12/9/2019 WWE Raw Results: Two Title Matches, A Divorce & Seth Rollins Shows His True Colors

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- Jerry Lawler is in the ring to start the show to host the divorce between Rusev and Lana, Lawler says he hoped to help the couple with reconciliation earlier today and it didn’t work. Lana makes her way to the ring first and she comes to the ring with a lawyer, the lawyer hands Lawler some papers and they say that the temporary restraining order is waved for tonight. Rusev then makes his way to the ring next, Rusev comes to the ring happy and he even gives Lawler a hug. Lana says that she used to love Rusev and supported him during his career, Lana says it was Rusev and the WWE Universe that made their marriage fail. Rusev shows a video of Lana and Bobby Lashley getting arrested from last weeks Raw, Rusev says he can barely stand Lana and doesn’t want another woman like her. Lana starts getting upset and blaming everybody else for what is going on, Rusev wants to sign the divorce papers and Lana prevents him from signing so she can sign first.

Lana and Rusev argue over who gets ownership of their dog, Lana signs the divorce papers and Rusev purposely doesn’t sign the papers because he wants something from Lana. Lana goes off on Rusev again Rusev says he wants a match with Lashley or he won’t sign the divorce papers, Lashley comes out and he calls the situation a joke. Lashley says that he wants to marry Lana after the divorce is official, Rusev eventually signs the papers before getting attacked by Lashley and dumped out of the ring. Lashley rams Rusev into the barricade a few times, Lashley gets Rusev in the ring and Rusev nails him with a Machka Kick. Rusev then puts Lashley through a table.

- Highlights are shown from last weeks Raw as the AOP attacks Kevin Owens.

- Charly Caruso interviews Kevin Owens, who says he was attacked by AOP last week because Seth Rollins commanded them to do it. Owens says that nobody followed Rollins when he said he was the leader of Raw, Owens says he got away from the AOP last week and he is going to go look for them. Owens leaves to look for AOP and he bumps into Rey Mysterio, Mysterio offers help and he gives Owens his pipe.

- Drew McIntyre comes out before the next match to say the WWE is about putting smiles on faces, McIntyre talks about Matt Hardy’s wife recent;y giving birth to their third child. McIntyre mocks the recently born child and questions Hardy’s outside the ring choices, McIntyre says he will give Hardy a chance to not compete tonight and Hardy attacks him as we go to a commercial break.

Matt Hardy vs. Drew McIntyre

The match begins with Hardy attacking McIntyre with a few strikes, Hardy corners McIntyre before landing a series of clotheslines. Hardy follows that up by knocking McIntyre out of the ring, Hardy follows McIntyre out there to attack him with more strikes. McIntyre recovers and he shoves Hardy into the ring steps, McIntyre gets Hardy in the ring and he nails Hardy with strikes of his own. McIntyre corners Hardy before landing a few chops, McIntyre then crashes into the ring post after Hardy avoids him during a charge. Hardy follows that up with a Side Effect on McIntyre for a near fall, Hardy looks for a roll up and McIntyre counters with a Future Shock DDT. McIntyre then nails Hardy with a Claymore Kick for a three count.

Winner: Drew McIntyre

- Highlights are shown of Charlotte Flair versus The Kabuki Warriors from last weeks Raw.

- Charlotte Flair is shown in the locker room earlier today and she approaches Becky Lynch, Flair says she doesn’t like Lynch. Flair says she hates The Kabuki Warriors more, Flair asks Lynch to be her partner and Lynch says she will face The Kabuki Warriors alone tonight.

- Kevin Owens is shown backstage looking for AOP and he bumps into Mojo Rawley, Rawley messes with Owens and Owens nails him with a right.

- The Viking Raiders come to the ring and Erik says they have been searching for worthy opponents for weeks now, Ivar says all they found was victims. Erik issues an open challenge for tonight and it is answered by The Street Profits.

Raw Tag Team Championships
The Viking Raiders (Erik & Ivar) (c) vs. The Street Profits (Montez Ford & Angelo Dawkins)

The match begins with Erik missing a double knee strike as Ford knocks Ivar off the ring apron, Dawkins tags in and he nails Erik with a spear as Ford nails Ivar with a suicide dive. Ford tags in and he nails Erik with a top rope frog splash for a near fall, Dawkins clears the ring and he gets Erik on his shoulders. Ford goes to the top rope and Erik escapes to level him, Ivar tags in and he nails Dawkins with a seated senton. Ivar then nails Ford with a spinning head kick for a near fall, Erik tags in and he clobbers Ford with a few strikes. Ivar tags back in and Dawkins gets a tag a few moments later, Dawkins quickly starts cleaning house against the opposing team. Dawkins nails Ivar with a power slam for a near fall, Ford tags in and Ivar takes out both opponents with a double handspring elbow strike. Erik tags in and he attacks Ford before hitting Dawkins with a knee strike, The Viking Raiders nail Ford with The Viking Experience for a three count.

