CIMA goes to the top rope and Allin crotches him, Allin gets CIMA in the tree of woe position before landing headbutts to his knee. Allin also nails CIMA with multiple avalanches to the knee, Allin then hits CIMA with a DDT to the knee. CIMA fights back and he attacks Allin with his injured knee, CIMA also hits Allin with a tornado DDT for a near fall. CIMA traps Allin by the ropes before landing some chops, Allin fights back and throws chops of his own. Allin gets angry and he nails CIMA with strikes followed by a stunner for a near fall, Allin goes for another Coffin Drop and CIMA gets his knees up.

CIMA follows up by nailing Allin with a lung blower and Michinoku Driver for another near fall, CIMA goes to the top rope to land a double knee strike to the back of Allin’s head for a near fall. CIMA misses a top rope double knee strike and Allin hits him afterwards with a Yoshi Tonic for a near fall, Allin nails CIMA with a Coffin Drop for a three count.

Winner: Darby Allin

- Tony Schiavone talks about what we will see this week on AEW Dynamite.

The Hybrid 2 (Jack Evans & Angelico) & The Lucha Brothers (Pentagon & Rey Fenix) vs. Best Friends (Chuck Taylor & Trent Berretta) & Private Party (Marq Quen & Isaiah Kassidy) w/Orange Cassidy

The match begins with an all out brawl between everybody in the match, the Best Friends and Hybrid 2 are knocked out of the ring before getting taken out with suicide dives. Pentagon and Fenix double team Kassidy in the ring, Angelico tags in and he attacks Kassidy with some jabs. Kassidy fights back and he nails Angelico with forearm strikes, Evans interferes and he double teams Kassidy with Angelico. Pentagon tags in and he works with Fenix to double team Kassidy, Kassisdy knocks Pentagon and Fenix out of the ring with enzaguris. Evans and Angelico interfere to double team Kassidy, Kassidy fights back and he sends Angelico into Evans. Taylor tags in and he cleans house against the opposing team, Taylor and Berretta double team Angelico before finishing him off with a tornado DDT. Evans hits the ring and he attacks the Best Friends, Berretta ends that by hitting Evans with a sliding German suplex and then Taylor knocks Evans out of the ring. The Lucha Brothers interfere and the ring gets cleared a short time later after a dive from Quen, Cassidy interferes and he gets clobbered by Angelico.

Taylor gets Angelico in the ring and Angelico knocks him right back out, Evans hits Berretta with an assisted 540 splash. The Private Party hit the ring to attack the Hybrid 2, Quen eventually nails Angelico with an assisted tornado DDT. The Lucha Brothers hit the ring and Fenix lays out Quen with a hook kick, Taylor clears the ring and then he hugs Berretta. The Best Friends then lay everybody out with suicide dives, Cassidy interferes and he takes out some competitors with a dive. Pentagon battles the Best Friends in the ring and he winds up getting double teamed, Best Friends set up for Strong Zero and Fenix breaks it up. Fenix kicks Taylor in the head before Pentagon lands a package pile driver for a three count.

Winners: The Hybrid 2 (Jack Evans & Angelico) & The Lucha Brothers (Pentagon & Rey Fenix)

- Tony Schiavone talks about Riho becoming the first ever AEW World Women’s Champion, while also talking about issues other women have in AEW.

Dr. Britt Baker & Allie vs. Bea Priestley & Penelope Ford

The match begins with Priestley attacking Baker before getting arm dragged by Allie, Allie then hits Priestley with a neck breaker. Baker and Ford are tagged in by their respective partners, Baker gets Ford down before rolling her up a few times for a few near falls. Baker then hits Ford with a Japanese arm drag for another near fall, Priestley interferes and that allows Ford to attack her from behind. Ford corners Baker before landing a handspring back elbow strike, Ford follows up by hitting Baker with a northern lights suplex for another near fall. Baker fights back and she nails Ford with a roaring elbow strike, Allie tags in and she double teams Ford with Baker. Allie then hits Ford with a sliding forearm strike for a near fall, Allie picks up Ford before attacking her with multiple strikes, Allie drops Ford again before landing another sliding forearm strike. Allie exits the ring and Priestley nails her with a penalty kick, Allie is thrown back in the ring and Ford works her over. Ford corners Allie before landing a rolling shoulder thrust, Priestley tags in and she nails the arm of Allie with a top rope double stomp.

