AEW Dark 2/23/21 Results: Eddie Kingston, Brian Cage, The Dark Order, Top Flight, and more compete

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John Skyler vs. Brian Cage (w/ Hook)

Brian Cage enters the ring holding up the FTW title, the bell rings, and Cage hits John Skyler with a big shoulder tackle. Skyler is up and gets two good kicks in on Cage, but it's over after Cage hits a powerbomb and then hits with the Drill Claw.

Winner: Brian Cage (w/ Hook)

Lee Johnson (w/ Arn Anderson) vs. Serpentico (w/ Luther)

Lee Johnson and Serpentico start with a lock-up; however, Lee Johnson gets an advantage after multiple reversals. Johnson hits Serpentico with a great dropkick and then follows it up with a press slam. Johnson goes for the pin, but Serpentico kicks out at two. Serpentico takes control when he uses the ropes, throws Johnson on top, and then a few solid thrust kicks and a quick DDT.

Serpentico goes for a pin, but Johnson kicks out, which frustrates Serpentico. Serpentico jumps right onto Lee Johnson's ribs, Serpentico hits an Irish whip. Serpentico goes in with a bunch of strikes at Lee Johnson's face. Johnson is back in control hits Serpentico with a hanging neckbreaker. Lee Johnson hits the Blue Thunder Bomb and follows it up with the pin to get the win.

Winner: Lee Johnson (w/ Arn Anderson)

Eddie Kingston vs. JD Drake

JD Drake and Eddie Kingston start with a tie-up, but neither man gets an advantage and does it again, but again nothing happens. Kingston and Drake begin exchanging chops. They continue to hit each other with chops until Kingston takes a shortcut and slaps Drake across the face. Drake's chest is beat red from the multiple chops; Kingston comes back with an eye poke after Drake gets a chop in on Kingston. Drake now hits Kingston with a headbutt and follows it up with more sold strikes.

Drake is back up, and both men are exchanging chops yet again. Kingston goes for a diving shoulder tackle, but Drake nails Kingston with a solid right and then a big slam, followed by a Vader Bomb. He goes for the pin, but Eddie kicks out at two. Drake hits Kingston with a high boot and then hits Kingston with a big cannonball. Drake goes for a moonsault; Kingston has had enough and hits Drake with a spinning back fist.

Winner: Eddie Kingston

Leyla Hirsch vs. Brooke Havok (w/ Cody Rhodes)

Brooke Havok comes out with Cody Rhodes, and then Leyla Hirsch is out next. They begin with a tie-up, but Havok gets knocked down right away. Havok comes back with a big dropkick. Leyla hits Brooke with a vertical suplex, Hirsch goes for the pin, but Havok kicks out. Havok hits Leyla with a nice elbow, Hirsch goes for a big dive but missed. Hirsch hits a powerful German suplex, Hirsch then puts Havok in an armbar, and it is over.

Winner: Leyla Hirsch

Jurassic Express vs. Angel Fashion and VSK

The match begins with Jungle Boy, and Angel Fashion begins with a tie-up, and Jungle Boy gets the advantage. Luchasaurus tags in with a blind tag; he and Jungle Boy end it with the Powerbomb Combo.

Winner: Jurassic Express

JJ Garrett vs. QT Marshall (w/ Nick Comoroto)

The match begins with JJ Garrett and QT Marshall with a tie-up. JJ Garrett gets out of with some reversals, Marshall gets the upper hand with a hip toss, and then has Marshall in a headlock and follows it up with a shoulder tackle and a nice arm drag. Garrett kicks Marshall in the mid-section, but it does not do much as Marshall picks up Garrett for a delayed suplex. Garrett hits a German suplex and a frog splash. He goes for the pin but a two count. Marshall now gets hit with a big right and then a cannonball. Marshall now comes back with multiple clotheslines and ends it by hitting the Diamond Cutter.

Winner: QT Marshall (w/ Nick Comoroto)

Max Caster (w/Anthony Bowens) vs. Marko Stunt

Max Caster comes out rapping like normal and takes some shots at Marko Stunt. Caster and Stunt go for a tie-up, but it does not go well, but Stunt gets out of it and nails Caster with a nice dropkick and then follows it with a hurricanrana. Stunt goes to the top for a dive, but Caster catches Stunt and slams him down hard, and he is toying around with Stunt, and then he delivers some punishing blows to the back of Marko Stunt. Caster now gives Stunt a big boot, Marko gets the chance to do roll-up on Caster, but Caster kicks out. Bowens distracts the ref and Stunt. This causes Stunt to focus on Caster; this allows Caster to throw Stunt off the top rope and the mat. Caster ends it after hitting a big elbow and finishes it with the pin.