Winners: The Viking Raiders (Erik & Ivar), still the Raw Tag Team Champions

- Seth Rollins makes his way down to the ring after the tag team title match, Rollins says he hates to interrupt and both teams leave the ring in disgust. Rollins says he has some unfinished business with the AOP and he wants to fight them both right now, Kevin Owens comes out instead and he makes his way to the ring with the pipe in hand. Owens says the pipe is for the AOP and not for Rollins at this time, Owens asks when the AOP are coming so they can beat him up with Rollins. A video plays on the big screen and it shows the AOP arriving to the arena in a van, Rollins continues to try and convince Owens to work together. Owens threatens to attack Rollins and Rollins leaves the ring to head backstage, AOP appears on the big screen again and they say something in their native languages. Sami Zayn and Mojo Rawley come out and make their way to the ring, Zayn says he knows that he isn’t supposed to be on Raw. Zayn says he has a managerial license and could appear on both brands, Zayn says he is a liberator and he sets people free.

Zayn says that Owens is a prisoner in his own head, Zayn gets in the ring with Rawley and Zayn criticizes what Owens did to Rawley earlier. Zayn says that he wants to help Owens and he first wants Owens to apologize to Rawley, Rawley starts taking shots at Owens and Zayn tries to stop him. Owens throws the pipe at Rawley before nailing him with a stunner, Zayn then heads backstage as Owens attacks Rawley with the pipe.

- Kevin Owens is backstage again hunting for AOP.

- Buddy Murphy is in the locker room and he says he will prove that he is better than Aleister Black and that will get proven at WWE TLC 2019.

Aleister Black vs. Akira Tozawa

The match begins with Black getting Tozawa in a headlock, Tozawa gets free and he works over the arm of Black. Tozawa takes Black down and Black recovers to work over his arm, Black then drops Tozawa with a leg sweep. Tozawa fights back and Black nails him with a series of arm drags, Black goes back to wrenching away on the arm of Tozawa. Black goes for a head kick afterwards and Tozawa gets out of the way, Black then attacks Tozawa with a few strikes. Tozawa recovers and he uses a hurricarana to knock Black out of the ring, Tozawa goes for a suicide dive and Black counters with a knee strike. Black gets Tozawa in the ring and he nails him with a Black Mass afterwards for a three count.

Winner: Aleister Black

- Charly Caruso interviews Humberto Carrillo, who quickly gets interrupted by Andrade and Zelina Vega. A shoving match breaks out between the two before they head their separate ways.

- A video package airs highlighting Liv Morgan, saying a makeover is coming soon.

Andrade w/Zelina Vega vs. Humberto Carrillo

The match begins with Andrade nailing Carrillo with a missile drop kick, Andrade keeps Carrillo down while stomping away on him. Andrade gets Carrillo up before attacking him with a chop, Carrillo fights back and he nails Andrade with an arm drag. Andrade recovers and he nails Carrillo with a back body drop for a near fall, Andrade keeps Carrillo down while applying a chin lock. Carrillo gets free and Andrade drops him with a back elbow strike, Andrade corners Carrillo and he nails him with more strikes. Andrade drops Carrillo and he nails him with a basement drop kick for a near fall, Carrillo fights back again and Andrade nails him with more strikes. Carrillo gets to the top rope and he nails Andrade with a cross body, Carrillo follows that up by using an arm drag to knock Andrade out of the ring. Carrillo then nails Andrade with a top rope moonsault as we go to a commercial break, we return from the break to see Carrillo hitting Andrade with a springboard cross body block.

