AEW Dynamite 01/27/21 Results: Young Bucks and Good Brothers vs. Dark Order, Archer vs. Kingston

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We are welcome to AEW Dynamite by AEW commentator Jim Ross; they are coming to us live from Daily's Place in Jacksonville, Florida.

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Eddie Kingston vs. Lance Archer (w/ Jake "The Snake" Roberts)

Eddie Kingston is out first, and Lance Archer follows him out. Archer sends Roberts to the back right away. Kingston begins the match by attacking Archer; Archer comes back with some strikes and doing some splashes in the corner. Kingston is now back in control of the match, Kingston begins to bite Archer, and he pokes Archer in the eyes. The crowd is chanting in the background and cheering. Kingston dives toward Archer and hits him with a shoulder tackle.

Kingston got up quickly after the shoulder tackle and began giving Archer some hefty chops. Archer then grabs Kingston and chokeslams him over the top rope, which drops Kingston to the ground right on his back. Archer is absolutely destroying Eddie Kingston right now. Eddie gets thrown into the steel barrier. Kingston now back in the ring, and Archer slams down Kingston very hard down to the mat. Kingston attempted to hit Archer with a back elbow, but Archer catches it. Kingston then kicks Archer in the knees, and Archer is down; however, he gets right up and comes right back up and getting some strikes in.

Archer then hits the ripcord on Eddie Kingston; Lance Archer now hits Kingston with a moonsault. Archer is now beating him down. The Butcher and The Blade come out holding Jake "The Snake" Roberts against his will. This causes Archer and the Referee Bryce Remsburg to be distracted. The Bunny comes out from the crowd and hands him some Brass Knuckles. Kingston hits Archer with the brass knuckles and follows it up with the pin.

Winner: Eddie Kingston

- After the match, The Butcher and The Blade are in the ring, and they hold Lance Archer as Eddie Kingston gets more strikes in on Archer. They stop and leave the ring; the announcers then promote the rest of the matches on tonight's Dynamite.

- After the match, Jon Moxley begins to cut a promo, and he is confused with everything that is going on. The Young Bucks are tag-team champions, and they are friends with Kenny Omega, and Kenny Omega is friends with The Good Brothers, but he says it doesn't matter because they will need to be ready as he is coming for them.

- Sting and Darby Allin now begin cutting a vignette to promote their match at AEW Revolution Pay-Per-View. Sting begins saying they will be ready, and Darby Allin says that he is a hoodlum and is ready for a street fight. Sting says he is as well and begins smashing some windows with his bat.

MJF & Chris Jericho vs. The Varsity Blondes

MJF begins cutting a promo in the ring and tells Sammy Guevara they need to talk after the match. MJF now moves his attention to Griff Garrison about how he embarrassed him; Griff then hits him with a big uppercut. Griff is in control of the match, MJF gets out of the ring and runs away. MJF tags in Chris Jericho and Garrison tags in Brian Pillman Jr. Now, Pillman takes control right away when he does a drop toe hold to Jericho.

Pillman is getting a few strikes and throws a couple of elbows. Jericho eventually recovers and now nails Pillman Jr. with a few strikes and jabs of his own. Jericho and MJF begin tagging in and out as they continue their beat down on Pillman Jr., Pillman gets to Garrison for the hot tag, and Garrison clears house. Garrison hits MJF with a big back body drop. Garrison hits a double spear on MJF and Jericho; Garrison tags back Pillman.

Pillman hits a nice missile dropkick on Chris Jericho; he goes for the pin; however, Jericho kicks out at two. Jericho comes out of nowhere and hits the Judas Effect on Pillman and then follows it up with a very well done Lionsault. After the match, Guevara and MJF begin getting each other's faces.

Winners: Chris Jericho and MJF

- They go to a promo featuring PAC, and he goes off telling Kenny Omega that next week he and The Good Brothers will face the consequences at AEW Beach Break.

- AEW comes back from a commercial break, and they show a promo that Shaquille O'Neal made. He talks about how he is tired of Cody Rhodes, and he's tired of him being a punk. Shaquille says that Rhodes is a punk with his little blonde hair and looks like a little girl. He says they should fight in March.

