WWE Raw 2/3/2020 Results: A WWE Title Shot Is Earned, Ruby Riott's Back & Angel Garza Debuts On Raw

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Bron Breakker: Allow Me To Reintroduce Myself, I'm The Badass Of WWE And The Dog Of NXT

- Highlights are shown of Randy Orton’s attack on Edge from last weeks Raw.

- Randy Orton makes his way to the ring to address last weeks attack on Edge, Orton gets the microphone and also gets showered in jeers from the WWE Universe. Orton says that he owes everybody an explanation, Orton continues getting cut off by the jeers from the WWE Universe. Orton refuses to give an explanation and he leaves the ring to head backstage.

- Highlights are shown of Drew McIntyre winning the men’s Royal Rumble Match.

Lana vs. Liv Morgan

The match begins with Morgan shoving Lana to the ground, Lana says she suffered an arm injury before revealing it was faked so she can kick Morgan in the face for a near fall. Lana holds Morgan down while applying a modified chin lock, Morgan fights back and Lana shoves her to the ground below. Morgan recovers to hit Lana with a double knee strike and springboard flat liner for a three count.

Winner: Liv Morgan

After the match, Ruby Riott makes her way to the ring and she attacks Liv Morgan. Riott mounts Morgan and she lands a bunch of strikes while Lana looks on, Riott then hits Morgan with a clothesline to the back of the head. Lana then hits Morgan with an x-factor.

- Drew McIntyre grabs the microphone before the next match to thank the fans for traveling through a blizzard for tonight’s show, McIntyre also issues a warning to Mojo Rawley. McIntyre talks about being attacked by Brock Lesnar last week, McIntyre says Lesnar is apprehensive about facing him at ‘Mania 36. McIntyre promises to beat Lesnar at ‘Mania 36 to win the WWE Championship.

Drew McIntyre vs. Mojo Rawley w/Riddick Moss

The match begins with McIntyre instantly nailing Rawley with a Claymore Kick for a three count.

Winner: Drew McIntyre

- Charly Caruso interviews Buddy Murphy and AOP, AOP say some things in their native language and Murphy says that they are focused on helping Seth Rollins lead Raw into the future. Seth Rollins arrives and he says tonight is a huge one for them, Rollins says he thought all was lost before the #1 contendership opportunity came through. Rollins says he has beaten Brock Lesnar twice before and he’ll face Drew McIntyre for the title at ‘Mania 36.

Elimination Tag Team Match
Kevin Owens & The Viking Raiders (Erik & Ivar) vs. Buddy Murphy & AOP (Rezar & Akam) w/Seth Rollins

The match begins with Erik scoring a few takedowns on Murphy, Owens tags in and he nails Murphy with a slam followed by a senton. Ivar tags in and Erik slams him on a downed Murphy as we go to a commercial break, we return from the break to see Ivar eating a jaw breaker from Murphy. Rezar tags in and he exchanges some strikes with Ivar, Ivar knocks Rezar into the corner before tagging Erik in. Erik and Ivar double team Rezar, Rezar fights back and he quickly drops Erik with a clothesline. Akam tags in and he attacks a downed Erik with a ton of strikes, Murphy tags in and he nails Erik with more strikes. Erik fights back and Murphy nails him with a kicking combination, Erik recovers and he nails Murphy with a knee strike. Ivar tags in and he cleans house against the opposing team, Ivar then hits Murphy with a clothesline. Erik tags in and The Viking Raiders nail Murphy with an elevated clothesline for a near fall, Ivar tags out a member of AOP with a suicide dive and Erik does the same thing a short time later.