Carrillo then hits Andrade with a spinning head kick followed by a rolling moonsault for a near fall, Carrillo follows up by nailing a cornered Andrade with a clothesline and chops. Carrillo gets Andrade on the top rope and he follows him up there, Andrade hangs Carrillo in the ropes before landing a top rope double stomp for a near fall. Andrade corners Carrillo before landing a few stomps, Andrade goes for a running double knee strike and Carrillo gets out of the way. Carrillo then nails Andrade with a missile drop kick before landing an Aztec Press for a near fall, Andrade and Carrillo go back and forth until Andrade lands a spinning elbow strike for a near fall. Andrade goes to the top rope and he lands on his feet on a moonsault attempt before landing a double knee strike, Carrillo gets up and he levels Andrade with a drop kick. Andrade fights back and he accidentally crashes into Vega, Carrillo catches Andrade in a roll up for a three count.

Winner: Humberto Carrillo

After the match, Andrade blames Zelina Vega for the loss and they argue.

- Rey Mysterio is backstage and he says that he has the honor of defending the WWE United States Title against AJ Styles tonight, Mysterio says that he will congratulate Styles if he can beat him tonight.

- Kevin Owens is shown backstage and a stagehand tells him that AOP are heading towards their van.

Zack Ryder w/Curt Hawkins vs. Buddy Murphy

The match begins with Murphy attacking Ryder with a knee strike before kicking away at him in the corner, Ryder fights back and Murphy quickly knocks him off the middle rope. Murphy then nails Ryder with a penalty kick followed by knee strikes to the back, Murphy keeps Ryder down while applying a chin lock. Ryder gets free and he nails Murphy with a face buster, Ryder then nails Murphy with a missile drop kick followed by an avalanche. Ryder follows that up by knocking Murphy out of the ring after landing a Broski Boot, Murphy attacks Hawkins and Ryder knocks him into the barricade. Murphy is thrown back into the ring and he nails Ryder with a knee strike followed by Murphy’s Law for a three count.

Winner: Buddy Murphy

- Kevin Owens is shown backstage again and he finds the AOP’s van, Owens starts beating up the van with the pipe. Owens opens the vans backdoor and he instantly gets attacked by the AOP, the AOP smash the head of Owens with the van door. A hooded man is in the van and that person is revealed to be Seth Rollins, Rollins then nails Owens with a curb stomp on the concrete floor.

- Seth Rollins comes out on stage and he asks the WWE Universe what they want from him, Rollins says he cannot understand why things went wrong with him and the WWE Universe. Rollins talks about all the sacrifices he has made for the WWE Universe, Rollins says he is sick of the treatment given to him. Rollins says the truth isn’t good enough for the WWE Universe, Rollins mocks the people for liking Kevin Owens. Rollins asks what is good enough for the WWE Universe in 2019, Rollins talks about everything he did for the WWE Universe. Rollins says that WWE Universe’s self-fulfilling prophecy has become true, Rollins says he stands side by side with the AOP. The AOP come out and they stand on the stage with Rollins.

- Kevin Owens is being shown getting loaded into an ambulance.

Handicapped Match
Becky Lynch vs. The Kabuki Warriors (Asuka & Kairi Sane)

The match begins with Lynch attacking Asuka with a few strikes, Lynch corners Asuka before kicking away at her. Asuka misses a charge in the corner and Lynch nails her with a suplex afterwards, Asuka leaves the ring and Lynch knocks her back to the arena floor as she tried getting in the ring. Sane distracts Lynch and that allows Asuka to attack her from behind, Asuka traps Lynch in the corner while choking her. Asuka keeps Lynch cornered while nailing her with a hip attack, Asuka gets Lynch up before dropping her and landing a kick to the back as we go to a commercial break. We return from the break to see Sane holding Lynch in a straight jacket hold, Sane transitions into a chin lock against Lynch. Lynch gets free and she drops Sane with a flying shoulder tackle, Asuka tags in and Lynch sends her out of the ring before landing a drop kick. Lynch gets Asuka back in the ring and Sane tags into the match, Lynch goes after both opponents and takes them both out.

Lynch nails a leaping Asuka with a double knee strike, Lynch then nails Sane with an exploder suplex. Lynch follows that up by nailing both opponents with a double DDT for a near fall, Lynch goes to the top rope and Asuka distracts her. Sane then tosses the distracted Lynch off the top rope, Sane misses the top rope elbow drop as Asuka tags in. Asuka misses a missile drop kick and Lynch nails her with an exploder suplex, Lynch misses a guillotine leg drop and Asuka applies the Asuka Lock. Lynch gets free and she gets Asuka in the Asuka Lock, Sane helps Asuka by dragging her out of the ring. Sane gets Asuka back in the ring and then Lynch throws Sane into the barricade, Lynch then knocks Asuka back to the arena floor. Lynch leaps off the ring apron and Asuka nails her with a knee strike, Lynch gets back in the ring and Sane distracts her again so Asuka can land a sliding head kick for a near fall. Lynch recovers and she attacks Asuka with strikes before Sane tags in, Asuka gets Lynch on her shoulders as Sane goes to the top rope.

