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- Highlights are shown of the apparently strained relationship between NWA World Heavyweight Champion Nick Aldis and Kamille. Joe Galli says that he has been informed by the NWA that he can no longer ask any questions about Kamille.

- Eddie Kingston comes to the commentary area and he talks about The Dawsons interfering in their match next week against The Wildcards. Kingston says the NWA didn’t take his and Homicide’s tag title shots away, Kingston says he and Homicide want a match with The Dawsons and they want it before getting another title shot. Kingston says that he and Homicide have nothing to live for other than pro wrestling.

Marti Belle vs. Crystal Rose

The match begins with Rose nailing Belle with a back elbow strike, Belle recovers to take Rose down with an arm drag. Belle then hits Rose with a rope assisted rana, Belle follows that up by nailing a cornered Rose with a running forearm strike. Belle misses a charge in the corner and Rose attacks her with a few kicks followed by a double knee drop, Rose then chokes Belle on the middle rope. Belle fights back against Rose and she nails her with some clotheslines, Belle also drops Rose with a spinning forearm strike. Belle drops Rose in the corner before landing a hip attack, Belle then hits Rose with a pedigree for a three count.

Winner: Marti Belle

- Dave Marquez interviews The Dawsons, who says that things happen in regards to the attack against Eddie Kingston and Homicide. The Dawsons say its time for them to throw their weight around and they say they won't accept the challenge from Kingston and Homicide.

- A video package airs highlighting Thunder Rosa.

- Joe Galli interviews Aron Stevens, who has Galli announce that the no eye contact rule is still in effect. Stevens says that Galli needs to read his job description before interviewing him, Stevens says he is here to promote his newest movie and that is called “Tropical Pirates.” Stevens says people have been slandering his acting abilities, Stevens then shows highlights from “Tropical Pirates.” Stevens says he is a better actor than Ric Flair.

- Highlights are shown of Nick Aldis defeating Tim Storm on the debut episode of NWA Powerrr.

Caleb Konley vs. Dan Parker

The match begins with Konley getting a swinging Parker down with a headlock, Parker gets up and Konley gets him in another headlock. Parker gets free and he uses a hair pull to briefly drop Konley, Konley gets angry and he attacks Parker with strikes. Konley follows that up with a rope assisted head scissors takedown, Konley then hits parker with a leg sweep and senton on a downed Parker. Konley misses a charge in the corner and then Parker drops him on the top rope, Parker grabs Konley and he attacks him with knee strikes. Parker slows things down further by holding Konley in an abdominal stretch, Konley gets free after dropping Parker with a hip toss followed by an enzaguri. Konley nails Parker with a spinning back fist and a slam, Konley then hits Parker with a double jump moonsault for a three count.

Winner: Caleb Konley

- Joe Galli interviews Tim Storm, who thanks Nick Aldis and the NWA for giving him one last shot at the title. Storm says that the way he and the NWA were perceived were changed when Aldis came on the scene, Storm says he did the right thing by taking his shot against Aldis. Eli Drake comes out and he says that it sounds like Storm is ready to quit, Drake says that Storm’s name is on the list with the other all time greats. Drake hints that he and Storm should team up and go for the NWA Tag Team Titles, Drake says he and Storm could face The Dawsons tonight and Storm says he’ll think about it.

- Jocephus comes out and has Dave Marquez announce that he wants to shake hands with James Storm, Colt Cabana comes out instead and he acts like Storm before shaking Jocephus’ hand. Jocephus throws powder in the eyes of Cabana, Jocephus gets Cabana in the ring and he beats him up. Storm arrives and he nails Jocephus with the Last Call, Storm sets up to hit Cabana and Ken Anderson makes the save.

- Joe Galli interviews Nick Aldis and Kamille, Aldis talks about how much the NWA is growing in recent months. Aldis says a horse race is taking place to determine the next contender for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship, Aldis talks about the list of potential contenders. Aldis says he may have to look at other promotions to see who can step up for a title shot. Galli asks a question about how Aldis won’t let Kamille speak for herself, Galli asks Kamille a question and she doesn’t speak.

The Dawsons (Dave & Zane) vs. Eli Drake & Tim Storm

The match begins with Dave nailing Drake with a knee lift before landing a headbutt, Drake recovers and he attacks Dave with clotheslines until Dave goes down. Drake then nails dave with a spinning neck breaker, Zane tags in and Drake nails him with a neck breaker. Storm tags in and he attacks Zane with a few strikes, Storm then drops Zane with a clothesline followed by a neck breaker. Drake tags in and he double teams Zane alongside Storm, Zane fights back and Drake drops him with a middle rope bulldog for a near fall. Storm tags in and he attacks Zane with some more strikes, Storm corners Zane before landing an avalanche. Drake tags in and he again double teams Zane with Storm, Storm tags in and he nails Zane with elbow strikes. Zane fights back and he gets Storm in a bear hug, Dave tags in and he nails a cornered Storm with strikes. Dave holds Storm down while applying a reverse bear hug, Storm gets free and Dave applies another bear hug. Zane tags in and he applies an inverted bear hug to Storm, Storm gets free and he tags Drake in.

Drake quickly starts cleaning house against the opposing team, Drake nails Zane with a sleeper hold drop for a near fall. Storm tags in and Storm accidentally sends Drake into the ring post, Dave interferes and he attacks Storm from behind. Dave tags in and The Dawsons hit Storm with their finisher for a three count.

Winners: The Dawsons (Dave & Zane)

After the match, The Dawsons attack Tim Storm until Eddie Kingston and Homicide make the save to chase them backstage. Nick Aldis comes to the ring to check on a downed Storm.