Ivar then crashes into the LED board while Rollins interferes and he nails Erik with a curb stomp on the arena floor, Murphy then gets a three count on Erik (Eliminated: Erik). WWE officials come out and they help the injured Ivar to the back as we go to a commercial break, we return from the break to see both Murphy and Owens down. Akam tags in and he drops Owens with a back elbow strike for a near fall, Murphy tags back in and he gets Owens in a modified camel clutch. Owens gets free and Murphy throws him out of the ring, Murphy leaves the ring and Owens nails him with a fall away slam onto the barricade. Murphy gets in the ring and he nails Owens with a leg lariat for a near fall, Rezar tags in and he nails Owens with more strikes. Owens fights back and he nails Rezar with an enziguri, Akam tags in and he nails an elevated with a middle rope stomp for a near fall. Akam holds Owens down while applying a chin lock, Owens fights back and Akam drops him with a knee strike.

Murphy tags in and Owens quickly plants him with a DDT, Akam tags back in and he drops Owens with a hard Irish whip into the corner. Murphy tags back in and Owens fights back against him, Murphy misses a charge in the corner and he gets Owens on the ring apron. Owens takes care of AOP on the arena floor before nailing Murphy with a super kick and getting him back in the ring, Owens goes for a swanton bomb and Murphy gets his knees up. Murphy misses a top rope double stomp and Owens lands a pop up sit out power bomb for a near fall (Eliminated: Buddy Murphy), Akam gets in the ring and he attacks Owens with strikes. Owens then hits Akam with a stunner for a three count (Eliminated: Akam), Rezar gets in the ring and he misses a charge in the corner before eating multiple super kicks. Owens then hits Rezar with a cannonball, Owens goes to the top rope and he lands a swanton bomb for a near fall.

Owens tries getting Rezar up and Rezar fights back, Rollins distracts Owens and Rezar nails him with a clothesline. Rezar then nails Owens with a series of spine busters for a three count (Eliminated: Kevin Owens).

Winners: Buddy Murphy & AOP (Rezar & Akam) w/Seth Rollins
Sole Survivor: Rezar

- Charly Caruso interviews Ricochet, who says that he has been dreaming of becoming a WWE Champion for years. Ricochet knows he isn’t as big or strong as Bobby Lashley is or a gang like Seth Rollins has, Ricochet says tonight means everything to him.

Aleister Black vs. Eric Young

The match begins with Young cornering Black to land some shoulder thrusts and kicks, Young gets Black in a headlock. Black gets free to hit Young with a leg sweep and knee strike, Black then nails Young with another combo that ends with a knee strike. Black follows up by hitting Young with a leaping knee strike and a Black Mass for a three count.

Winner: Aleister Black

After the match, Aleister Black grabs a microphone and remembers how people were told they can grow up to be whatever they wanted to be and then the opposite happened. Black says he is a firm believer that people should be whatever they want to be because that drives relentless competition, Black says he will engulf the whole Raw locker room in shadows from the Black Mass.

- Highlights are shown of Andrade injuring Humberto Carrillo from a few months ago on Raw, followed by highlights on Carrillo injuring Andrade last week on Raw.

- Zelina Vega comes out before Humberto Carrillo’s match with Angel Garza, Vega says that nobody who’s smart plays fair. Vega says that she has found Carrillo’s liability and he will pay the price, Vega introduces Garza and she reveals that Garza is Carrillo’s cousin. Garza says that he knows that Carrillo is shocked to see him, Garza says that he is the leader of their family and Carrillo must answer to him. Garza says what Carrillo did to Andrade last week was a disgrace, Carrillo steals the microphone and he says a bunch of things in Spanish.Vega walks up to Carrillo and she slaps him, Garza attacks Carrillo and he nails him with a bunch of strikes. Garza nails wiCarrilloth a Wing Clipper before knocking him to the arena floor, Vega removes the padding from the arena floor while Garza continues attacking Carrillo. Garza sets up for a DDT and Rey Mysterio comes out to make the save. Mysterio gets in the ring as we go to a commercial break.

