AEW Double Or Nothing 2020 Results, Match Ratings, Notes From Sean Ross Sapp

Top Contender Match
Best Friends defeated Private Party

  • Private Party don't exactly have the heat they did originally. Hey still have some work to go, but Best Friends are more than ready.
  • Marq hitting the ropes isn't too smooth early in the match, but the action is solid. I'm not too keen on him wearing that ridiculous jacket either.
  • I still love Private Party's Camel Clutch stomp. They really are picking it up. A big shooting star press, and PP are getting all the offense.
  • Private Party hit Cryme Tyme's finish, the G9.
  • Marq Quen gets piledrived on the floor, and for some reason he's up in about 20 seconds so he can kick out of a clothesline.
  • Strong Zero gets the win for Best Friends.

Top Contender Match
Casino Ladder Match
Brian Cage wins

  • Scorpio Sky and Kazarian start out and decide to wrestle instead of beat each other down.
  • Kip Sabian is out, but Jimmy Havoc gets involved and helps him. Havoc's suit rules.
  • There's a spot where Havoc goes for a super huracanrana, but lands onto a ladder.
  • Darby Allin's suicide dive looks like he's trying to take someone out, as opposed to some that look like people lean through the ropes and push people over.
  • Darby tries to skateboard stomp Kazarian through a ladder off a ladder, but misses.
  • Orange Cassidy needs the rules explained to him, and still can't reach the chip. He takes everyone out effortlessly, though,
  • Colt Cabana is next. He gets his little fingers mashed in the ladder.
  • Joey Janela is next up, and he takes everyone out rapid fire.
  • Luchasaurus is number eight, and lays everyone out.
  • Brian Cage has debuted for AEW, with Taz managing him. He does an insane F5 to Darby.
  • Cage runs through the field with relative ease and impressive offense. Everyone puts a bunch of shit on top of him.
  • Having to bury Brian Cage under everything is a great way to debut him, get him over a little bit, and get him out of winning the match.
  • Production missed Kip Sabian's fall onto the ladder.
  • I think AEW has found a great new match type in the Casino Ladder Match. I've enjoyed it a lot more than the battle royal.
  • Marko Stunt is there with a mini ladder to help Luchasaurus, especially against Orange Cassidy.
  • Kazarian and Luchasaurus mess up a slingshot huracanrana spot.
  • Janela Death Valley Drivers Orange Cassidy onto a giant poker chip, which Brian Cage is underneath. JESUS.
  • Cage is alive and has a great series with Luchasaurus before powerbombing him into the ladder. A Drill Claw on Darby.
  • Cage heaves Allin on a ladder and gets the win.

MJF (w/ Wardlow) defeated Jungle Boy

  • No scarf for MJF here, but a lot of elements of it in his gear, which I like.
  • Jungle Boy hilariously slaps MJF in a double headstand
  • MJF fakes a hangnail injury and attacks.
  • MJF has a great head and arm suplex and big heaving backbreaker.
  • Jungle Boy has an amazing comeback. He later hits a really good tornado DDT.
  • I hate the "let each other hit each other" spot.
  • Jungle Boy with a Destroyer, but MJF instinctively superkicks him.
  • Jungle Boy has a crossface applied, but MJF bites the hand and turns it into a Pumphandle Driver.
  • Jungle Boy did a reverse rana on the apron, that MJF takes perfectly.
  • MJF crotches Jungle Boy. Jungle Boy still manages an avalanche sitdown power bomb.
  • MJF has been working the arm of Jungle Boy all night, and gets the win on a series of pin reversals.
  • This was outstanding. Exceeded expectations.

AEW TNT Championship
Cody defeated Lance Archer to become champion

  • The title leaves a lot to be desired, but they just announced it's not done. Things got slowed down because of the Coronavirus.
  • Mike Tyson's reaction to Lance Archer is gonna be a meme.
  • BLACKOUT immediately! Cody counters an EBD Claw, but gets Pounced in midair.
  • Bro Lance Archer is 43 YEARS OLD doing a ropewalk moonsault.
  • That corner camera shot of Archer after the Cody press slam was PERFECT! Archer mugs for the camera.
  • Cody gets his ass kicked for minutes, but fights back and applies a crossface.
  • Cody gets a springboard cutter, Cross Rhodes, Curtain Call and Stinger Splash!
  • Arn Anderson knocks Lance Archer off the turnbuckle.
  • Jake Roberts and Arn get kicked out, and Jake comes back with a snake. Mike Tyson cuts him off.
  • Cody wins with two straight Cross Rhodes.

