12/11/2019 Impact Wrestling Xplosion Results: Ethan Page vs. Cody Deaner & Moose Speaks

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Ethan Page vs. Cody Deaner

The match begins with Page attacking Deaner after some trash talking between the two, Deaner recovers to drop Page and he lands some strikes afterwards. Deaner then hits Page with a corner clothesline followed by a few more strikes, Deaner drops Page with a right and Page exits the ring. Deaner goes for a dive and Page runs away from him, Deaner chases Page back into the ring and Page attacks him after a referee distraction as we go to a commercial break. We return from the break to see Page nailing a downed Deaner with strikes, Page uses a forearm strike to knock Deaner out of the ring. Page follows Deaner out of the ring and Deaner nails him with a few strikes, Page recovers and he shoves Deaner back first into the ringside edge. Page then drops Deaner face first on the ring apron before getting him back in the ring, Page holds Deaner down while applying a chin lock. Deaner gets free and Page nails him with a shoulder tackle. Page follows that up by nailing Deaner with a delayed vertical suplex for a near fall, Page takes Deaner’s hat and he puts it on before attacking Deaner with it.

Deaner gets angry and he fights back against Page by landing a ton of strikes, Deaner then drops Page with a clothesline. Deaner goes for a DDT and Page gets free before getting sent out of the ring, Deaner then takes out Page with a suicide dive. Deaner gets Page in the ring and he goes to the top rope, Deaner nails Page with a top rope diving headbutt for a near fall. Deaner looks for the DDT again and Page fights back before landing a back elbow strike, Page then throws Deaner off the middle rope for a near fall. Page keeps Deaner in the corner before placing him on the top rope, Page looks for another throw and Deaner fights back before leaping off. Page catches him and Deaner gets free to land a DDT for a three count.

Winner: Cody Deaner

- Around The Ring w/Gabby Loren is next and the guest is Moose, who says he was conned by being asked to be on Around The Ring again instead of being part of a new show. Moose says that he loves fishing and he knows how to play the piano, Moose says football taught him a lot about discipline and that helped him transition to pro football. Moose says he is doing a new diet and it is working out great for him, Moose talks about his hatred for cauliflower pizza.

- This weeks Impact Wrestling Classic Match Of The Week is Generation Me versus The Motor City Machineguns from TNA Final Resolution 2010.

- Highlights are shown from a recent edition of Impact Wrestling as ODB defeats Knockouts Champion Taya Valkyrie in a non-title match.

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