- Liv Morgan and Rusev are backstage, Rusev calls Bobby Lashley and Lana a waste of his breath. Rusev says he will fight them both under any circumstances, Morgan says she is the living embodiment of Lana’s kharma and she is a bitch.

- Jerry Lawler is in the ring for the contract signing between Becky Lynch and Asuka, Lynch makes her way to the ring followed by Asuka and Kairi Sane. Asuka grabs the microphone and says some stuff in Japanese, Sane pokes Lynch a few times with her umbrella before Lynch takes it away from her. Sane leaves the ring to retrieve the umbrella and Asuka signs the contract, Lynch signs the contract a few moments later. Lynch starts speaking and Asuka sprays mist in her eyes, Asuka and Sane leave the ring afterwards. Lynch gets a microphone and she says rewards and acclaims are poison for someone like her, Lynch says she will go down swinging at WWE Royal Rumble 2020 and will take Asuka down with her.

- Highlights are shown of what went down last week between Andrade, Zelina Vega and Rey Mysterio.

- Sarah Schreiber interviews Zelina Vega and Andrade, Vega says there is a huge difference between Andrade and Rey Mysterio. Vega says a report has been filed against Mysterio with the authorities after last weeks attack, Vega says Mysterio is setting a bad example for all of his children. Andrade gets angry and says a lot of things in Spanish before storming off.

- Charly Caruso interviews Rey Mysterio, who says a bunch of things in Spanish before saying he loves the idea of facing Andrade in a ladder match next week. Mysterio says he is willing to accept the consequences of what could go down next week, Mysterio says he will take back the WWE United States Championship.

- A video package airs highlighting the feud between Aleister Black and Buddy Murphy.

Aleister Black vs. Buddy Murphy

The match begins with Black nailing Murphy with a spinning elbow strike followed by more strikes, Murphy fights back and he lands strikes of his own. Black recovers and he attacks Murphy with a variety of kicks, Murphy leaves the ring and Black nails him with a baseball slide drop kick. Black leaves the ring and he nails Murphy with more strikes, Black gets Murphy back in the ring and he follows him in there. Murphy kicks his way free and he exits the ring alongside Black, Black then knocks Murphy into the ring post after landing a kick. Murphy recovers and he drops Black on the ramp before throwing him into the barricade a few times, Black fights back and they exchange strikes in the time keepers area. Murphy climbs to the top of the barricade and Black uses a kick to trip him up, Black gets Murphy back in the ring before getting a near fall on a pin attempt. Murphy recovers and he knocks Black to the ring apron, Black lands a kick before leaping off the top rope.

Murphy traps Black in the corner before drop kicking him into the ring post, Murphy drags Black out of the ring before suplexing him on the arena floor as we go to a commercial break. We return from the break to see Black dropping Murphy in the arena floor before landing a double stomp, Black then kicks Murphy into the time keepers area before landing a running knee strike. Black gets Murphy back in the ring and he attacks him with more strikes, Black then drops Murphy with another knee strike for a near fall. Murphy gets up and he catches Black in a roll up with a handful of tights for a near fall, Murphy knocks Black out of the ring a short time later. Black gets back in the ring and he nails a charging Murphy with another knee strike for another near fall, Murphy goes to the ring apron while exchange strikes with Black. Black goes to the middle rope and Murphy kicks him in the head, Murphy climbs to the top rope and Black meets him up there before getting knocked off.

Black recovers and he nails Murphy with a running head kick that knocks them both to the arena floor, both get back in the ring and exchange strikes. Black knocks Murphy into the ropes before landing a head kick, Murphy nails an upside down Black with a head kick. Murphy then hits Black with a Murphy’s Law for a near fall, Murphy goes for Murphy’s Law again and he lets Black go. Murphy misses Black Mass and Black lands one of his own for a near fall, Black nails Murphy with a second Black Mass for a three count.

Winner: Aleister Black

- Charly Caruso tries interviewing Buddy Murphy at ringside and he declines to cleak.

Erick Rowan vs. Unknown Wrestler

The match begins with Rowan throwing his opponent out of the ring, Rowan then throws the opponent into the barricade. Rowan sticks his hand into the cage and whatever is in there bites his hand, Rowan gets back in the ring to hit his opponent with an avalanche. Rowan then hits the opponent with an Iron Claw for a three count.

Winner: Erick Rowan

- Seth Rollins and AOP are shown backstage.

Fist Fight
Seth Rollins & AOP (Rezar & Akam) vs. Big Show, Kevin Owens & Samoa Joe

The match begins with Rollins and AOP jumping Show during his entrance, Joe and Owens come out to attack them with kendo sticks. Show gets in the ring and he attacks Rollins with the kendo stick, Joe throws a table in the ring before getting attacked by one of the AOP. Show sets the table up in the corner while the rest of the competitors brawl up to the stage, Show and Rollins continue their brawl on the arena floor. Rollins shoves Show into the ring post, Owens runs up the stage before diving onto both AOP. Joe leaps off the stage and he puts a member of AOP through a table, Buddy Murphy is still at ringside and Rollins asks him for help. Show gets Rollins in the ring before landing a choke slam, Murphy gets in the ring and he nails Show with a low blow. Rollins and Murphy put Show through the table. AOP resume their brawl with Joe and Owens by the announcer area, AOP then put Owens and Joe through the announce table.

Show fights back and he throws Murphy out of the ring before attacking Rollins, Show climbs the ropes and AOP returns to nail him with a double power bomb. Rollins nails Show with a curb stomp and the ref rings the bell a short time later.

Winners: Seth Rollins & AOP (Rezar & Akam)

After the match, Seth Rollins embraces Buddy Murphy.

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