Winner: Max Caster (w/ Anthony Bowens)

The Dark Order's John Silver and Alex Reynolds vs. Louie Valle & Chris Peaks

Chris Peaks and Alex Reynolds begin the match; Reynolds nails Peaks with multiple strikes and then multiple elbows. Silver is now the legal man, and he nails Peaks down with multiple shoulder tackles and then a big kick to Peaks' chest. Reynolds tags in, and he tripped up Reynolds. This allows Valle to get tagged in. Valle and Peaks are double-teaming Reynolds, and they are hitting him with some big kicks and multiple dropkicks. Silver is back in for the hot tag, and Silver hits Peaks with a big back body drop. Silver hits a German suplex. John Silver puts both Peaks and Valle on his shoulders and hits them with a Samoan drop. The Dark Order finishes it off when hitting The Dark Destroyer on Valle for the pin and the win.

Winners: The Dark Order's Alex Reynolds and John Silver

Kip Sabian (w/ Penelope Ford) vs. Fuego Del Sol

The match begins with Kip Sabian stopping Fuego Del Sol from doing a leapfrog by pulling down the leg and bringing Del Sol down hard. Del Sol now gets in multiple strikes on Sabian. Sabian gets back in the ring, and Del Sol goes right for him, but Sabian gets out of the way, and he begins hitting Del Sol with multiple kicks and strikes. Sabian goes for a pump kick, but Del Sol avoids it, and he now gets some good offense in on Sabian. Del Sol hits the switchblade on Sabian, he goes for the pin, but Sabian kicks out. Sabian takes advantage and hits The Deathly Hallow for the pin and the win.

Winner: Kip Sabian (w/ Penelope Ford)

The Varsity Blondes (Brian Pillman Jr. & Griff Garrison) vs. Shawn Dean & Carlie Bravo

Brian Pillman Jr. and Carlie Bravo begin with some shoving, but then they start with a tie-up. Bravo goes for a big right, but Pillman ducks out of the way. Pillman thought about tagging out but did not; Pillman gets some big strikes in now. Pillman and Griff Garrison begin exchange tags after getting multiple strikes in on Bravo. Bravo tags in his partner, and Shawn Dean do not get much action because he missed the blind tag between the Varisty Blondes.

Bravo is the legal man, but Pillman does not let up, and he gets Dean into his corner. Pillman has Bravo in a hold, and both start pinching each other's chest. Shawn Dean gets the hot tag from Bravo, and Dean gets some big strikes in along with a clothesline and a suplex. Pillman saves Garrison from getting pinned a short time later; The Varsity Blonds exchange tags. Pillman goes off the top rope on Dean and then finishes it by getting the pin.

Winners: The Varsity Blondes (Brian Pillman Jr. & Griff Garrison)

Aaron Solow vs. Ryan Nemeth

Aaron Solow and Ryan Nemeth begin with a tie-up, but Nemeth gets a few shots in, but Solow recovers and hits Nemeth with some dropkicks and a nice hip toss. Nemeth gets out of the ring, but Solow gets him back in the ring and hits Nemeth with a big knee drop after delivering a nice right shot to the face of Nemeth. Nemeth has control of the match, and he comes at Solow with some submission holds, but Solow gets out of them.

Nemeth gets Solow into the corner after doing an Irish whip; Nemeth continues to deliver some heavy strikes to Solow's head. Peter Avalon and Cezar Bononi both come out and now begin watching the match. Solow notices, but he keeps going and hits Nemeth with a Corkscrew, Solow goes to the top rope, but Nemeth is up right away and hits Solow with a neckbreaker.

Nemeth follows it up with the pin, and that gets him the victory. The match ends, and Nemeth, Avalon, and Bononi start attacking Solow, and they are getting multiple kicks in and strikes. Bononi goes to lift him, but The Nightmare Family makes the save, and they stare down Bononi before cutting away for the next match.

Winner: Ryan Nemeth

Ivelisse & Diamante vs. Miranda Alize & Renee Michelle

Ivelisse hits Renee Michelle with an elbow; Michelle comes back and gets Ivelisse into a wrist lock. Michelle now grabs Ivelisse and puts her into a bridge. Ivelisse gets out of it; however, Michelle hits Ivelisse with a heavy strike before she tagged in Diamante. Michelle now comes at Diamante with a bunch of quick strikes, but Diamante escapes. During the series, Miranda Alize gets into the action after a blind tag. Alize gets Diamante into a roll-up attempt, but Diamante kicks out. Diamante now delivers a dropkick into the corner. Ivelisse tags in and comes in with a big high kick at the head of Alize. Ivelisse goes for the suplex and hits it. She goes for the cover, but Alize kicks out.

