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Trent Berretta w/Chuck Taylor & Orange Cassidy vs. Pac

The match begins with Pac wrenching away on the arm of Berretta, Berretta gets free and does the same to Pac. Pac exits the ring to go face to face with Cassidy, Berretta chases Pac back in the ring before nailing him with a back elbow strike. Berretta backs Pac into the corner before landing a few strikes, Pac rolls to the ring apron and Berretta gets him back in the ring by landing a northern lights suplex for a near fall. Pac leaves the ring and Berretta follows him out there, Pac grabs Berretta and he throws him into the barricade a few times. Pac picks up Berretta and drops him onto the barricade before shoving him back first onto the entrance ramp, Pac gets back in the ring and he nails Berretta with a suicide dive. Pac gets Berretta back in the ring and he follows him in there before going to the top rope, Pac then hits Berretta with a missile drop kick for a near fall. Pac holds Berretta down while applying a headlock, Pac follows that up with a hard Irish whip followed by a German suplex for a near fall. Pac holds Berretta dow while applying a chin lock to him, Berretta fights back and Pac knocks him back to the arena floor.

Cassidy interferes to confront Pac as Taylor distracts the referee, Pac eventually lays out Cassidy with a pump kick. Berretta gets back in the ring and he nails Pac with multiple clotheslines, Berretta then knocks Pac out of the ring with a head and arm suplex. Berretta keeps the momentum going by taking out Pac with a suicide dive, Berretta then throws Pac into the barricade a few times. Pac fights back and Berretta lays him out with a spear on the arena floor, Berretta gets Pac back in the ring before landing a knee strike for a near fall. Berretta then nails Pac out with a tornado DDT for another near fall, Pac leaves the ring and he nails Berretta with a brain buster on the arena floor a short time later. Pac gets Berretta back in the ring before landing a Black Arrow, Pac gets Berretta in the Brutalizer and Berretta goes out cold.

Winner: Pac

After the match, Pac tells the fans to shut up and he tells Hangman Page that he's going to make an example out of him again at AEW Full Gear.

- Cody makes his way to the ring for a big announcement, Cody says the arrival of The Inner Circle has been a surgical move by Chris Jericho. Cody talks about facing Jericho for the AEW World Heavyweight Title at AEW Full Gear, Cody mentions some of the greats that have been a part of the wrestling business over the years and that have been the best in the business. Cody talks about how proud he is of what AEW has become, Cody talks about the criticism he faces for being management and getting a title shot. Cody says that if he doesn’t defeat Jericho at AEW Full Gear, then he will never challenge for the AEW World Championship again. Cody talks about Jericho’s upbringing as the son of a famous hockey player, Cody says Jericho needs this generation more than it needs him. Cody says this match is everything for him and his family, Cody promises to eat Jericho alive at AEW Full Gear.

- SCU comes to the commentary table for the next match, while The Lucha Brothers join the spanish commentary team.

Bronze Medal Match
Winners Added To AEW World Tag Team Title Match At AEW Full Gear
Dark Order (Evil Uno & Stu Grayson) vs. Private Party (Marq Quen & Isaiah Kassidy)

The match begins with Grayson attacking Quen with shoulder tackles as the bell rings, Uno tags in and he double teams Quen with Grayson. Grayson tags back in as Quen fights back against them, Kassidy tags in and he double teams Grayson with Quen. Uno distracts Kassidy afterwards so Grayson can attack him from behind, Quen fights back and Grayson nails him with a uranage. Uno tags in and he nails Kassidy with a back breaker before choking him on the bottom rope, Uno tags in and Kassidy nails him with an enzaguri. Grayson stays in the ring and he nails Kassidy with a shoulder spear, Uno drops Kassidy on the ring apron before Grayson lands a slingshot swanton bomb as we go to a commercial break. We return from the break to see Uno working over a downed Kassidy, Kassidy fights back and he nails Uno with a suplex. Grayson and Quen are tagged in by their respective partners, Uno quickly attacks Quen before double teaming him with Grayson. Dark Order go for their finisher and Quen breaks it up before knocking Grayson to the arena floor, Quen then knocks Uno to the arena floor.

Quen follows that up by taking the Dark Order out with a suicide dive, Quen gets Grayson back in the ring before nailing him with a springboard cross body block for a near fall. Kassidy tags in and Grayson nails both opponents with a double overhead kick, Uno tags in and he nails Kassidy with a modified neck breaker for a near fall. Grayson and Quen are tagged in by their partners, Dark Oder then decide to double team both opponents. Grayson hits Quen with a top rope 450 splash for a near fall, Uno tags in and Quen sends him into Grayson. Kassidy tags in and Grayson quickly lays him out, Grayson tags in and Quen crotches him on the top rope. Private Party then lay out Uno with the Silly String, Quen tags in and Private Party hit Grayson with Gin & Juice for a three count.

Winners: Private Party (Marq Quen & Isaiah Kassidy)

After the match, a face off takes place between the Private Party, SCU & The Lucha Brothers.

- A video airs showing Chrs Jericho and Sammy Guevara talking about which bubly to drink, Guevara says that its all over for Cody when he faces Jericho at AEW Full Gear. Soultrain Jones talks about just how driven Jericho is, Santana also echoes the sentiments of Jones. Ortiz and Jericho's aunt also talk about Jericho's drive as a professional MMA fighter, Jericho's aunt says Jericho will defeat Cody at AEW Full Gear. Jake Hager continues staring at the camera without saying anything, various highlights of Jericho are interspersed throughout the video.

- Highlights are shown of Santana & Ortiz attacking The Rock N' Roll Express and The Young Bucks from last weeks AEW Dynamite.

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