AEW Dark Results 3/2/21 Orange Cassidy, SCU, Top Flight, Abadon, The Dark Order, plus more compete

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We are welcome to AEW Dark by Excalibur and Taz.

Lee Johnson and Aaron Solow (w/ Arn Anderson) vs. Louis Valle and Chris Peaks

The match begins with Aaron Solow and Louis Valle with a tie-up; Solow takes down Valle with a headlock. Solow controls the match for the first two minutes, Solow and Lee Johnson exchange multiple tags and double team Valle with multiple strikes and double elbow. Valle finally makes it to his partner and tags in Chris Peaks. Chris Peaks takes control of the match by kicking Solow in the midsection, and Peaks delivers a suplex to Solow. Solow and Valle start double-teaming Solow; Solow makes it to Johnson for the tag. Johnson clears house and then hits the Blue Thunder Bomb on Valle to get the win.

Winners: Lee Johnson and Aaron Solow (w/ Arn Anderson)

After the match, Excalibur goes over the AEW Revolution's upcoming card.

Ivelisse and Diamante vs. Red Velvet and KiLynn King

The match begins with Red Velvet getting attacked by Diamante right away, KiLynn King breaks it up right away. Velvet overcomes the attack and takes down Diamante with a dropkick. Red Velvet tags King in, King puts Diamante in a wristlock, and she tags back in Velvet and exchanges multiple tags and double-teams Diamante. Diamante gets away from King and tags in Red Velvet. Red Velvet and Diamante exchange tags, pretty similar to what Velvet and King were doing. Red Velvet takes down King with a strong dropkick.

Diamante and Ivelisse are continuing the double-team on KiLynn King. King makes the hot tag to Red Velvet, and Diamante begins exchanging multiple punches until Velvet hits double knees on Diamante and then hits a standing moonsault. Velvet goes for the pin, but Ivelisse breaks it up. Ivelisse takes Velvet down with a quick suplex. Velvet hits a running boot to the side of Ivelisse's head, and she then covers Diamante to get the victory.

Winners: Red Velvet & KiLynn King

Air Flight vs. Fuego Del Sol & Jon Cruz

Darius Martin and Fuego Del Sol begin the match; they both reverse each other hold after multiple tie-ups. Darius hits Del Sol with a huge dropkick. Darius tags hit brother, and Fuego Del Sol does not see the tag, and Dante comes in and hits a quick dropkick. Jon Cruz gets tagged in, and he takes down Darius with a clothesline, Cruz tags back in Del Sol, and Del Sol hits a shooting star press. He goes for the pin, but Dante kicks out right away. Del Sol tags in Cruz, and Dante tags in; Darius hits Del Sol with a Spanish fly right away. Fuego Del Sol hits the Cancun Tornado to the outside of the ring. He gets back in and goes for the tornado DDT, but Dante stops Del Sol from hitting it. Darius and Dante hit the Icebreaker to get the win and stay undefeated in 2021.

Winners: Top Flight

The Gunn Club (Colten, Austin, & Billy Gunn) vs. Tony Vega, Aaron Frye, & Angel Fashion

The match begins with Austin and Aaron Frye begin with a tie-up; Frye begins with the upper hand and hits Austin with a cheap shot after the ref breaks both from the ropes. Colten tags in, and he begins attacking, getting strikes in right away. Austin throws Tony Vega right into the guardrail. Austin then gets right back into the ring to assist Billy with the 3:10 to Yuma and follow it up with the pin to get the win.

Winners: The Gunn Club

Abadon vs. Renee Michelle

Abadon and Renee Michelle stare each other down, and Michelle tries to get away by getting outside of the ropes, but Abadon catches her and throws a big chop; Michelle still gets away right after the chop. Abadon dives on to Michelle on the outside. Abadon gets Michelle back into the ring, and Abadon hits a double knee strike on Michelle. Michelle now gets a few strikes in, but Abadon hits the Cemetary Drive and follows it up by getting the pin.

