AEW Dynamite 2/5/2020 Results: Cody Gets 10 Lashes, Pac Gets His Match & Jon Moxley Stabs Santana

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- Chris Jericho, Sammy Guevara and Jake Hager join the commentary team before the first match begins.

Jon Moxley vs. Ortiz w/Santana

The match begins with Moxley attacking Ortiz with a ton of strikes, Moxley hits Ortiz with a clothesline and Ortiz leaves the ring. Moxley chases Ortiz back in the ring while holding onto a chair, Moxley trips up Ortiz before landing a few more strikes. Santana interferes and that allows Ortiz to hit Moxley with a DDT followed by a splash, Ortiz throws Moxley out of the ring and he follows him out there to throw him into the barricade. Ortiz bites the head of Moxley before throwing him into the ring steps, Ortiz waits for Moxley to get in the ring before hitting him with face washes. Ortiz rakes the back of Moxley before applying a camel clutch, Moxley gets up and he drives Ortiz into the corner. Moxley then attacks Ortiz with a bunch of strikes, Ortiz recovers and he nails Moxley with a sit out power bomb for a near fall. Ortiz follows that up by choking Moxley on the middle rope, Moxley fights back and he gets Ortiz in a figure four leg lock.

Ortiz gets free from the hold by poking Moxley in the eye, Moxley recovers and he sends Ortiz out of the ring. Moxley then hits Santana with a suicide dive, Ortiz goes after Moxley and Moxley throws him into the crowd. Moxley grabs Ortiz and he gets him back in the ring, Moxley then hits a charging Ortiz with a sidewalk slam for a near fall. Moxley and Ortiz have a striking exchange in the middle of the ring, Ortiz ends that by sending Moxley out of the ring and then landing a suicide dive. Ortiz gets Moxley back in the ring and he goes to the top rope, Ortiz then hits Moxley with a frog splash for a near fall. Ortiz follows up by nailing Moxley with a fisherman suplex for a near fall, Ortiz goes back to the top rope and Moxley nails him with a clothesline as he leaps off. Santana goes to interfere and Moxley sends Ortiz into him, Moxley then hits Ortiz with a Paradigm Shift for a three count.

Winner: Jon Moxley

After the match, Santana attacks Jon Moxley and Moxley eventually nails him with a Paradigm Shift. Moxley then reveals that he has Chris Jericho's car keys, Moxley then stabs Santana in the eye with the keys before exiting through the crowd.

Best Friends (Chuck Taylor & Trent) w/Orange Cassidy vs. SCU (Frankie Kazarian & Scorpio Sky)

The match begins with Kazarian backing Trent into the ropes before letting him go free, Kazarian gets Trent down with a headlock and Trent escapes before getting taken down again. Trent gets free and he exchanges some strikes with Kazarian, Trent then hits a charging Kazarian with a double knee strike. Taylor tags in and he works with Trent to hit Kazarian with a double elbow drop, Sky tags in and he goes to work on the arm of Taylor. Taylor responds by working over the arm of Sky, Taylor follows that up by dropping Sky with a shoulder tackle. Taylor drops Sky with a back elbow strike before landing on his feet during a moonsault attempt, Sky recovers and he nails Taylor with a drop kick. Kazarian tags in and he double teams Taylor with Sky for a near fall, Taylor backs Kazarian into the corner before tagging Trent back in. Kazarian traps Trent in the ropes before landing a leg drop, Taylor then hits Kazarian with a sliced bread before eating a cutter from Sky.

The battle continues on the arena floor as Trent nails Sky with a spear, Kazarian takes out Trent with a release German suplex before eating a dive from Taylor. Kazarian and Trent eventually make their way back into the ring, Taylor tags back in and he exchanges some strikes with Kazarian. Taylor ends the exchange by nailing Kazarian with a falcon arrow for a near fall, Trent tags back in and he nails Kazarian with a slingshot leg drop for a near fall. Kazarian blocks a tornado DDT before nailing a leaping Trent with a back stabber, Sky tags in and he cleans house against the opposing team. Kazarian tags back in and he nails Trent with an assisted tornado DDT for a near fall, Kazarian then hits Trent with a hard Irish whip into the corner, Taylor protects Trent from a throw and then Trent hits Kazarian with a clothesline. Best Friends then hit Kazarian with a Soul Food/German suplex combination, Sky returns and he knocks Taylor to the arena floor. Trent gets Kazarian up and Sky kicks him in the face so Kazarian can roll him up for a three count.

