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Jon Moxley vs. Alex Reynolds w/John Silver

The match begins with Moxley nailing Reynolds with a flying knee strike followed by the Paradigm Shift for the three count.

Winner: Jon Moxley

After the match, John Silver attacks Jon Moxley from behind and Moxley nails him with a Paradigm Shift. AEW World Heavyweight Champion Chris Jericho makes his way to the ring with The Inner Circle by his side, Jericho gets in the ring and he tells everybody to watch their language. Jericho asks Moxley to be calm and The Inner Circle isn’t here to attack, Jericho says he is impressed with Moxley. Jericho talks about how Moxley asked Jericho with advice on how to be a star over a decade ago, Jericho talks about their rivalry from back in the day. Jericho says he helped Moxley get out of the other promotion and into AEW, Jericho says Moxley still attacked him after everything and he has just begun to realize his importance in AEW. Jericho says Moxley should join forces with him and The Inner Circle, Jericho says Moxley should talk it over with family before giving an answer. Jericho gives Moxley a shirt before exiting the ring and heading backstage with The Inner Circle.

- A video package airs highlighting the feud between Proud N’ Powerful and The Young Bucks.

The Butcher & The Blade w/The Bunny vs. Cody & QT Marshall

The match begins with Cody immediately tagging himself into the match, Cody escapes a swinging Blade to land a drop kick. Cody traps Blade in the corner before landing a few strikes, Blade recovers and he drops Cody with a shoulder tackle. Cody immediately gets up and he nails Blade with a power slam, Butcher tags in and Marshall gets a tag a few moments later. Butcher quickly overpowers Marshall before dropping him with a shoulder block, Marshall fights back and The Bunny interferes. Marshall leaves the ring to confront her and Blade takes him out with a suicide dives, Blade gets Marshall back in the ring and Marshall fights back before tagging Cody in. Cody exits the ring and he takes a drink of water before spitting it in the eyes of Blade, Cody then nails Blade with a bulldog. Marshall tags in and he nails the arm of Blade with a middle rope axe handle smash, Marshall misses a drop kick and he immediately gets double teamed by the opposition. Butcher tags in and he drops Marshall with a hard Irish whip into the corner, Butcher nails Marshall with a few more strikes before tagging Blade in.

Blade quickly drops Marshall with a clothesline that is followed up with a double team move as Butcher tags in, Butcher works Marshall over in the corner before tagging Blade in. Blade throws Marshall out of the ring so Bunny can attack him, Blade leaves the ring before getting Marshall back into it. Marshall fights back and he nails Blade with a jaw breaker followed by an enziguri, Butcher interferes and Marshall knocks him out of the ring. Marshall looks for a tag and Butcher knocks Cody off the ring apron, Marshall then gets double teamed so Butcher can get a near fall on him. Butcher holds Marshall down while wrenching away on his arm, Marshall fights back and he drops Butcher with a handspring enziguri. Blade tags in and he misses an avalanche in the corner, Cody tags in and he cleans house against the opposing team. Cody nails Butcher with a Disaster Kick before nailing Blade with a top rope moonsault for a near fall, Cody then nails Blade with a top rope cutter for another near fall.

Cody goes for a figure four and Blade kicks him into the ropes, Bunny rakes the eyes of Cody and Marshall tags himself in. Marshall clears the ring before taking everybody out with a suicide dive, Blade is thrown in the ring and Cody kicks him in the head. Marshall then hits Blade with a Cross Rhodes as Cody nails Butcher with a dive, Marshall nails Blade with a top rope twisting swanton for a near fall. Butcher hits the ring after taking Cody out and Marshall fights them both, Blade nails Marshall with a stunner before Butcher lands a lariat. Blade and Butcher nail Marshall with their finisher for a three count.

Winners: The Butcher & The Blade w/The Bunny

After the match, Darby Allin hits the ring and he offers Cody his hand before heading backstage.

- Sammy Guevara is backstage with Proud N’ Powerful and they are looking at various weapons for tonight’s street fight.

- Brandon Cutler is backstage and he speaks with The Young Bucks.

- MJF makes his way into the ring with Wardlow at his side, MJF tells a member of the ring crew to get into the ring. MJF gives the ring crew member the business for apparently laughing at something Cody said about him last week, MJF has him kiss his ring before nailing him with a Double Cross Rhodes. MJF calls Cody one of the greatest wrestlers and untouchable with a microphone, but MJF says that he is better than him. MJF says Cody’s business proposal was cute and he doesn’t need Cody’s crap or money, MJF says he needs Cody to suffer. MJF doesn’t like the fact that Cody called him a knockoff Chris Jericho, MJF says he thinks of Cody when he thinks of the word fake. MJF talks about everything that is fake about Cody, MJF dares Cody to get Tony Khan to fire him from AEW but he won’t because then Cody can’t get revenge on him. MJF tells Cody he is on for their match if Cody can agree to the stipulations, MJF says he’ll give the stipulations when AEW comes to Jacksonville because he is in control now.

- A video airs showing a guy in a hotel room checking out his cell phone, a video about the dark Order plays on the TV as the host calls Alex Reynolds a jobber. The host knocks on the TV screen and he says he is talking to Alex, the host says they have been watching the Beaver Boys losing for awhile now. The host tells Alex to join the Dark Order, John Silver walks in and he wonders who Alex was talking to.

Big Swole vs. Emi Sakura

The match begins with Swole challenging Sakura to a test of strength, Swole easily overpowers Sakura and Sakura gets free before eating a forearm strike. Swole drops Sakura before landing a thrust kick to the head, Sakura fights back and she tosses Swole around the ring by her hair. Swole fights back as Sakura argues with the referee, Swole backhands Sakura and Sakura recovers to rake her back. Sakura goes for the rolling surfboard stretch on Swole, Sakura releases the hold and she attacks her with a few chops. Sakura holds Swole down while applying a chin lock, Sakura releases the hold before attacking Swole with more chops. Swole recovers and she immediately drops Sakura, Swole sends Sakura into the corner before dropping her with a clothesline. Sakura recovers and she works over Swole as we go to a commercial break, we return from the break to see Swole nailing Sakura with a headbutt. Swole then nails Sakura with a running European uppercut and flat liner for a near fall, Sakura fights back and she nails Swole with a swinging neck breaker.

Sakura corners Swole before landing a running cross body block, Sakura then hits Swole with a double underhook back breaker. Sakura grabs her microphone stand and the referee takes it from her, Sakura keeps the stand and she gets Swole in an abdominal stretch. The referee finally takes the microphone stand and Swole takes it from her, Swole then nails Sakura with a spear. Swole then nails Sakura with a head kick, Sakura recovers and she traps Swole in the ropes before landing a back breaker. Sakura then nails Swole with a Vader Bomb for a near fall, Sakura goes to the top rope and she misses a moonsault attempt. Swole then hits Sakura with a striking combo and Sakura responds with one of her own, Swole then hits Sakura with a pump kick to the head for a near fall. Sakura recovers drops Swole with an elbow strike for a near fall, Swole recovers to hit Sakura with a rip cord spinning elbow strike for a three count.

Winner: Big Swole

- Jen Decker interviews Pac, who says he came to AEW for an opportunity and all he has gotten was injustice. Pac says he wants a rubber match with Kenny Omega or he won't be held accountable for what happens next.

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