AEW Dark 5/26/20 Results: 10 Matches & The First Count Out Win In AEW History

Penelope Ford w/Kip Sabian vs. Kilynn King

The match begins with King working over the arm of Ford, Ford gets free and she does some damage to the arm of King. Ford nails King with an elbow strike before eating a shoulder tackle, King then hits Ford with a delayed vertical suplex for a near fall. Sabian interferes and that allows Ford to attack her from behind, Ford corners King while stomping away on her. Ford follows up on that by choking King on the middle rope, Ford then nails King with a suplex for a near fall. Ford again chokes King while arguing with the referee, King fights back and Ford nails her with some more strikes. Ford keeps King cornered while choking her again, King fights back again and she lands a missile drop kick. King misses a charge in the corner and Ford nails her with a handspring elbow strike, Ford then hits King with a handspring cutter for a three count.

Winner: Penelope Ford w/Kip Sabian

Best Friends (Trent & Chuck Taylor) w/Orange Cassidy vs. Shawn Dean & Alan Angels

The match begins with Taylor catching Dean in a hammerlock, Dean gets free and he drops Taylor with a shoulder tackle. Taylor recovers to hit Dean with an arm drag and drop kick, Trent tags in and Dean gets double teamed. Angels tags in and Trent scores a takedown on him, Angels gets angry and he attacks Trent with some strikes. Angels then nails Trent with an enziguri before eating a clothesline, Trent then hits Angels with a rope assisted northern lights suplex for a near fall. Dean distracts Trent and that allows Angels to hit him with a springboard drop kick, Dean tags in and he cracks Trent with some strikes. Dean corners Trent before landing a running knee strike, Angels tags back in and Dean propels him onto Trent for a near fall. Dean tags in again and he attacks a trapped Trent with more strikes, Dean misses a charge into the corner and Trent nails him with a tornado DDT afterwards. Angels interferes and Trent nails him with a side suplex, Taylor tags in and he cleans house against the opposing team. Taylor nails Angels with a knee strike before nailing Dean with a dive, Trent then hits Dean with a spear on the arena floor. Angels fights back and Taylor nails him with a power bomb, Trent tags in and Best Friends hits Angels with a Strong Zero for a three count.

Winners: Best Friends (Trent & Chuck Taylor) w/Orange Cassidy

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