AEW Double Or Nothing 2020 Results, Match Ratings, Notes From Sean Ross Sapp

Top Contender Match
Best Friends defeated Private Party

MSK Discuss Asking Sean Waltman To Use The Bronco Buster, Waltman Wanting Them To Lay It In
  • Private Party don't exactly have the heat they did originally. Hey still have some work to go, but Best Friends are more than ready.
  • Marq hitting the ropes isn't too smooth early in the match, but the action is solid. I'm not too keen on him wearing that ridiculous jacket either.
  • I still love Private Party's Camel Clutch stomp. They really are picking it up. A big shooting star press, and PP are getting all the offense.
  • Private Party hit Cryme Tyme's finish, the G9.
  • Marq Quen gets piledrived on the floor, and for some reason he's up in about 20 seconds so he can kick out of a clothesline.
  • Strong Zero gets the win for Best Friends.

Top Contender Match
Casino Ladder Match
Brian Cage wins

  • Scorpio Sky and Kazarian start out and decide to wrestle instead of beat each other down.
  • Kip Sabian is out, but Jimmy Havoc gets involved and helps him. Havoc's suit rules.
  • There's a spot where Havoc goes for a super huracanrana, but lands onto a ladder.
  • Darby Allin's suicide dive looks like he's trying to take someone out, as opposed to some that look like people lean through the ropes and push people over.
  • Darby tries to skateboard stomp Kazarian through a ladder off a ladder, but misses.
  • Orange Cassidy needs the rules explained to him, and still can't reach the chip. He takes everyone out effortlessly, though,
  • Colt Cabana is next. He gets his little fingers mashed in the ladder.
  • Joey Janela is next up, and he takes everyone out rapid fire.
  • Luchasaurus is number eight, and lays everyone out.
  • Brian Cage has debuted for AEW, with Taz managing him. He does an insane F5 to Darby.
  • Cage runs through the field with relative ease and impressive offense. Everyone puts a bunch of shit on top of him.
  • Having to bury Brian Cage under everything is a great way to debut him, get him over a little bit, and get him out of winning the match.
  • Production missed Kip Sabian's fall onto the ladder.
  • I think AEW has found a great new match type in the Casino Ladder Match. I've enjoyed it a lot more than the battle royal.
  • Marko Stunt is there with a mini ladder to help Luchasaurus, especially against Orange Cassidy.
  • Kazarian and Luchasaurus mess up a slingshot huracanrana spot.
  • Janela Death Valley Drivers Orange Cassidy onto a giant poker chip, which Brian Cage is underneath. JESUS.
  • Cage is alive and has a great series with Luchasaurus before powerbombing him into the ladder. A Drill Claw on Darby.
  • Cage heaves Allin on a ladder and gets the win.

MJF (w/ Wardlow) defeated Jungle Boy

  • No scarf for MJF here, but a lot of elements of it in his gear, which I like.
  • Jungle Boy hilariously slaps MJF in a double headstand
  • MJF fakes a hangnail injury and attacks.
  • MJF has a great head and arm suplex and big heaving backbreaker.
  • Jungle Boy has an amazing comeback. He later hits a really good tornado DDT.
  • I hate the "let each other hit each other" spot.
  • Jungle Boy with a Destroyer, but MJF instinctively superkicks him.
  • Jungle Boy has a crossface applied, but MJF bites the hand and turns it into a Pumphandle Driver.
  • Jungle Boy did a reverse rana on the apron, that MJF takes perfectly.
  • MJF crotches Jungle Boy. Jungle Boy still manages an avalanche sitdown power bomb.
  • MJF has been working the arm of Jungle Boy all night, and gets the win on a series of pin reversals.
  • This was outstanding. Exceeded expectations.

AEW TNT Championship
Cody defeated Lance Archer to become champion

  • The title leaves a lot to be desired, but they just announced it's not done. Things got slowed down because of the Coronavirus.
  • Mike Tyson's reaction to Lance Archer is gonna be a meme.
  • BLACKOUT immediately! Cody counters an EBD Claw, but gets Pounced in midair.
  • Bro Lance Archer is 43 YEARS OLD doing a ropewalk moonsault.
  • That corner camera shot of Archer after the Cody press slam was PERFECT! Archer mugs for the camera.
  • Cody gets his ass kicked for minutes, but fights back and applies a crossface.
  • Cody gets a springboard cutter, Cross Rhodes, Curtain Call and Stinger Splash!
  • Arn Anderson knocks Lance Archer off the turnbuckle.
  • Jake Roberts and Arn get kicked out, and Jake comes back with a snake. Mike Tyson cuts him off.
  • Cody wins with two straight Cross Rhodes.