Alize is now starting to make a comeback; Ivelisse hits her with a nasty back elbow and chop. The team of Diamante and Ivelisse come at Alize with a series of back elbows. Diamante and Alize are now exchanging strikes, and Diamante drops Alize with a cutter. Michelle and Ivelisse tag in as Michelle lands heavy shots on Ivelisse and Diamante.

Ivelisse lands a knee and tags in Diamante and delivers multiple foot stomps in the corner. Ivelisse is now in, and she escapes Renee's suplex attempt. Alize is tagged in, and she delivers a big strike to Ivelisse, but she takes too much time talking to herself and talking trash of some sort. This allows Ivelisse and Diamante to hit a big knee strike and a high kick for the victory.

Winners: Ivelisse & Diamante

Top Flight vs. Steven Stetson & Tony Vega

Darius Martin and Tony Vega begin the match with a tie-up. Vega thinks he has the upper hand after hitting a back elbow, but Martin comes back with multiple strikes. Darius tags in his brother Dante and Vega tags in Steven Stetson. Dante hits both men with a big crossbody from the top rope. Dante gets some strikes in until Stetson gets a cheap shot in on Dante.

Stetson and Vega are now double-teaming Dante Martin; Vega hits a suplex. Dante and Vega now begin exchanging strikes, Stetson tags in, and now Dante attempts to leapfrogs Stetson, but Stetson catches him and delivers a big spinebuster. Dante gets to his brother and tags him in, and Darius nails Stetson with a big shotgun dropkick.

Darius goes for the pin, but he sees Vega coming into break up the tag, and he moves out of the way, and Vega delivers an elbow to his partner. Top Flight now hit the assisted launching dropkick to get the victory.

Winners: Top Flight

Sonny Kiss, Joey Janela, & Bear Country vs. M'Badu, Levy Shapiro, Daniel Joseph, & Aaron Frye

Bear Boulder and Daniel Joseph are the first to start; Joseph goes right into a big boot. Bear tags in Bronson and Bear Country hit a double press-slam. Aaron Fyre tags in and runs and goes right into a fall-away slam. Now, Sonny Kiss is tagged in, and he flips over Fyre and then comes back with a dropkick.

He goes for the cover, only a two-count. Joey Janela is now in; Janela and Kiss bring down Frye with a hip toss. Janela then drops Fyre on the knees of Sonny Kiss. Levy Shapiro gets the tag, and he gets a few heavy rights in on Janela. Shapes still giving Janela some trouble, which is allowing his team to wear down Janela. M’Badu now gets the tag he tackles Janela into the corner.

Janela gets out of the corner; however, Shapiro rolls him up, but it does not work. Janela gets out of it, and he then begins fighting off his opponents in their corner. Janela hits Shapiro with a German Suplex. Janela makes it over to Bear Bronson for the hot tag, and Bronson clears the ring. Shapiro gets hit with a Uragani then brings down Daniel Joseph. Janela gets the tag to come back in, and he uses Bear Country to hit a tope con hiro. Now, Kiss is in and delivers a hurricanrana to Shapiro. Janela then follows it up with a Death Valley Driver. Bronson and Bear Boulder are both in the ring, and they hit the assisted splash. Bronson follows it up by getting the pin and the win.

Winners: Sonny Kiss, Joey Janela, & Bear Country

Peter Avalon & Cezar Bononi vs. Baron Black & Ryzin

Baron Black and Cezar Bononi start the match off. Bononi delivers a strong shoulder tackle to Black after running the ropes. Bononi tags in Peter Avalon and Black comes in nails Avalon with a big lariat; he follows it up by hitting Avalon with an arm drag. Black then goes for a side submission hold. Black goes for the cover, but Avalon kicks out. Black gets to Ryzin and tags him in; Ryzin goes right at Avalon and delivers a top rope stomp onto Peter Avalon’s arm. Ryzin hits a northern lights suplex; he goes for the pin but only a two-count.

Ryzin is all over Peter Avalon; Ryzin delivers a big heavy kick to Avalon’s head and face. Bononi causes a distraction which then allowed Avalon to get control. Avalon tags in Bononi, and Bononi hits Ryzin with a nasty clothesline. He goes for the pin, but Ryzin kicks out at two. Bononi now hit Ryzin a bodyslam, Avalon comes in with a dropkick. Bononi keeps going at Ryzin, throws him around, and then throws him into the corner. Avalon is tagged in, Ryzin reverses the Irish whip, but he can’t get to Baron Black. Ryzin and Avalon both go for, and each misses their moonsault attempt.

