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- Jerry Lawler is in the ring to start the show to host the divorce between Rusev and Lana, Lawler says he hoped to help the couple with reconciliation earlier today and it didn’t work. Lana makes her way to the ring first and she comes to the ring with a lawyer, the lawyer hands Lawler some papers and they say that the temporary restraining order is waved for tonight. Rusev then makes his way to the ring next, Rusev comes to the ring happy and he even gives Lawler a hug. Lana says that she used to love Rusev and supported him during his career, Lana says it was Rusev and the WWE Universe that made their marriage fail. Rusev shows a video of Lana and Bobby Lashley getting arrested from last weeks Raw, Rusev says he can barely stand Lana and doesn’t want another woman like her. Lana starts getting upset and blaming everybody else for what is going on, Rusev wants to sign the divorce papers and Lana prevents him from signing so she can sign first.

Lana and Rusev argue over who gets ownership of their dog, Lana signs the divorce papers and Rusev purposely doesn’t sign the papers because he wants something from Lana. Lana goes off on Rusev again Rusev says he wants a match with Lashley or he won’t sign the divorce papers, Lashley comes out and he calls the situation a joke. Lashley says that he wants to marry Lana after the divorce is official, Rusev eventually signs the papers before getting attacked by Lashley and dumped out of the ring. Lashley rams Rusev into the barricade a few times, Lashley gets Rusev in the ring and Rusev nails him with a Machka Kick. Rusev then puts Lashley through a table.

- Highlights are shown from last weeks Raw as the AOP attacks Kevin Owens.

- Charly Caruso interviews Kevin Owens, who says he was attacked by AOP last week because Seth Rollins commanded them to do it. Owens says that nobody followed Rollins when he said he was the leader of Raw, Owens says he got away from the AOP last week and he is going to go look for them. Owens leaves to look for AOP and he bumps into Rey Mysterio, Mysterio offers help and he gives Owens his pipe.

- Drew McIntyre comes out before the next match to say the WWE is about putting smiles on faces, McIntyre talks about Matt Hardy’s wife recent;y giving birth to their third child. McIntyre mocks the recently born child and questions Hardy’s outside the ring choices, McIntyre says he will give Hardy a chance to not compete tonight and Hardy attacks him as we go to a commercial break.

Matt Hardy vs. Drew McIntyre

The match begins with Hardy attacking McIntyre with a few strikes, Hardy corners McIntyre before landing a series of clotheslines. Hardy follows that up by knocking McIntyre out of the ring, Hardy follows McIntyre out there to attack him with more strikes. McIntyre recovers and he shoves Hardy into the ring steps, McIntyre gets Hardy in the ring and he nails Hardy with strikes of his own. McIntyre corners Hardy before landing a few chops, McIntyre then crashes into the ring post after Hardy avoids him during a charge. Hardy follows that up with a Side Effect on McIntyre for a near fall, Hardy looks for a roll up and McIntyre counters with a Future Shock DDT. McIntyre then nails Hardy with a Claymore Kick for a three count.

Winner: Drew McIntyre

- Highlights are shown of Charlotte Flair versus The Kabuki Warriors from last weeks Raw.

- Charlotte Flair is shown in the locker room earlier today and she approaches Becky Lynch, Flair says she doesn’t like Lynch. Flair says she hates The Kabuki Warriors more, Flair asks Lynch to be her partner and Lynch says she will face The Kabuki Warriors alone tonight.

- Kevin Owens is shown backstage looking for AOP and he bumps into Mojo Rawley, Rawley messes with Owens and Owens nails him with a right.

- The Viking Raiders come to the ring and Erik says they have been searching for worthy opponents for weeks now, Ivar says all they found was victims. Erik issues an open challenge for tonight and it is answered by The Street Profits.

Raw Tag Team Championships
The Viking Raiders (Erik & Ivar) (c) vs. The Street Profits (Montez Ford & Angelo Dawkins)

The match begins with Erik missing a double knee strike as Ford knocks Ivar off the ring apron, Dawkins tags in and he nails Erik with a spear as Ford nails Ivar with a suicide dive. Ford tags in and he nails Erik with a top rope frog splash for a near fall, Dawkins clears the ring and he gets Erik on his shoulders. Ford goes to the top rope and Erik escapes to level him, Ivar tags in and he nails Dawkins with a seated senton. Ivar then nails Ford with a spinning head kick for a near fall, Erik tags in and he clobbers Ford with a few strikes. Ivar tags back in and Dawkins gets a tag a few moments later, Dawkins quickly starts cleaning house against the opposing team. Dawkins nails Ivar with a power slam for a near fall, Ford tags in and Ivar takes out both opponents with a double handspring elbow strike. Erik tags in and he attacks Ford before hitting Dawkins with a knee strike, The Viking Raiders nail Ford with The Viking Experience for a three count.

Winners: The Viking Raiders (Erik & Ivar), still the Raw Tag Team Champions

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