Winner: Abadon

Stu Grayson (w/ Negative One and The Dark Order) vs. J.D. Drake

The match begins with a tie-up, Stu Grayson throws J.D. Drake into the ropes, but Drake comes back with a shoulder tackle. Drake then throws Grayson into the ropes, and Grayson comes back with a big dropkick. Drake gets back up and stares down at Grayson. Grayson then delivers multiple strikes in, and Drake goes to the outside. Grayson goes after him; Drake turns around and throws Grayson up in the air and into the ropes and then delivered a clubbing clothesline.

Drake and Grayson are exchanging heavy blows, Grayson hits a sphere in the corner. Grayson delivers a springboard dropkick. Drake is back up and hits Grayson with a heavy strike to the head. Drake picks up Grayson and throws him about 10 feet. Drake goes for the cannonball dive, but Grayson moves. Grayson hits the hurricanrana picks up J.D. Drake, and hits the Nightfall to get the win.

Winner: Stu Grayson of The Dark Order

After the match, The Acclaim cut a promo, and then it goes into a rap video.

M'Badu & Baron Black vs. Bear Country

The match begins with Barron Black and Bronson Bear tie-up, but Bronson controls it right away and delivers multiple strikes to Black. M'Badu tries to break it up, but Bronson has none of it and delivers a strong right to M'Badu. Black and M'Badu double-team Bronson and begin stretching out his arm. M'Badu is now the legal man; M'Badu delivers a strong shoulder tackle, then follows it up with a splash. Baron Black is now in, and he drives down the shoulder of Bronson into the mat.

M'Badu starts throwing chops at Bronson, and he begins to get angry, so he slams down M'Badu and finally tags Boulder. Boulder gets in and delivers multiple shoulder tackles and clears the ring. Boulder picks up both Black and M'Badu and delivers a Samoan Drop to both men. Boulder goes for a moonsault press but misses, and Baron Black hits a backstabber, he goes for the pin, but Bronson breaks it up.

Boulder tags in Bronson and gets on top of Boulder's shoulders; Boulder then drops Bronson on top of Baron Black to get the win. While celebrating their victory, The Butcher and The Blade come out to attack Bear Country from behind. The Blade delivers multiple chair shots to Boulder; they then double-team on Bronson Bear.

Winners: Bear Country

The Dark Order (Evil Uno, Alan "5" Angels, & Colt Cabana) vs. Levy Shapiro, John Skyler, & Ryzin

Colt Cabana and John Skyler start the match; Colt takes advantage of the match right away. Colt then hits Skyler with a double chop to the chest of Skyler. Cabana tags in Evil Uno, Skyler evades Uno, and tags in Levy Shapiro. Shapiro gets a few shots in, but it does not last, and Uno hits Shapiro multiple times. Uno tags in Alan Angels, Angels now delivers multiple strikes to Shapiro. Angels tags in Cabana and Cabana delivers multiple strikes, including an elbow. The members of Dark Order are exchanging multiple tags and just laying a beat down. Shapiro tags in John Skyler, John Skyler, gets delivered with multiple punches. Angels hit a backward frog splash. Angels go to pin Shapiro, but Skyler breaks it up; Skyler tags in Ryzin. Uno tags in and hits the Flatline for the victory.

The Dark Order (Evil Uno, Alan "5" Angels, & Colt Cabana)

Max Caster (w/ Anthony Bowens) vs. JJ Garrett

Max Caster comes out rapping and tells JJ Garrett that he looks like a broke Brian Pillman. Max Caster and Garrett tie-up, and Garrett dropped Caster to his surprise. They go for another tie-up, and Caster delivers a kick to the midsection of Garrett. Garrett hits Caster with the Area Code, Caster recovers, and Caster hits Garrett with a German suplex. Caster is throwing heavy blows to JJ Garrett; Caster begins stretching Garrett out, Garrett gets out of it. Garrett hits the ropes, but Caster hits him with a quick shoulder. Caster then delivers multiple knees to JJ, Caster goes for a suplex, but Garrett gets out of it, Garrett hits a moonsault press. Garrett delivers a cannonball to Caster, he goes for the pin, but Caster kicks out. Anthony Bowens throws in the boombox, and the referee goes to pick it up, and while he is not paying attention, Caster delivers a low blow to Garrett. Caster delivers a brainbuster, and then he follows it up with the Mic Drop for the win.

