AAA's Conquista Total Gira took place last night and had many happenings of note, even for fans strictly of domestic wrestling.

AEW's Cody and MJF teamed up, Tessa Blanchard,Pentagon, and others appeared, and Konnan called out All Elite Wrestling. You can see full results below.

- Freelance and Astrolux defeated Impulso & Low Rider

- Ultimo Maldito, Latigo La Parka Negra & Lady Maravilla defeated Big Mami, Dinastia, Arkangel Divino, & Eclipse Jr.

- Golden Magic & Lady Shani defeated Villano III Jr. & La Hiedra

- Tessa Blanchard, Dave the Clown & Chik Tormenta defeated Nino Hamburguesa, Faby Apache & Taya

- Laredo Kid, Puma King, & Aero Star defeated Averno, Eterno & Chessman

- Daga & Taurus defeated Cody Rhodes & MJF

- Dr. Wagner Jr., Pentagon, Jr. & Psycho Clown defeated Blue Demon Jr., Rey Escorpion, & Texano, Jr.