Sane nails Asuka with a doomsday forearm strike for another near fall, Sane goes back to the top rope and Lynch blocks the top rope elbow drop attempt. Lynch goes for a Disarmer and Asuka hits the ring, Lynch takes out Asuka and she gets Sane back in the Disarmer until Asuka breaks it all up. Lynch leaves the ring and she attacks Asuka, Asuka grabs a steel chair and she attacks Lynch with it.

Winner: Becky Lynch, by DQ

After the match, The Kabuki Warriors continue attacking becky Lynch and they set up a table on the arena floor. Lynch is placed on the table and Kairi Sane puts her through it with a top rope elbow drop.

- The OC are backstage and AJ Styles says it is time for OC business, Styles says he is with the best tag team in the world. Styles says The Viking Raiders won’t be able to run from Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows for long, Styles says that Randy Orton’s career is going to be ended if he interferes in their business again.

- Becky Lynch is being attended to by medical personnel backstage when Charlotte Flair arrives, Lynch agrees to be her partner at WWE TLC and Flair leaves the medical area. The Kabuki Warriors attack Flair in the hallway.

Erick Rowan vs. Unnamed Opponent

The match begins with the unnamed opponent stealing the cage and running up the stage with it, Rowan goes to check on the cage as the unnamed opponent gets in the ring. Rowan gets back in the ring and he levels the opponent with a cross body block, Rowan then nails him with a series of claw slams until the referee calls for the bell.

Match Result: No Contest

- Charly Caruso interviews The Kabuki Warriors, who say some things in Japanese, Asuka says they challenge Charlotte Flair & Becky Lynch to a tag team title match at WWE TLC.

- Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair are backstage and Flair says they should face The Kabuki Warriors in a TLC Match at WWE TLC.

- The Street Profits are doing their version of The Weekend Update from SNL, talking about this weekends WWE TLC event.

WWE United States Championship
Rey Mysterio (c) vs. AJ Styles

The match begins with Mysterio briefly getting Styles in a headlock, Styles trips up Mysterio and he gets a few near falls on him. Mysterio and Styles also exchange a few roll ups for a few near falls, Styles grabs Mysterio and he drops him with a hard Irish whip into the corner. Styles then attacks Mysterio with a few slingshots into the corner, Mysterio counters the final slingshot to roll Styles up again for a near fall. Styles recovers and he drops Mysterio with a back elbow strike, Styles holds Mysterio down while applying a chin lock. Mysterio recovers and he sends Styles to the arena floor, Mysterio then nails Styles with a drop kick followed by a middle rope moonsault. Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows come to the ringside area as Mysterio gets Styles in the ring, Styles sends a distracted Mysterio into the ring post as we go to a commercial break. We return from the break to see Styles holding Mysterio in a chin lock, Mysterio gets free and Styles nails him in mid-air with a drop kick for a near fall.

Styles then dumps Mysterio to the arena floor as Gallows and Anderson taunt him, Mysterio beats the count in the ring and Styles attacks him with some strikes. Styles misses a charge into the corner and Mysterio knocks him to the arena floor after landing an enziguri, Mysterio then hits Styles with a sunset flip into the barricade. Mysterio and Styles get back into the ring and Mysterio nails Styles with a head scissor takedown, Mysterio then nails Styles with a springboard seated senton and a leg drop for a near fall. Mysterio follows that up by nailing Styles with a tornado DDT for a near fall, Mysterio goes for a hurricarana and Styles counters with an inverted power bomb. Mysterio recovers and he knocks Styles into the ropes with an enziguri, Mysterio goes for a 619 and he winds up taking gallows and Anderson out. Styles then hits Mysterio with a ushigoroshi for a near fall, Styles goes to the top rope and Mysterio crotches him.

Mysterio goes for a super hurricarana and Styles blocks it to get both of them off the ropes, Styles then hits Mysterio with a power bomb and Styles Clash. Randy Orton hits the ringside area to distract Styles, Mysterio shocks Styles with a roll up for a three count.

Winner: Rey Mysterio, still the WWE United States Champion

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