- Tony Schiavone is in the ring now, and he brings Cody Rhodes and Arn Anderson out. Cody says it would work, he and Brandi would wrestle on March 7th, but it cannot happen because he will be a Dad. Cody says Arn chewed his ass last week for taking Peter Avalon too lightly. He hands over the microphone to Arn; Arn tells a story from 1985 and says he got to watch Tully Blanchard and Dusty Rhodes fight in Los Angeles, and after the match, Dusty got in a plane and headed home for the birth of his son Cody. Arn says for nineteen years, Shaq dominated his sport, and he says anytime Jade Cargill walks into a room, she dominates it. He tells Cody he noticed something two weeks ago, and he wanted to bring the attention to Cody. Arn Anderson brings out Red Velvet; he tells Cody and Velvet they have the fire. Velvet cuts a promo saying, "Cody would never put his hand on Jade, but she will take care of her bitch-ass".

- They now show a promo for next week's wedding between Kip Sabian and Penelope Ford.

Hangman Adam Page vs. Ryan Nemeth

Ryan Nemeth begins the match charging in on Adam Page, but Page pushes Nemeth out of the way. Adam Page hits a big shoulder tackle on Nemeth, Page throws Nemeth into the ropes and hits him with a big boot. Page and Nemeth are now exchanging chops to each other's chest. Page goes over the top rope and drives Neneth down. Nemeth back in the ring and hits a leg drop; during the match, Matt Hardy is at the ring, and commentators wonder if he is there to watch Page or Nemeth. Nemeth hits a Rude Awakening., but Page is back up, and he hits Nemeth with some big clothesline, and he hits Nemeth with a running lariat. Page hits a big spinebuster on Nemeth. Nemeth hits a DDT on Page, then follows it up with a German suplex. Page gets back up, and he hits Nemeth with a Buckshot Lariat.

Winner: Adam "Hangman" Page

- After the match, Tony Schiavone is in the ring, and they are trying to find out what is going on. Hardy tells Page that he knows he is not happy. He tells Page that he doesn't want anything from him and just wanted to say that he supports him.

Jungle Boy (w/ Luchasaurus & Marko Stunt) vs. Dax Harwood (w/ Cash Wheeler & Tully Blanchard)

Before the match begins, Luchasaurus and Jungle Boy send Marko Stunt to the back. They now cut to a promo stating that Luchasaurus will be handcuffed and Cash, along with Tully, will be handcuffed to ensure that nobody interferes. The match begins, and both Dax Harwood and Jungle Boy start getting in each other's faces. Dax and Jungle Boy begin exchanging moves and holds, neither getting much of an upper hand. Harwood and Jungle Boy begin hitting each other with chops to each other's chest. Dax hits Jungle Boy with a big shoulder tackle, but Jungle Boy is right up. Dax moves in to hit Jungle Boy with a shoulder, Jungle Boy moves, and Dax hits the steel post, shoulder first. He recovers nicely and now begins to control the match.

Dax is punishing Jungle Boy now, with multiple elbows, then follows it up with a leg drop, and then follows it up with a suplex. Dax now grabs Jungle Boy, is now slammed hard down into the mat, and is trying to recover, but Dax is right on top of him and not allowing him to get any offense in, but eventually, Jungle Boy gets some strikes in. Harwood now has Jungle Boy up on the turnbuckle, and he slams down Jungle Boy, both men hit the mat hard. Jungle Boy is up, and he hits a big superkick, and it knocks Dax back. Dax comes back with a clothesline, Dax then uses the ropes to hit the Liger Bomb on Jungle Boy, Dax goes for the full-nelson, but Jungle Boy gets out of it with a backbreaker. Dax hits Jungle Boy with a big DDT and follows it up, trying to get the pin, but Jungle Boy kicks out. Both men are exchanging multiple pins, and then they reverse it multiple times. Jungle Boy sends Dax to the ropes, and Jungle Boy gets Dax into the snare trap, and he gets Dax to tap out.

Winner: Jungle Boy

- After the match, Cash Wheeler and Tully begin beating down Jungle Boy and Luchasauraus. Tully Blanchard gets on the top rope, and he hits a spike piledriver. They now handcuff Luchasaurus and cut one of the horns off of Luchasaurus. They are now going after Jungle Boy, but he gets saved by SCU, Top Flight, and Marko Stunt. This causes FTR and Blanchard to run off.

