9/9/2019 WWE Raw Results: King Of The Ring Semi-Finals, 4 Horsewomen Collide & A Steve Austin Beer Bash

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- “Stone Cold” Steven Austin comes to the ring for the contract signing between WWE Universal Champion Seth Rollins and Brain Strowman. Austin grabs a microphone and says it is good to be back in Madison Square Garden, Austin talks about facing Bret Hart and other memories of MSG. Strowman makes his way out to the ring first, Rollins makes his way to the ring next after Austin refuses to shake Strowman’s hand. Austin shakes hands with Rollins before getting down to business, Rollins says he isn’t going to stab Strowman in the back before finally signing the contract. Strowman says he won’t turn on Rollins either before saying he’ll love being the WWE Universal Champion, Strowman then signs the contract. The OC interrupts and they mock what is going on in the ring, AJ Styles mocks Austin on the microphone. Styles questions if anybody really cares about Austin anymore, The OC comes to the ring as Styles tells Austin to stay out of the way. Styles claims that Rollins and Strowman won’t give Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows a rematch for the tag titles, Styles then calls Austin an asshole before The OC gets in the ring.

Rollins and Strowman eventually attack The OC and quickly clear the ring, Strowman attacks Anderson and Gallows on the arena floor. Styles knocks Rollins out of the ring before getting hit with a Stone Cold Stunner from Austin.

AJ Styles vs. Cedric Alexander

The match begins with Alexander jumping Styles as soon as the bell sounds, Alexander crushes Styles with a hard Irish whip into the corner. Styles rolls out of the ring and Alexander drills him with a clothesline, Alexander then throws Styles into the barricade. Alexander gets Styles in the ring and he lands shoulder thrusts in the corner, Alexander takes Styles down with a head scissors takedown before landing a drop kick for a near fall. Styles escapes a suplex attempt to nail Alexander with a forearm strike, Styles then attacks the injured shoulder of Alexander. Alexander recovers he knocks Styles out of the ring with a handspring enzaguri, Alexander then nails Styles with a suicide dive. Alexander gets Styles back in the ring and Styles rolls to the ring apron before attacking Alexander’s injured shoulder, Styles nails Alexander with a divorce court as we go to a commercial break. We return from the break to see Styles wrenching away on the injured shoulder of Alexander, Alexander fights back and Styles kicks him in the injured shoulder.

Alexander fights back again and he nails Styles with some strikes, Alexander then nails a charging Styles with a Michinoku Driver for a near fall. Alexander follows that up by nailing Styles with an elbow strike followed by an eznaguri, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson attack Alexander to end the match.

Winner: Cedric Alexander, by DQ

After the match, The OC continue attacking Cedrick Alexander until The Viking Raiders make the save.

- Sasha Banks and Bayley are backstage, Banks says that Charlotte and Becky Lynch are mad for what happened last week. Bayley says they are a stronger connection than Lynch and Charlotte.

- Charlotte and Becky Lynch are shown in their locker room.

- Brya Wyatt appears to say he is hostong a new episode on The Firefly Funhouse tonight.

- Roman Reigns makes his way to the stage and he talks about how the WWE Universe helped him beat cancer. Reigns talks about visiting kids and other who were also battling cancer, Reigns then introduces a bunch of the kids who are battling the disease and brings them all on the stage.

Becky Lynch & Charlotte vs. Sasha Banks & Bayley

The match begins with a brawl between both teams on the arena floor, Bayley and Banks quickly takeover by tossing Charlotte into the barricade. Lynch fights back and she nails Banks with an exploder on the arena floor, Lynch and Banks brawl in the ring until Bayley jumps Lynch from behind. Charlotte returns with a steel chair to clear the ring and we go to a commercial break, we return from the break to see the bell ring and Lynch attempt to go after Banks. Bayley tags in and Lynch backs her into the corner before landing strikes, Lynch tosses Bayley out of the ring and she follows her out there. Lynch then tosses Bayley into the barricade multiple times, Lynch gets Bayley back in the ring for a near fall on a pin attempt. Charlotte tags in and she stomps away on a downed Bayley, Charlotte corners Bayley before landing a few strikes. Bayley recovers and she shoves Charlotte to the ground before tagging Banks in, Banks then kicks away and chokes a cornered Charlotte. Bayley tags back in and she double teams Charlotte with Banks, Charlotte fights back and she kicks away at a cornered Bayley.

Lynch tags in and she nails Bayley with a springboard thrust kick, Lynch gets knocked to the ring ring apron and Bayley uses a stunner to knock her to the arena floor. Banks attacks Lynch on the arena floor while the ref was distracted, Banks tags in and she gets Lynch in the ring for a near fall on a pin attempt. Banks then hits Lynch with a suplex for a near fall, Banks gets Lynch by the ropes before choking her on the middle rope. Bayley tags in and Lynch quickly drops her with a reverse DDT, Charlotte and Banks get tagged in by their respective partners. Charlotte quickly starts cleaning house against the opposing team, Charlotte then nails Banks with a fallaway slam. Bayley tries getting back in the ring and Charlotte knocks her to the arena floor, Charlotte then sends Banks into the corner. Charlotte follows up by nailing Banks with a neck breaker for a near fall, Banks recovers to get Charlotte in the Bank Statement. Charlotte gets free and she gets Banks in the Figure Eight, Bayley gets in the ring and she knocks Lynch into Charlotte to break the hold up.

Everybody rolls out of the ring and Banks nails Charlotte with a meteora on the arena floor as we go to a commercial break, we return from the break to see Banks holding Charlotte in a straightjacket hold. Charlotte gets free and Banks nails her with a double knee strike for a near fall, Bayley tags in and she nails Charlotte with some chops. Charlotte fights back and Bayley drops her to prevent a tag, Bayley then holds Charlotte in a front headlock. Bayley corners Charlotte before landing a bunch of shoulder thrusts, Charlotte recovers and she nails Bayley with a knee lift before sending her into the ropes. Lynch tags in and she cleans house against the opposing team, Lynch then nails Bayley with a flying shoulder tackle. Lynch then nails Banks with an exploder suplex, Banks rolls out of the ring and Lynch takes her out with a dive from the ring apron. Lynch then drops Bayley with a few kicks, Lynch goes to the middle rope and Bayley gets her off before landing a knee strike. Banks returns to hit Lynch with a back stabber before eating a boot from Charlotte, Bayley then drops Charlotte. Lynch returns to take out Bayley and Banks with a double missile drop kick, Lynch lands a guillotine leg drop as Charlotte tags in.

Charlotte then hits Bayley with a moonsault for a near fall, Lynch and Banks brawl on the arena floor before Lynch throws her into the ring steps. Lynch gets Banks in a Disarmer until Bayley breaks it up, Bayley then drops Charlotte and Lynch with suplexes on the arena floor. Bayley gets Charlotte back into the ring before going to the top rope, Charlotte goes for a top rope elbow drop and Charlotte gets her knees up. Banks interferes and Charlotte drops her, Charlotte then rolls up Charlotte for a near fall a short time later. Charlotte then hits Bayley with a Natural Selection for a three count.

Winners: Becky Lynch & Charlotte

- The OC are talking backstage when Sarah Schreiber interrupts for some comments, AJ Styles says The OC runs this place. Robert Roode and Dolph Ziggler interrupt to make a deal with The OC to take out some common enemies tonight.