Winners: SCU (Frankie Kazarian & Scorpio Sky)

After the match, Dark Order comes out to attack both SCU and Best Friends, Orange Cassidy hits the ring and Evil Uno offers him a mask. Cassidy refuses to take the mask and he gets jumped by Dark Order, Christopher Daniels hits the ring and the Dark Order leaves the ring.

- A video airs showing MJF explaining why he is giving Cody the ten lashes tonight.

- Taz appears and he says witnessing the ten lashes tonight is going to be hard to watch.

Dr. Britt Baker vs. Yuka Sakazaki

The match begins with Baker working over the arm of Sakazaki, Sakazaki gets free and she wrenches away on the arm of Baker. Baker gets free and she corners Sakazaki while choking her, Baker then drops Sakazaki before landing a face wash for a near fall. Sakazaki fights back and she drops Baker with a head scissors takedown, Sakazaki then hits Baker with a top rope seated senton. Baker leaves the ring and Sakazaki takes her out with a top rope dive, Sakazaki gets Baker back in the ring and she drops her before landing a sliding lariat for a near fall. Baker fights back and she exchanges some strikes with Sakazaki, Baker then drops a charging Sakazaki with a super kick. Baker follows that up by hitting Sakazaki with a spinning fisherman buster suplex, Baker looks for Lockjaw and Sakazaki counters with a roll up for a three count.

Winner: Yuka Sakazaki

After the match, Dr. Britt Baker grabs the ring bell and she attacks Yuka Sakazaki with it until the referee takes it away. Baker then curb stomps Sakazaki on the bottom rope, Baker then gets Sakazaki in the Lockjaw.

The Elite (Kenny Omega, Hangman Page, Matt Jackson & Nick Jackson) vs. The Butcher, The Blade & The Lucha Bros (Pentagon Jr. & Rey Fenix) w/The Bunny

The match begins with Page and Blade exchanging some strikes, Page then drops Blade with a boot to the face. Omega tags in and he double teams Blade with Page, Omega hits Blade with a Kitaro Crusher for a near fall. Matt tags in and he works on the arm of Blade, Nick tags in and he also attacks the arm of Blade. Omega tags in and he works over Blade until Nick tags in, The Bucks then lay out everybody on the opposing team. Omega and The Bucks also take everybody out with a trio of dives, Omega and The Bucks get overwhelmed before Page jumps in the massive brawl. The Elite are knocked out of the ring before Fenix nails them all with a suicide dive, Blade gets Nick back in the ring while everybody else brawls on the arena floor. Bunny interferes and she rakes the back of Nick, Blade then hits Nick with a back suplex for a near fall. Butcher tags in and he attacks a cornered Nick with a series of strikes, Blade tags in as we go to a commercial break.

We return from the break to see Blade nailing Nick with a slam before missing an elbow drop, Nick exits the ring to attack the rest of the opposition. Nick sends both of the Lucha Bros into the barricade, Nick then hits Blade with an x-factor before landing a dive on Pentagon Jr. Matt and Fenix are tagged in by their respective partners, Matt nails Fenix and Pentagon Jr with multiple northern lights suplexes. Omega tags in and he goes to the top rope, Fenix leaps off of Omega to drop Matt with an arm drag. Pentagon Jr hits the ring to double team Matt and Omega with Fenix, Butcher tags in and he nails Omega with some strikes. Blade tags back in and he shoves Omega into the knee of Butcher, Butcher tags in and he attacks Omega with more strikes. Omega fights back and he eventually drops Butcher with a hurricarana, Page and Pentagon Jr are tagged in by their partners. Page quickly starts cleaning house against the opposing team, Page nails Pentagon Jr with an overhead belly to belly suplex.

Page clears the ring before taking everybody out with a top rope moonsault, Page gets Pentagon Jr back in the ring before landing a lariat for a near fall. Matt tags in and Pentagon Jr gets quadruple teamed, Nick misses a charge in the corner after tagging in and he gets quadruple teamed by the opposition. Butcher and Blade nail Nick with a double power bomb for a near fall, Omega hits the ring and he attacks the opposition with snap dragon suplexes. Nick then hits Bucther with a super kick and knee strike, Matt tags in and he nails Butcher with an assisted sliced bread. Page tags in and he eats a big boot from Butcher, everybody attacks each other with super kicks and knee strikes. Page then hits Blade with a Buckshot Lariat, Page then nails Butcher with a fall away slam as Blade drops Omega. Page refuses a tag as Pentagon Jr tags into land a sling blade, Pentagon Jr nails Page with a package pile driver for a three count.