Baron Black is now in, and he hits Avalon with a Manhattan Drop, then comes at Avalon with an exploder. Black is moving fast now; he delivers some chops to the chest of Bononi. Black hits the Atomic Drop and follows it up with the backstabber on Avalon. Black locks in the crossface, but Bononi breaks it up by choke slamming Ryzin onto Baron Black's back. Cesar Bononi then helps Peter Avalon up, and Avalon hits Mari-knees for the win.

Winners: Cezar Bononi & Peter Avalon

Tesha Price vs. KiLynn King

KiLynn King takes Tesha Price down with a side headlock. Price comes back with a quick headscissors move, but King then locks in another headlock. King drops Price with a nice shoulder tackle and follows up with an arm drag. Price gets away from King with a knee lift and then hits King with a hard chop. King brings down Price with a kick to the ribs, then a dropkick. She goes for the quick cover but only gets a two-count.

King and Price trade strikes; however, Price drops King with a back elbow then follows it up with a cartwheel kick. She goes to pin King but only two-count. Price is getting upset, and this causes King to get her way back into the match. She hits Price with a fallaway slam. King then hits Price with a clothesline, gets her back up, nails her with a roundhouse, and then comes at her with a German suplex.

King goes for the cover, but Price kicks out at two. Price avoids Kingdom Fall and comes back with a kick, and this stops King for a split-second. King recovers and grabs Price and tosses her into the ropes and then a clothesline. KiLynn King goes to finishes it, and she hits Kingdom Fall for the win.

Winner: KiLynn King

Matt Sydal & Mike Sydal vs. The Hybrid2 (Angelico & Jack Evans) vs. SCU (Christopher Daniels & Frankie Kazarian)

Mike Sydal and Jack Evans start with Mike getting the upper hand. Mike hits multiple arm drags and rolls up on Evans. Christopher Daniels is tagged in and hits Evans with a nice dropkick. He goes for the quick pin; however, Evans kicks out at two. Jack Evans hits Daniels with a bicycle kick; Evans follows it up by tagging in Angelico. Angelico comes at Daniels with strikes in the corner. Angelico is now delivering multiple kicks, Daniels soon recovers and reverses Angelico with an Irish whip and then a back suplex.

Daniels tagged in Kazarian, and now SCU hits Angelico a couple of combo moves. Angelico has tagged in Matt Sydal. Matt gets caught up in a roll-up by Kazarian. Matt delivers a leg lariat to an unsuspecting Kazarian. Matt kicks Kazarian in the chest, and he then sets up Mike for a powerful stomp onto Kazarian, who was hanging onto the ropes. Mike now goes for the standing moonsault, hits it, and then goes for the cover. Kazarian kicks out, and now Matt is staying on Kazarian and delivering a series of punches.

Kazarian has the ability to escape when he hits Matt with a big chop. Kazarian gets to his partner Christopher Daniels. Daniels tags in and lands a big Gamagiri Kick. He then hits the Total Elimination Daniels goes for the cover, Matt kicks out at two. Matt recovers and hits Daniels with a leg lariat. Now, Jack Evans and Mike Syda are the legal men.

Evans gets Angelico to get in the ring to attack Mike Sydal. This gives Evans an extra advantage; now Angelico is tagged in and nails Mike with a quick back suplex. Angelico goes for the cover but only a two count. Evans and Angelico give everything they have to keep Mike in the ring as he is getting beaten down. Angelico has Mike in a submission hold, and this gets Daniels to come in and break it up.

Mike Sydal then avoids the assisted 450 that Evans was trying to hit; this allows Mike to tag in Matt. Matt takes out Jack Evans, but Angelico gets away and goes right for SCU. This allows Evans to put on the Muta Lock; they follow-up with a jackknife cover but again only a two-count. Frankie Kazarian gets the blind tag, but we see multiple superkicks coming from every direction. Christopher Daniels hits Mike Sydal with The Blue Thunder Bomb; Matt hits Daniels with a top rope Meteora from Matt.

Jack Evans delivers a roundhouse to Matt Sydal. Kazarian destroys Jack Evans with a cutter. He goes for the pin, but Evans kicks out. The Sydal brothers are going for Stereo Tope Suicida, Christopher Daniels countered Mike Sydal. Jack Evans is going for the Sasuke Special but is laid out by a Gamagiri Kick from Daniels. Kazarian now hits a reverse DDT to get the big win for SCU.

Winners: SCU

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