- Taz now cuts a promo on how Team Taz will be ready for Sting and Darby Allin. Team Taz sees two men wearing Darby's merchandise, so they beat them down, which ends the segment.

Dr. Britt Baker (w/ Rebel) vs. Shanna

The match begins with Britt Baker putting Shanna in a wrist lock. Shanna is now in a headlock, but she gets out of it and does a drop toe hold to take Baker down. Shanna looks into the crowd, and Baker takes advantage and goes right after Shanna. Baker gets some strikes in, but Shanna now gets some offense in and drops Baker with a step-up enzuigiri. Baker is now outside of the ring, and Shanna is headed right for her, but Rebel pulls Baker away from Shanna. Shanna is now staring down Rebel, and Baker makes her pay for it. Baker hits the sling blade outside of the ring; Baker now tosses Shanna back into the ring. They now head out for a commercial.

We are back from a commercial break with Shanna is in control. Baker hits a snap dragon suplex and goes for the pin, but Shanna kicks out. Baker goes over to Rebel to get her glove, Rebel now on the top of the ring canvas, and it cause Shanna to lose focus. This allows Britt Baker enough time to put her in the Lockjaw. After the match, Baker starts attacking Shanna again. She nails Shanna with a curb stomp and now again puts her in the Lockjaw again. Thunder Rosa now runs out for the save. Baker and Rebel now escape before getting attacked by Rosa.

Winner: Dr. Britt Baker

- They now go backstage to MJF trying to find Sammy Guevara; MJF tells Sammy that he never told Wardlow to interfere and docked Wardlow's pay for this week. Sammy does not buy, and he gets in the face of MJF. They now go back to the commentators who begin promoting next week's, AEW Dynamite. They announce Riho will be back for the Women's World Title Eliminator Tournament.

- They go to a promo to the back to Dasha, and she introduces Good Brothers and The Young Bucks; they talk about it's been five years since they teamed up as The Bullet Club. The Good Brothers then say that "after tonight that next week they will do their favorite thing and beat up Jon Moxley."

The Young Bucks & The Good Brothers vs. The Dark Order

Anderson and Evil Uno start the match off, Evil takes control of the match, and he gets some good strikes in on Anderson. Uno tags in John Silver, Silver then points out that he wants Doc Gallows. Anderson now tags in Gallows; Silver gets a few punches in on Gallows; Gallows then pushes him back, and Anderson kicks Silver. Silver turns around, and Matt Jackson is the person that Silver sees, so he punches Jackson with a hard right. Silver tags in Alex Reynolds. The Young Bucks and The Good Brothers are controlling the match. Anderson trips up Reynolds, so Evil Uno returns the favor and trips up Nick Jackson. Alex Reynolds has enough time to make the tag, and he tags in Stu Grayson. Grayson uses the top ropes and springboards in and hits Nick with an excellent shoulder tackle.

The Young Bucks and The Good Brothers control the match; Reynolds is now the legal man; however, he makes the hot tag to John Silver. Silver runs and takes out his opponents all in a matter of seconds. Matt Jackson and Stu Grayson are the legal men, and Matt Jackson is being destroyed by Grayson, Evil Uno, and Reynolds. The Good Brothers and The Young Bucks hit a quadrupole superkick and take out Stu Grayson, but Evil Uno makes the save from the pin. Gallows and Anderson hit the Magic Killer on Evil Uno, and The Young Bucks hit Stu Grayson with the Meltzer Driver, which ends it for The Dark Order as Grayson is pinned.

Winners: The Young Bucks and The Good Brothers

- After the match, The Young Bucks say that they will be in the Tag-Team Battle Royal, and they said when they win, they can pick whoever they want to be their opponents at Revolution. They look over and show that they are talking about The Good Brothers. Out of nowhere, Rey Fenix comes in and takes out The Young Bucks. Jon Moxley now comes in and takes out The Good Brothers; meanwhile, Moxley has his back turned, and Kenny Omega is in the ring. He goes right to Moxley, but Moxley sees him in time and hits Omega with the Paradigm Shift. Jon Moxley and Rey Fenix stand tall, and the show goes off the air.

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