Rey Mysterio vs. Angel Garza w/Zelina Vega

The match begins with Garza avoiding Mysterio before taking him down with a headlock, Mysterio gets free and he briefly gets Garza in a head scissors. Mysterio then gets Garza in a headlock after avoiding a leg sweep, Garza gets free and then Mysterio drops him with a head scissors takedown. Garza offers Mysterio a handshake and Mysterio turns it down, Garza takes off his pants and he throws them at Mysterio. Garza drops Mysterio and he stomps away on him, Garza misses a charge in the corner and Mysterio goes to the top rope. Garza traps Mysterio in the corner before nailing him with a drop kick, Garza gets Mysterio back on the top rope and he follows him up there while going after his mask. Garza hangs Mysterio upside down in the corner before landing a knee strike to the midsection for a near fall, Mysterio fights back and he knocks Garza into the ropes.

Garza knocks Mysterio to the ring apron to avoid a 619, Garza then knocks Mysterio to the arena floor as we go to a commercial break. We return from the break to see Mysterio fighting back against Garza, Mysterio then nails Garza with a tilt-a-whirl back breaker. Garza recovers and he sends Mysterio into the corner, Garza hangs Mysterio on the middle rope before landing a knee strike. Garza goes to the middle rope before missing a moonsault attempt, Mysterio then catches Garza in a roll up for a near fall. Mysterio then nails Garza with a kick to the face for a near fall, Mysterio follows up by nailing Garza with a tornado DDT for another near fall. Mysterio then hits Garza with a springboard seated senton, Garza slows up a charging Mysterio before landing a knee strike for a near fall. Garza goes for the Wing Clipper and Mysterio avoids it to land a destroyer, Mysterio then goes for a 619 and Vega gets Garza out of the ring.

Mysterio decides to attack Garza with a suicide dive on the arena floor, Vega confronts Mysterio and Garza nails him with a super kick before throwing him into the barricade. Garza then nails Mysterio with a DDT on the previously exposed concrete floor.

Match Result: No Contest

- Charlotte Flair makes her way to the ring next, Flair says that everybody wants to know who’ll she face at ‘Mania 36. Flair talks about how she has held the Raw and Smackdown Women’s Championships multiple times, Flair says she has love for NXT. NXT Champion Rhea Ripley interrupts and makes her way to the ring, Ripley gets a microphone and she talks about Flair winning the women’s Royal Rumble Match. Ripley says that Flair hasn’t beaten her yet while she has beaten Flair in the past, Ripley then says that Flair should be challenging her for ‘Mania 36. Flair goes face to face with Ripley before exiting the ring.

- Sarah Schreiber interviews Bobby Lashley, who says he’s not distracted by Lana’s loss from earlier tonight, but they will celebrate after he wins his match tonight. Lashley says he will then go onto defeat Brock Lesnar at WWE Super ShowDown before defeating Drew McIntyre at ‘Mania 36.

Asuka w/Kairi Sane vs. Natalya

The match begins with Natalya backing Asuka into the ropes before letting her go free, Natalya gets Asuka down with a head scissors and Asuka quickly gets free. Natalya gets Asuka down again while wrenching away on her arm, Asuka gets free and she attempts to lock in an arm bar on Natalya. Asuka then drops Natalya with a shoulder tackle, Natalya recovers and she tries locking Asuka in a knee bar. Asuka escapes and she rolls for a heel hook on Natalya, Natalya gets Asuka in a headlock again and Asuka briefly looks for an Asuka Lock afterwards. Natalya avoids a spinning back fist from Asuka before landing a bunch of her own strikes, Natalya then hits Asuka with a sit out power bomb for a near fall. Natalya looks for a sharp shooter and Asuka gets out of the ring as we go to a commercial break, we return from the break to see Asuka working over Natalya’s arm in the ring.