Winners: The Butcher, The Blade & The Lucha Bros (Pentagon Jr. & Rey Fenix) w/The Bunny

- Tony Schiavone interviews Kenny Omega after the commercial break, Pac appears backstage with Riho and he says Omega ruined the contract signing that was supposed to happen tonight. Pac goes face to face with Riho and Omega gets the microphone to say he accepts a third match with Pac. Nyla Rose attacks Riho from behind and she power bombs her through a table.

- A Darby Allin video airs showing highlights of him being attacked by The Inner Circle last week, Allin uses a flame thrower to be a still of Chris Jericho and Sammy Guevara.

Kip Sabian w/Penelope Ford vs. Joey Janela

The match begins with Janela attacking Sabian with a plethora of strikes, Janela traps Sabian in the corner while choking him. Sabian fights back and he kicks Janela in the face before landing some strikes, Sabian then drops Janela with a leg lariat. Sabian traps Janela in the corner while landing a few more strikes, Janela fights back and he attacks Sabian with some chops. Janela follows up by nailing Sabian with a back suplex for a near fall, Sabian recovers to drop Janela and kick him in the back. Janela gets up and he kicks Sabian right in the back, Janela falls to a seated position and Sabian fakes a kick before getting him in a chin lock. Janela gets free and he nails Sabian with some more strikes, Sabian recovers and he sends a charging Janela to the ring apron. Janela then trips up Sabian before missing a knee strike, Sabian then trips up Janela and he falls onto the ring steps.

Ford interferes and she smashes the head of Janela into the ring steps, Sabian leaves the ring and he gets Janela back in it before landing a springboard drop kick for a near fall. Sabian corners Janela before landing a head kick for another near fall, Sabian corners Janela again before choking him. Ford interferes again by ripping away at the face of Janela, Sabian then stomps away on the downed Janela. Janela fights back and Sabian nails him with a rope assisted neck breaker for a near fall, Sabian misses a springboard double stomp and Janela sends him out of the ring. Janela follows up on that by nailing him with a suicide dive, Ford distracts Janela and Sabian nails him with a penalty kick. Janela recovers to catch a leaping Sabian and land a release German suplex on the arena floor, Janela gets Sabian back in the ring and he lands a lariat for a near fall.

Sabian fights back and Janela nails him with a super kick, Sabian escapes the grasp of Janela to land a back stabber and elevated knee strike. Janela recovers and he nails a charging Sabian with a death valley driver for a near fall, Janela and Sabian exchange some strikes in the middle of the ring. Sabian ends the exchange by nailing Janela with a DDT, Ford gets on the ring apron and she kisses Sabian. Janela accidentally takes out Ford and Sabian rolls him up with a handful of tights for a three count.

Winner: Kip Sabian w/Penelope Ford

- The Inner Circle are backstage and Chris Jericho says they will get revenge on Jon Moxley for stabbing Santana in the eye, Santana grabs the microphone and he challenges Moxley to a match for next week on AEW Dynamite. 

- A Dark Order advertisement airs. 

- Hangman Page is confronted backstage by The Young Bucks, The Bucks says that Page will lose the tag titles next week if his attitude doesn’t change. The Bucks leave and Page takes a sip from a large jug of beer.

- Dustin Rhodes talks about Cody receiving ten lashes from MJF tonight, Rhodes says it will be uncomfortable for everybody watching and that Cody will get through this.

- MJF makes his way to the ring with Wardlow at his side, Cody makes his way to the ring next to receive his ten lashes. Cody proceeds to take his jacket and shirt off, MJF demands the Cody hand him his belt to whip him with and Cody gives it to him. MJF starts whipping Cody with the belt as Kip Sabian, Sammy Guevara, The Butcher, The Blade, The Bunny and Dr. Britt Baker come out to watch. MJF continues his lashing of Cody with the belt, Arn Anderson comes out and he gives Cody a pep talk. MJF goes right back to whipping Cody with the belt, Dustin Rhodes comes out next and he wants to take the lashings for Cody. MJF gets the microphone to say that Cody must take all the lashings before telling Rhodes to leave the ring, Rhodes has some words with Cody before leaving the ring. MJF goes back to whipping Cody with the belt, The Young Bucks come out next and they give Cody some words of inspiration as Cody leaves the ring.

Cody gets back in the ring and MJF resumes his lashings after a back and forth with Cody, Wardlow grabs the belt and his lashes Cody with it. Brandi Rhodes comes out next and she inspires Cody to get back up for the final lashing, MJF whips him for the final time and everybody hits the ring to check on Cody. MJF kicks Cody in the balls before running through the crowd with Wardlow.

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