Priestley holds Allie down while stomping away on her arm, Ford tags in and she attacks the injured arm of Allie. Allie fights back and she drops Ford with a boot to the midsection, Allie looks for a tag and Priestley attacks Baker. Ford misses a charge in the corner and Allie drops her before landing a spike rana, Baker and Priestley are tagged in. Baker quickly takes Priestley down while landing a plethora of strikes, Priestley and Baker also exchange some elbow strikes. Baker then drops Priestley with a sling blade, Baker follows up by nailing Priestley with a swinging fisherman buster suplex for a near fall. Priestley recovers and she nails Baker with a Saito suplex for a near fall, Allie makes a blind tag and she double teams Priestley with Baker for a near fall. Ford interferes and she nails Allie with a cutter, Baker then nails Ford with a pump handle fall away slam. Priestley then attacks Baker with a head kick, Allie recovers and she hits Priestley with a death valley driver for a near fall. Priestley hits Allie with a jaw breaker before Baker and Ford tag in, Baker quickly drops Ford with a DDT for a near fall. Priestley interferes and Allie takes her out with a spear, Baker gets Ford in the Rings Of Saturn to force a tap out.

Winners: Dr. Britt Baker & Allie

- Tony Schiavone shows highlights of Chris Jericho attacking Cody last week on AEW Dynamite, followed by highlights of Hangman Page versus Pac. Highlights are also showed of Jon Moxley attacking Kenny Omega, followed by Chris Jericho forming an alliance with Jake Hager, Santana, Ortiz and Sammy Guevera to battle The Elite.

SCU (Christoper Daniels, Scorpio Sky & Frankie Kazarian) vs. The Jurassic Express (Luchasaurus, Marko Stunt & Jungle Boy)

The match begins with Stunt getting Daniels in a headlock, Daniels gets free and he drops Stunt with a shoulder block. Stunt recovers and he catches Daniels in a roll up before landing an arm drag, Daniels and Stunt take turns mocking each other. Boy and Kazarian tag in and they exchange a few pin attempts, Kazarian ends the exchange by nailing Boy with a slam and slingshot leg drop. Sky tags in and he double teams Boy with Kazarian for a near fall, Daniels tags in and he gets shoved into Sky before Luchasaurus tags in. Luchasaurus quickly drops Daniels with a chop before landing a tail whip afterwards, Boy tags in and he nails Daniels with a suplex. Stunt tags in and Boy plants him on top of Daniels for a near fall, Stunt follows up by nailing Daniels with a drop kick. Boy tags in and he nails Daniels with a back stabber, Stunt also nails Daniels with a slingshot swanton before Boy gets a near fall on him. Boy slows things down by holding Daniels in a chin lock, Daniels gets free and he nails Boy with a tilt-a-whirl side slam.

Sky and Stunt are tagged in by their respective partners, Sky starts cleaning house until Luchasaurus is tagged in. Sky quickly starts attacking Luchasaurus with leg kicks, Kazarian tags in and he nails Luchasaurus with a tornado DDT for a near fall. Luchasaurus gets up and he attacks every member of SCU with kicks, Sky is brought in the ring and he gets hit with a flapjack from Luchasaurus. Luchasaurus hits Kazarian with a choke slam and standing shooting star press for a near fall, Stunt tags in and he double teams Kazarian with Boy. Stunt then hits Kazarian with a running shooting star press for a near fall, SCU clears the ring before Stunt battles them all. Luchasaurus drags Daniels out of the ring and Stunt rolls up Kazarian for a near fall, Stunt goes for a rana and Kazarian blocks it. Kazarian and Sky hit Stunt with a power bomb/back stabber combo for a three count.

Winners: SCU (Christoper Daniels, Scorpio Sky & Frankie Kazarian)

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