AEW Dark 4/7/20 Results: Wardlow, Kip Sabian, QT Marshall, MJF & Penelope Ford Appear

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Women's Title Match Booked For AEW Double Or Nothing 2021

QT Marshall vs. Lee Johnson

The match begins with Marshall backing Johnson into the corner before letting him go free, Marshall then works over the arm of Johnson. Marshall grounds Johnson while working over his arm, Johnson gets free and Marshall drops him with a shoulder block. Marshall follows up on that with a pair of hip tosses and a knee drop to the injured arm, Johnson fights back and he cracks a cornered Marshall with some strikes. Marshall fights back and he lands some strikes of his own, Johnson leaps off the top rope and Marshall catches him to land a suplex. Marshall then hits Johnson with a running leg drop for a near fall, Marshall keeps Johnson trapped while holding him in an abdominal stretch. Johnson gets free and he nails Marshall with a drop kick, Johnson then nails a downed Marshall with a jumping head kick. Marshall recovers to nail Johnson with a clothesline and back body drop, Johnson fights back and Marshall catches him in midair to land a flat liner. Marshall then hits Johnson with a swanton bomb for a three count.

Winner: QT Marshall

Wardlow w/MJF vs. Ryan Pyles

The match begins with Wardlow nailing a charging Pyles with an F-10 for a three count.

Winner: Wardlow w/MJF

Kip Sabian w/Penelope Ford vs. Tony Donati

The match begins with Sabian getting Donati in a front headlock, Sabian transitions to a cravat against Donati. Donati gets free and he gets Sabian down while wrenching away on his arm, Donati then gets Sabian in a cravat of his own. Donati gets Sabian in a headlock next, Sabian gets free and Donati drops him with a shoulder tackle. Sabian recovers and he gets Donati in another front headlock, Sabian gets Donati down while working over his arm. Donati gets free and he nails Sabian with an arm drag, Ford interferes and Sabian attacks Donati from behind. Sabian corners Donati while kicking away at him, Ford interferes again while Sabian distracts the referee. Sabian drops Donati again before landing multiple knee drops to the back, Sabian keeps Donati down while pulling back on his arms. Donati fights back and Sabian drops him with a back elbow strike, Sabian corners Donati before landing a head kick. Sabian drops Donati before landing a penalty kick for a near fall, Donati recovers and he cracks Sabian with a corner spear. 

Sabian recovers to nail Donati with a hip toss, Donati escapes the grasp of Sabian to land a hammerlock brain buster for a near fall. Sabian recovers and he sends a charging Donati to the ring apron, Donati looks for a springboard move and Sabian nails him with a drop kick. Sabian then hits Donati with an elevated neck breaker, Sabian gets Donati in the octopus stretch and a tap out follows.

Winner: Kip Sabian w/Penelope Ford

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