AEW Dynamite 01/13/21 Results: Allin vs. Cage, PAC vs. Kingston, The Elite in Six-Man Tag, and more

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- Jim Ross and Tony Schiavone welcome the viewers to AEW Dynamite, Live from Daily's Place in Jacksonville, Florida.

- We go to the video promo showing us how the feud between PAC and Eddie Kingston started.

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Eddie Kingston vs. PAC

PAC starts the match right away by attacking Eddie Kingston; Kingston leaves the ring, PAC now goes after him by diving over the top ropes. PAC is controlling the pace of the match. PAC is laying it into Kingston, giving him numerous knees to the face. Kingston is finally getting some offense; Kingston rolls PAC to the outside of the ring, the referee Bryce Remsburg has his attention focused on the outside, and he does not see The Bunny rake the eyes of Pac.

Kingston gets PAC back in the ring and is throwing some heavy chops and will follow it up with a few elbows to the back of Pac's head. PAC's chest is beat red from the chops. Kingston hits PAC with a big backdrop driver, but PAC kicks out at two. Kingston is getting in PAC's face and talking trash. Kingston is giving some heavy kicks to the face of PAC. PAC has Kingston on the top rope, and he goes for the suplex on Kingston, and he hits it. Kingston's selling the back injury. PAC hits the Black Arrow out of nowhere, and he then pins Kingston. Right after the match, PAC puts Kingston in The Brutalizer. Butcher and the Blade get in the ring and are about to attack PAC, but The Lucha Bros. get in the ring, and they are squaring off. Kingston rolls out of the ring, then Lance Archer's music hits, and he comes out and clears the ring, and then Archer gets in the face of PAC and tells him to watch it.

Winner: PAC

Chuck Taylor w/Orange Cassidy vs. Miro w/Kip Sabian and Penelope Ford

The match begins right away once Miro hits the ring, Chuck Taylor attacks him. Taylor dives over the top rope and hits Miro; Taylor follows it with a diving foot stomp outside the ring. Taylor gives Orange Cassidy a high five, and Taylor gets back into the ring. Kip Sabian immediately kicks Orange Cassidy in the face; Chuck Taylor goes to the rescue and lays out Sabian. Taylor messed up by not focusing on Miro; Miro slams him down to the canvas. Miro now puts Taylor in The Accolade for the finisher, and Taylor taps out. Taylor now has to be Miro's Young Boy until after the wedding of Sabian and Ford. Orange Cassidy looks on as they pull Taylor away from the ring.

Winner: Miro

- After the match, we have a promo of Private Party and Matt Hardy being interviewed by Dasha. Private Party are talking to Hardy about being upset based on how much money that Hardy is making on them as their manager. Hardy tells him that he is sorry, but they should have read the contract.

- The Inner Circle are out, and they will be going over their New Year's Resolution. Jericho says it's going to be a big year for The Inner Circle. Hager says his New Year's goal is to win "championships." MJF says that he will be a better person for The Inner Circle, and he ends it by saying that fat people need to go. Jericho says his goal is to win the Tag-Team Championship this year with MJF. Proud and Powerful interrupts Jericho, and they do not like the idea of him going after the tag titles. They start arguing, but they agree in the end until Sammy Guevara says he will form a team with Jake Hager, and their team name will be Sammy Hager, which Jericho questions him about it. They end the promo by flipping the bird to the camera.

- We have a promo with The Dark Order, and they announce that they will team up next week with Adam "Hangman" Page and The Dark Order members get very excited knowing they will be teaming with Hangman again. They surround Page while celebrating.

- They come back from commercial break, and we get a promo for the AEW Dynamite Awards that will air exclusively on Bleacher Report.

- We get a promo showing how the feud began between Brian Cage and Darby Allin.

The Elite (Kenny Omega & The Good Brothers) vs. Danny Limelight & The Varsity Blondes

Don Callis, Kenny Omega, and The Young Bucks are standing near Gorilla for a backstage segment. Callis tells them to come out after Omega is introduced and that they deserve their own entrance. Callis and Omega are now in the ring; Callis starts cutting a promo about how he and Kenny Omega are responsible for getting the band back together. He introduces The Good Brothers, Karl Anderson, and Doc Gallows, and they will be teaming with Omega instead. They get in the ring and instantly attack Danny Limelight, Brian Pillman Jr., and Griff Garrison. Danny Limelight gets the upper hand on Omega until he takes a big boot from Gallows. Omega is taking over the match, he tags in Karl Anderson, and Anderson starts striking Limelight with some heavy punches.

Omega is just beating down Limelight; Limelight hits a step-up enzuigiri and tags Pillman for the hot tag. Pillman clears the ring, now Karl Anderson is the legal man. Pillman tags in Garrison, and Griff is getting beat down by Anderson now with multiple strikes. Anderson hits Garrison with a big dropkick, and now Anderson goes for the pin, and Garrison kicks out at two. Limelight is now the legal man, but The Good Brothers hit Limelight with The Magic Killer and follow it up with the pin to get the win.

Winner: Kenny Omega & The Good Brothers (Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson)

- The match ends, but Jon Moxley comes out and goes to fight Gallows, Anderson, and Omega. They are beating Moxley down, The Lucha Bros. come to save Moxley, and now many people are in the ring, ranging from producers and other wrestlers. Jon Moxley hits Paradigm Shift on a producer. The Young Bucks come in, and they appear as if they are going to have a Superkick Party, but Pentagon and Fenix are behind them, and they hit a Superkick on both of The Young Bucks.

