AEW Dark 5/26/20 Results: 10 Matches & The First Count Out Win In AEW History

Wardlow w/MJF vs. Grim

The match begins with Wardlow nailing Grim with a power slam, Grim fights back and Wardlow nails him with multiple shoulder thrusts followed by a pop up uppercut. Wardlow keeps Grim down while stomping away on him, Grim fights back again and Wardlow quickly drops him before landing more strikes. Wardlow misses a charge into the corner and Grim nails him with multiple avalanches, Grim goes to the middle rope and Wardlow gets him off with a release German suplex. Wardlow goes for the F-10 and Grim escapes before eating a corner spear, Wardlow then hits a falling Grim with a knee strike and the ref calls for the bell as Grim is knocked out.

Winner: Wardlow w/MJF

After the match, Wardlow hits Grim with an F-10.

Colt Cabana vs. Lee Johnson

The match begins with Cabana trapping the arm of Johnson, Cabana then drops Johnson with a spinning hip toss. Johnson looks for a takedown on Cabana and Cabana quickly drops him, Cabana catches Johnson in a roll up for a near fall. Cabana stands on the hand of Johnson while stretching both arms out, Cabana catches Johnson in a few more roll ups for a few more near falls. Johnson gets up and he attacks Cabana with a few strikes, Cabana fires back and he drops Johnson with a chop. Johnson recovers and he nails Cabana with a drop kick, Cabana recovers to hit Johnson with a Flying Apple and multiple strikes. Cabana gets Johnson in the Billygoats Curse to force a tap out.

Winner: Colt Cabana

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