Kris Statlander defeated Penelope Ford

  • We see Britt Baker's doctor talking about her injury. She will make the announcement herself.
  • This is not great. I'm not a fan of the cartwheels in the middle of an important pape match.
  • The action is not smooth, but not gritty enough to have me interested.
  • They go back to that punch trading spot I hate.
  • Penelope is green, but getting better. Kris isn't green, but has too much gaga for me to stay interested when she does it early.
  • As the match goes on, Kris gets even better.
  • Statlander wins with the Big Bang Theory.

Dustin Rhodes (w/ Brandi Rhodes) defeated Shawn Spears

  • Shawn Spears calls out Dustin, who isn't coming.
  • Brandi appears and distracts him, and Dustin shows up to beat up Shawn.
  • Shawn Spears has Tully Blanchard's face on the dickhole of his underpants......aight.
  • Curtain Call. Pin.

AEW Women's Championship
Hikaru Shida defeated Nyla Rose (c) to win the title

  • Shida's gear rules.
  • Nyla throws Shida through a poker table at ringside.
  • Back in the ring, Nyla gets a nice powerslam.
  • Shida hiptosses Nyla onto the poker chips at ringside.
  • A flying knee hits into another poker chip.
  • Nyla and Hikaru with a No DQ stip works so well.
  • Hikaru uses the kendo stick, then does a brainbuster onto it.
  • Awesome draping knee drop follows an even better running powerslam for Nyla.
  • There has been a gigantic improvement in the ring for several of AEW's women that didn't work a ton of TV before Dynamite. So many have adapted and thrived.
  • Powerbomb into to cornered table, and then a Death Valley Driver.
  • Avalanche Falcon Arrow? GET THE HOSE!! Shida rocked that.
  • Shida cracks Nyla with a kendo stick and wins. A great match.

AEW World Championship
Jon Moxley (c) defeated Mr. Brodie Lee to retain the title

  • Brodie Lee carries the title into the match and demands to be announced as champ.
  • Moxley does a great suicide dive that knocks over the barricade.
  • Brodie beats Moxley's ass around the ring.
  • Moxley using the Gotch Piledriver is great.
  • Moxley back body drops Brodie off the stairs through a table.
  • Superplex inside the ring, half nelson suplex through a piece of the set outside for Brodie.
  • Brodie slams Moxley on the set piece and that sounded like it hurt.
  • Paradigm Shift through the walkway! Damn!! That was nuts.
  • Brodie Lee is busted up!
  • Brodie kicks out of a Paradigm Shift at one. Moxley bites, throws knees, headbutts, elbows, and another Paradigm Shift at 2.
  • Moxley chokes out Brodie.
  • Moxley and Brodie put on a kickass title match. Moxley's MMA training for the Cagefighter movie has been evident and added to his in-ring.

Stadium Stampede
The Elite defeated The Inner Circle

  • The Inner Circle is in football gear, and there are cheerleaders everywhere.
  • Hangman Page comes in on a damn horse!
  • Matt Jackson's ribs are heavily taped.
  • Sammy misses a shooting star press on Hardy.
  • Nick Jackson with a tope con hilo, Ortiz with an Asai moonsault, Sammy with a Shooting Star outside.
  • Matt Jackson moonsaults off the goalposts!
  • Omega gets slammed through a table on the field.
  • Santana, Ortiz and Matt Hardy are in the pool and Hardy is being drowned. IT'S A LAKE OF REINCARNATION.
  • Ortiz is hit with THE BELL. He throws Santana in an ice cooler.
  • Hangman is drinking at the bar and Hager attacks him. They're brawling on a pool table, which ends with Hager uranage-ing Page onto it. Page gets thrown all across the bar and Swagger Bombs Page through a table.
  • Omega helps Page, and Page pours Omega some milk.
  • Matt Jackson suplexes Sammy across the whole field, thanks to clever edited.
  • Jericho and Nick Jackson are going at it, and the Jaguars mascot gets hit with a Judas Effect.
  • Aubrey and Jericho go to the replay tent over the nearfall.
  • Matt Jackson gets into the endzone and spikes Sammy. He celebrates, and Rick Knox penalizes him. Matt Jackson superkicks him.
  • Nick Jackson jumps off a guardrail onto Jericho through a table.
  • Hangman Page runs the line marker over Jericho.
  • Sammy crawls into the sprinklers. He has to run from Omega and Matt Hardy in the golf cart.
  • NEO 1, the new Vanguard distracts Sammy.
  • Omega does an insane One Winged Angel off the balcony through a structure. Elite win!

Rating Guide
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