- We come back from commercial. Rebel is out, and she introduces Dr. Britt Baker for the Waiting Room's Dynamite debut. Baker makes some jokes about Cody Rhodes being a host on TBS's The Big Show. She says that Rhodes being on the show is the best decision he has made, unlike the tattoo on his neck. Baker congratulates Cody on the birth announcement. Cody is about to speak, but Baker cuts him off and says she has a special guest, and it's Jade Cargill. Jade Cargill says she wants an opponent, and then she slaps Cody. Red Velvet comes in and slaps Cargill hard, and Cargill slaps her hard right back, and then multiple people have to come in and break it up. Thunder Rosa appears on the screen and says that she will wrestle Britt Baker on February 3rd at Beach Break.

Jurassic Express (Jungle Boy & Marko Stunt) vs. FTR w/Tully Blanchard

Cash Wheeler and Jungle Boy start the match, but Wheeler throws Jungle Boy into the corner, and Dax Harwood tags in right away. Now, Dax and Marko Stunt are the legal men. Harwood and Stunt stare each other down, and Marko slaps Harwood right across the face. That gets Harwood mad, and he is throwing Stunt around. Wheeler is the legal man, and he has Stunt in the corner, and he hits Stunt with a huge uppercut. Stunt recovers, and now Jurassic Express gets both Harwood and Wheeler out of the ring. Stunt dives between the top and middle rope and hits FTR, and then Jungle Boy follows it up with a dive over the top ropes.

The action goes back into the ring, and Harwood is completely controlling the match. They go to a commercial and come back. Harwood is just toying around with Marko Stunt. They run Stunt into the turnbuckle hard, and they hit Stunt with some heavy chops. They finally attempt to pin Stunt, but Stunt kicks out, which aggravates Harwood to go after Stunt some more with some heavy strikes. The referee Paul Turner checks in on Stunt to make sure he does not want to tap. Stunt escapes and tags in Jungle Boy for the hot tag; Jungle Boy hits Harwood with the backstabber. Jungle Boy now goes for the pin, but Harwood kicks out at two. Jungle Boy hits Harwood with a hurricanrana, but Wheeler makes the save. Dax Harwood removes his elbow pad and hits Stunt with a heavy elbow. Marko gets a low blow in on Harwood, but the referee does not see it. Tully pushes Marko Stunt into the ring post, and Wheeler throws Stunt back into the ring; they hit The Big Rig and then pin Stunt to get the win.

Winner: FTR

NWA Women's Championship Title Match
Tay Conti (w/ Anna Jay) vs. Serena Deeb

The match begins with Tay Conti going for a heavy kick, but Serena Deeb catches it, and Conti and Deeb go back and forth with strikes and maneuvers. Conti has Deeb in a heel hook submission, but Deeb makes it to the ropes, Deeb goes for the Detox, but Conti nails Deeb with a nasty pump kick. We are back from commercial, and we come back with Deeb holding Conti in the triangle chokehold, but Conti gets the ropes, and it has to be broken up. They go to the turnbuckle and are on the top, but Deeb escapes. Conti goes for the Tay K-O, but Deeb counters it and hits Conti with The Detox, and she follows it up by pinning Conti for the win.

Winner: Serena Deeb

TNT Championship Title Match
Brian Cage vs. Darby Allin

We come back from commercial with AEW announcer Justin Roberts in the ring as he introduces competitor Brian Cage. The match begins right away with Darby running right at Brian Cage and hits him with a dropkick to Cage's knees and follows it up immediately, getting back in the ring and hitting a dive to the outside of the ring nails Cage. He tries to get more offense, but Cage catches Allin and hits him with a suplex on the outside right to the ground. Brian Cage appears as if he will hit Allin with a powerslam, but instead, he tosses Allin about ten feet, and Allin goes through a table. Allin is back in the ring, and Cage is punishing Allin. Darby Allin is busted open, and he is just getting pummeled by Cage. Cage crushes Allin with a running European uppercut in the corner of the ring. We go to a commercial, but Cage is continuing the punishment during the commercial. Allin will get a strike in occasionally, but Cage catches him and will slam him down. Cage goes for a pin, but Allin kicks out at one; this upsets Cage, so he powerbombs Darby Allin three times, and now Cage walks around, and he picks up Allin again, and he hits the running powerbomb now to the outside of the ring on the entranceway. Cage gets Allin in the ring and goes for the pin, and Allin kicks out at one. Cage grabs the steel steps and moves the outside of the ring. Cage goes to slam Allin, but he gets out of it, and he punches Cage, which slows him down. Allin starts biting the hand of Cage, and Cage falls back and hits the steel steps.

Allin follows it up with Coffin Drop onto Cage to the outside. Allin and Cage are back in the ring and going back and forth, and neither is getting the upper hand. Allin takes his belt off and ties up Brian Cage's feet, but Cage gets out of it. Allin is in the corner by himself while referee Paul Turner is focusing on Brian Cage, Ricky Starks gets in the corner and is about to strike Allin, but the lights go out. The lights are back up, and Sting is standing right behind Starks; Starks turns around, and Sting hits Starks with the bat. Sting gets another strike in on Starks with the bat. Sting now reaches for Starks and throws him over the ropes and onto the entranceway, and Starks ends up rolling down to the ground. Darby is back up and hits the Crucifix Bomb and then pins Cage for the victory. Allin retains the TNT Championship title. The show ends with Sting and Allin in the ring while Team Taz looks on in disbelief.

Winner: Darby Allin

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