Natalya fights back and Asuka drops her before landing a series of kicks, Natalya catches Asuka in a roll up for a near fall. Asuka goes back to work on the arm of Natalya before getting her in an octopus stretch, Asuka releases the hold and she drops Natalya to the mat below. Asuka then nails Natalya with a running knee strike for a near fall, Asuka goes for an arm bar and Natalya gets free while landing some strikes. Asuke then goes for a key lock and Natalya defends, Asuka then goes for a guillotine choke and Natalya defends by landing a suplex. Natalya continues fighting back by nailing a charging Asuka with a few strikes, Natalya and Asuka exchange roll ups for some near falls. Natalya then nails Asuka with a discus clothesline, Natalya goes for the sharp shooter and Asuka gets to the ropes. Asuka eventually falls to the arena floor and Natalya gets her back in the ring, Sane distracts Natalya and Asuka gets her in the Asuka Lock to force a submission.

Winner: Asuka w/Kairi Sane

After the match, Asuka grabs the microphone and she says a bunch of stuff in Japanese while calling out Becky Lynch, Asuka says she wants a rematch for the Raw Women’s Championship. Lynch makes her way out to the ring and Lynch says beating her at the Royal Rumble nearly gave her super powers, Lynch says it would be fun to beat Asuka again and she accepts the challenge. Kairi Sane tries attacking Lynch and Lynch takes care of her.

- Seth Rollins is shown walking around backstage.

- Before the next match begins, Seth Rollins grabs the microphone to demand everybody give Buddy Murphy and AOP a round of applause for their win earlier tonight. Rollins talks about the fans response to him saying he will beat Brock Lesnar now compared to a year ago, Rollins says the fans have crucified him. Rollins thanks the fans for turning him into the man he has become, Rollins says he will go onto face Drew McIntyre at ‘Mania 36.

Winner Faces WWE Champion Brock Lesnar At WWE Super ShowDown
Seth Rollins vs. Ricochet vs. Bobby Lashley

The match begins with Ricochet attacking Rollins with a few strikes, Lashley jumps Ricochet from behind. Ricochet fights back and he sends a charging Lashley out of the ring, Ricochet then drops Rollins with a hurricarana. Ricochet sets up for a suicide dive and Lashley trips him up, Rollins then hits Ricochet with a sling blade. Rollins attacks Lashley before getting a near fall on Ricochet, Rollins misses a springboard move and Lashley drops him before landing a corner spear on Ricochet. Lashley then hits Ricochet and Rollins with a neck breaker/DDT combination, Ricochet recovers and he nails Lashley with a rolling drop kick. Ricochet then hits Lashley and Rollins with a series of suicide dives, Ricochet gets Rollins back in the ring and he goes to the top rope. Buddy Murphy interferes and he knocks Ricochet to the arena floor, AOP hits the ring to attack Lashley. Kevin Owens comes out and he attacks Murphy on the stage, Erik comes out and he joins Owens in attacking AOP.

Owens and Erik grab some steel chairs and they attack AOP with them as we go to a commercial break, we return from the break to see Rollins miss a charge in the corner. Ricochet attacks Rollins with a few strikes before getting attacked by Lashley, Lashley then hits Rollins with a spine buster and a corner spear. Ricochet returns and he nails Lashley with a springboard clothesline, Ricochet then hits Rollins with a forearm strike. Ricochet then nails Lashley with a head kick from the ring apron, Ricochet then hits Rollins with a head kick and springboard clothesline. Ricochet then hits Rollins with a standing shooting star press for a near fall, Lashley returns and he attacks Ricochet. Ricochet lands a few strikes before Lashley nails him with a spine buster, Lashley then hits Ricochet with a flat liner for a near fall. Rollins fights back and he nails Lashley with a blockbuster for a near fall, Rollins then hits Ricochet with a buckle bomb.

Rollins climbs to the top rope and Ricochet nails him with a head kick, Ricochet climbs the ropes and Lashley joins him up there for a tower of doom. Ricochet drops Lashley with a head kick before landing a 630 splash for a three count.

Winner: Ricochet

After the match, Brock Lesnar attacks Ricochet and he nails him with an F5.

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