Winner: Max Caster

Shawn Dean & Carlie Bravo vs. The Hybrid2

Angelico and Carlie Bravo begin the match with a tie-up, but Angelico takes control and gets a few strikes. Bravo goes for a dropkick, but he misses Angelico; Angelico smiles because he fooled Bravo into going for an unnecessary dropkick. Bravo tags in Shawn Dean, and Angelico tags in Jack Evans, Evans delivers some big punches, and then he delivers a dropkick.

Bravo drops Evans with a clothesline; Evans then tags in Angelico. Angelico gets rattled after Carlie Bravo gets to Dean for the hot tag. Jack Evans hits Shawn Dean with a big corkscrew kick. Angelico hits the Navaro Death Roll, and Carlie Bravo taps out.

Winners: The Hybrid2

Orange Cassidy (w/ Chuck Taylor) vs. Steven Stetson

Steven Stetson goes up to Orange Cassidy and attempts to grab Cassidy, but Cassidy ducks and now takes Steven Stetson's Cowboy hat. Cassidy then has Stetson in a leg tie-up, the Referee breaks it up. Cassidy then delivers a dropkick. Stetson throws Cassidy into the ropes and hits him with a big boot. Stetson gets some heavy strikes in, but Cassidy hits the Orange Punch out of nowhere and then ends it with the Beach Break to win.

Winner: Orange Cassidy

Chuck Taylor vs. VSK

VSK and Chuck Taylor begin with a collar and elbow tie-up. They go for a second tie-up, but Taylor takes control and hits VSK with multiple punches. Taylor goes for a splash, VSK gets out of the way, and now he is getting some strikes in on Taylor. Taylor hits VSK with a quick suplex; then, he throws VSK hard into the corner. Taylor picks up VSK, but VSK kicks Taylor right in the chest. VSK then goes for the tope suicida and hits it. Taylor recovers quickly, and Taylor hits the Falcon Arrow, but VSK kicks out to Taylor's surprise. Taylor then hits a short-range snap piledriver and ends it with a jumping piledriver and the pin.

Winner: Chuck Taylor

Dark Order's 10 (w/ Negative One) vs. Dan Joseph

Negative One joins the commentary team for the match. 10 and Joesph tie-up, and 10 drops Joseph right away. Joseph is still laid out; 10 walks over to give Negative One a high-five. 10 comes back, and Joseph gets some offense in the match, but it does not last long at all. 10 hits a big dropkick, and 10 hits a Joseph with the powerbomb to get the win and the victory.

Winner: Dark Order's 10 ( w/ Negative One)

SCU vs. Matt & Mike Sydal

The bout begins with a tie-up between Matt Sydal and Frankie Kazarian. Kazarian gets the upper hand, Sydal gets out of the ring. Matt gets back into the ring, and he delivers a dropkick; Matt then tags his brother Mike and Mike begins by hitting a stand-up moonsault. Mike then attempts to get the quick pin, but Kazarian kicks out. Kazarian makes it over to his partner Christopher Daniels and tags him in; Matt is now tagged in and hits Daniels with a Northern Lights Bomb.

Kazarian and Mike are the legal men now; Daniels gets some heavy strikes in on Mike Sydal. Daniels goes for and hits Mike with a German suplex, he then goes for the pin, but Mike kicks out at the last second. Daniels is frustrated, and he then throws heavy strikes in and throws him into the corner. Daniels hits a splash in the corner, he goes for another one, but Mike catches him and hits him with a DDT. Mike tags in Matt, and Daniels tags in Kazarian.

Matt clears out the ring with a clothesline, and then he hits Daniels with a dropkick. Matt gets Mike back into the ring, and they do a double-leg sweep. Matt then has Kazarian in a submission hold, but Kazarian gets out of it. Kazarian hits Mike Sydal with a cutter; Matt hits Daniels with a knee strike up high. Mike Sydal goes for the quick roll-up pin, but Kazarian kicks out; then Daniels kicks Mike right in the gut. SCU then finishes it with The Best Meltzer Ever to get the win over the Sydal Brothers.

Winners: SCU

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