10/8/2019 NWA Powerrr Results: The NWA World Heavyweight Championship Is Defended

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- Dave Marquez interviews NWA World Heavyweight Champion Nick Aldis, Aldis says he is approaching a year as the real worlds champion. Aldis talks about how the NWA and their stars have turned everything around in recent years, Aldis says that he respects Tim Storm and respect must be a two way street. Aldis says he has been busting his ass to do the job to Storm tonight, Aldis says Storm will know why he is the NWA World Heavyweight Champion.

The Dawsons (Zane & Dave) vs. Sal Rinauro & Billy Buck

The match begins with one of the Dawsons leveling Rinauro with a back elbow strike, a tag is made and the Dawson’s nail Rinauro with a double suplex. Rinauro fights back against Zane before tagging Buck in, Zane quickly levels Buck with a lariat. The other Dawson tags in and they double team Buck, Rinauro interferes and he is quickly dropped. The Dawsons hit Buck with a Big Squisher for a three count.

Winners: The Dawsons (Zane & Dave)

After the match, The Dawsons cut a promo saying that they own the NWA and there is nothing anybody can do about it.

- Eli Drake is interviewed next, Drake says that Atlanta, Georgia is NWA country before shouting “yeah” multiple times. Drake says there is something different about the NWA, Drake talks about all the different champions in the NWA. Drake says his time has come and it is a fact that he will walk away with a championship.

Eli Drake vs. Caleb Konley

The match begins with Konley getting Drake in a headlock, Drake gets free and he drops a charging Konley with a shoulder block. Konley catches Drake in a few pinning combinations for a few near falls, Konley then nails Drake with a drop kick. Konley follows that up by nailing Drake with a monkey flip, Konley looks for a second monkey flip and Drake blocks it. Konley misses a charge in the corner and Drake nails him with a neck breaker, Drake corners Konley while landing a few shoulder thrusts. Drake nails Konley with a swinging neck breaker for a near fall, Drake corners Konley again while stomping away on him. Konley fights back and Drake sends him into the ropes before landing a knee strike, Drake then hits Konley with a slingshot shoulder tackle for a near fall. Konley fights back again and he nails Drake with an enzaguri followed by a high kick, Drake recovers and he throws Konley to the ring apron before eating another enzaguri. Konley then nails Drake with a slingshot splash for another near fall, Konley follows that up with a double stomp on Drake. Konley goes to the middle rope and Drake gets his knees up on a moonsault attempt, Drake hits Konley with a Gravy Train for a three count.

Winner: Eli Drake

- A video package airs highlighting the feud between Nick Aldis and Tim Storm.

- Jocephus comes to the commentary station and he demands a match with James Storm, who arrives to answer the challenge. Storm says he is the only Storm that Jocephus needs to worry about, Storm says that Jocephus pretends that he is tough while Storm is tough. The two get physical and the referees eventually break it up.

The Wildcards (Royce Isaacs & Thomas Latimer) vs. Danny White & Mims

The match begins with Isaacs kicking White before dropping him with a right, Isaacs mounts White and lands a few strikes. Latimer tags in and he nails a downed White with an elbow drop, Mims tags in and Latimer attacks him with strikes. Isaacs tags back in and he double teams Mims with Latimer, Isaacs corners Mims while kicking away at him. White tags back in and Isaacs gets him in the ring, Latimer tags in and he nails White with a pop up power bomb. Isaacs then hits White with a release German suplex for a three count.

Winners: The Wildcards (Royce Isaacs & Thomas Latimer)

After the match, The Wildcards are interviewed and they say that they are the NWA World Tag Team Champions. Eddie Kingston interrupts and he says The Wildcards are holding the biggest tag team titles in the world, Kingston says The Wildcards don’t speak for people like him. The Wildcards confront Kingston and Homicide appears to back up Kingston, James Storm and Jocephus brawl as well and it apparently started from the backstage area.

- The Brawl between James Storm and Jocephus continues after the commercial break, a referee hits the ring to officiate an official match between the two.

James Storm vs. Jocephus

The match begins with Storm nailing a charging Jocephus with a Last Call for a three count.

Winner: James Storm

After the match, James Storm attacks Jocephus further before landing another Last Call.

- A second video package airs highlighting the feud between Nick Aldis and Tim Storm.

- Tim Storm is interviewed at ringside and he says that NWA defined wrestling for him growing up, Storm says that what defines him as a man is the people that he loves and who loves him back. Storm says the NWA World Championship has defined him as a professional wrestler, Storm says that Nick Aldis is the best champion in wrestling today. Storm talks about Aldis giving him one last shot at the championship, Storm quotes Eminem as motivation before promising to win the title tonight.

NWA World Heavyweight Championship
Tim Storm’s Last Title Shot
Nick Aldis (c) w/Kamille vs. Tim Storm

The match begins with Storm shoving Aldis to the mat below, Aldis backs Storm into the corner before exchanging chops. Aldis kicks Storm before cornering him and landing strikes, Storm turns it around and corners Aldis before landing strikes. Storm corners Aldis a second time before landing more strikes, Storm then drops Aldis with a shoulder tackle. Aldis leaves the ring after Storm clocks him with a right, Storm leaves the ring to attack Aldis with more strikes. Aldis recovers and he throws Storm into the ring post, Aldis waits for Storm to get up before shoving him back first into the ring post. Aldis gets Storm in the ring before landing a slam and elbow drop for a near fall, Storm fights back and Aldis drops him with a double chop. Aldis holds Storm down while getting him in a chin lock, Storm gets free and Aldis gets him in a sleeper hold. Storm gets free after sending Aldis into the top turnbuckle, Storm the drops Aldis with clotheslines and back elbow strikes. Storm then nails Aldis with a big boot to the face, Aldis fights back and Storm rolls him up for a near fall. Storm drops Aldis and he gets him in a figure four leg lock, Aldis eventually gets to the ropes to break the hold.

Aldis gets up and he nails Storm with an elbow strike, Aldis goes to the top rope and Storm meets him up there to land a superplex for a near fall. Storm goes to the top rope and he nails Aldis with a high cross body for a near fall, Storm goes to the middle rope and he misses a swanton bomb attempt. Aldis goes to the top rope and he lands an elbow drop to the back of Storm, Aldis then gets Storm in the cloverleaf and Storm eventually gets to the ropes to break the hold. Storm escapes the grip of Aldis and he shoves Aldis into the ref, Storm then hits Aldis with a low blow and Perfect Storm for a near fall. Storm goes to the top rope again and Aldis meets him up there, Storm lands a headbutt and both crash to the arena floor. Storm then causes Aldis to accidentally clothesline Kamille, Storm gets Aldis in the ring after shoving him into the ring post. Storm goes for a suplex and Aldis counters with a small package for a three count.

Winner: Nick Aldis w/Kamille, still the NWA World Heavyweight Champion

- Nick Aldis is interviewed after the match, Aldis says that Tim Storm is as authentic as it gets and he is proud to share the ring with him. Kamille was asked a question and Aldis interrupts to say that she is fine, Aldis says to not take the moment away from Storm before leaving the interview area.

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