Kris Statlander defeated Penelope Ford

  • We see Britt Baker's doctor talking about her injury. She will make the announcement herself.
  • This is not great. I'm not a fan of the cartwheels in the middle of an important pape match.
  • The action is not smooth, but not gritty enough to have me interested.
  • They go back to that punch trading spot I hate.
  • Penelope is green, but getting better. Kris isn't green, but has too much gaga for me to stay interested when she does it early.
  • As the match goes on, Kris gets even better.
  • Statlander wins with the Big Bang Theory.

Dustin Rhodes (w/ Brandi Rhodes) defeated Shawn Spears

  • Shawn Spears calls out Dustin, who isn't coming.
  • Brandi appears and distracts him, and Dustin shows up to beat up Shawn.
  • Shawn Spears has Tully Blanchard's face on the dickhole of his underpants......aight.
  • Curtain Call. Pin.

AEW Women's Championship
Hikaru Shida defeated Nyla Rose (c) to win the title

  • Shida's gear rules.
  • Nyla throws Shida through a poker table at ringside.
  • Back in the ring, Nyla gets a nice powerslam.
  • Shida hiptosses Nyla onto the poker chips at ringside.
  • A flying knee hits into another poker chip.
  • Nyla and Hikaru with a No DQ stip works so well.
  • Hikaru uses the kendo stick, then does a brainbuster onto it.
  • Awesome draping knee drop follows an even better running powerslam for Nyla.
  • There has been a gigantic improvement in the ring for several of AEW's women that didn't work a ton of TV before Dynamite. So many have adapted and thrived.
  • Powerbomb into to cornered table, and then a Death Valley Driver.
  • Avalanche Falcon Arrow? GET THE HOSE!! Shida rocked that.
  • Shida cracks Nyla with a kendo stick and wins. A great match.

AEW World Championship
Jon Moxley (c) defeated Mr. Brodie Lee to retain the title

  • Brodie Lee carries the title into the match and demands to be announced as champ.
  • Moxley does a great suicide dive that knocks over the barricade.
  • Brodie beats Moxley's ass around the ring.
  • Moxley using the Gotch Piledriver is great.
  • Moxley back body drops Brodie off the stairs through a table.
  • Superplex inside the ring, half nelson suplex through a piece of the set outside for Brodie.
  • Brodie slams Moxley on the set piece and that sounded like it hurt.
  • Paradigm Shift through the walkway! Damn!! That was nuts.
  • Brodie Lee is busted up!
  • Brodie kicks out of a Paradigm Shift at one. Moxley bites, throws knees, headbutts, elbows, and another Paradigm Shift at 2.
  • Moxley chokes out Brodie.
  • Moxley and Brodie put on a kickass title match. Moxley's MMA training for the Cagefighter movie has been evident and added to his in-ring.

Stadium Stampede
The Elite defeated The Inner Circle

  • The Inner Circle is in football gear, and there are cheerleaders everywhere.
  • Hangman Page comes in on a damn horse!
  • Matt Jackson's ribs are heavily taped.
  • Sammy misses a shooting star press on Hardy.
  • Nick Jackson with a tope con hilo, Ortiz with an Asai moonsault, Sammy with a Shooting Star outside.
  • Matt Jackson moonsaults off the goalposts!
  • Omega gets slammed through a table on the field.
  • Santana, Ortiz and Matt Hardy are in the pool and Hardy is being drowned. IT'S A LAKE OF REINCARNATION.
  • Ortiz is hit with THE BELL. He throws Santana in an ice cooler.
  • Hangman is drinking at the bar and Hager attacks him. They're brawling on a pool table, which ends with Hager uranage-ing Page onto it. Page gets thrown all across the bar and Swagger Bombs Page through a table.
  • Omega helps Page, and Page pours Omega some milk.
  • Matt Jackson suplexes Sammy across the whole field, thanks to clever edited.
  • Jericho and Nick Jackson are going at it, and the Jaguars mascot gets hit with a Judas Effect.
  • Aubrey and Jericho go to the replay tent over the nearfall.
  • Matt Jackson gets into the endzone and spikes Sammy. He celebrates, and Rick Knox penalizes him. Matt Jackson superkicks him.
  • Nick Jackson jumps off a guardrail onto Jericho through a table.
  • Hangman Page runs the line marker over Jericho.
  • Sammy crawls into the sprinklers. He has to run from Omega and Matt Hardy in the golf cart.
  • NEO 1, the new Vanguard distracts Sammy.
  • Omega does an insane One Winged Angel off the balcony through a structure. Elite win!

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