AEW Dynamite 02/10/20 Results: Omega and Kenta vs. Moxley and Archer, Eliminator Tournament and more

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"It's Wednesday, and you know what that means." We are welcome to AEW Dynamite by Jim Ross, Excalibur, and Tony Schiavone. They are coming to us live from Daily's Place in Jacksonville, Florida.

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TNT Championship Match
Joey Janela vs. Darby Allin (C)

Joey Janela is out first and is followed by Darby Allin. The announcers go over their history. Janela and Allin begin with a tie-up, and they break it up. Allin puts Janela in a hammerlock, and they go around the ring until Janela hits Allin with an elbow. Allin recovers with an arm drag and shotgun dropkick. Janela then drops Allin face-first on the apron; Janela follows it up by diving onto Allin, trying to recover. Janela gets Allin back in the ring for the pin, but a quick kick out by Janela. Janela gets Allin back up, and he delivers some uppercuts to Allin.

Janela now has Allin in a fishhook hold. Janela goes to the outside to jump off the top turnbuckle and hits him and knocks him right back down. Janela goes for another one but this time, Allin runs and knocks Janela off the top rope.

Allin hits another shotgun dropkick, and Janela is outside the ring. Allin now dives at Janela and hits him, and knocks him into the steel along the seats. Janela hits a beautiful thrust kick after he counters Allin's Coffin Drop into a German suplex. Janela takes his eyes off of Allin and looks at the TNT title. Allin takes advantage and gets some good strikes in. Allin hits Janela with a stunner, pin attempt but a kick out at two. Janela is up, and he nails Allin with a piledriver, he goes for the pin, but Allin kicks out. Janela brings Allin to the corner, and Allin hits the Avalanche Code Red. He goes for the pin, but Janela kicks out. Allin then goes for the Coffin Drop, and he hits it. Allin recovers and goes for the pin, and he gets the victory.

Winner: Darby Allin

- After the match, Jim Ross and Excalibur talk about the "Forbidden Door" being open now by NJPW's Kenta. They then go over tonight's card.

- They now go to Jon Moxley cutting a promo; Moxley says he's not surprised that Kenta went after him. Moxley says he will be facing Kenta on February 26th. He says that is a sanctioned match, but tonight is just for fun.

- They go to another promo with Sammy Guevara going to the Inner Circle's Dressing Room. Sammy asks the members to leave the room; Sammy tells MJF he knows that he is trying to take over the Inner Circle. MJF says that he thought Guevara was just jealous, but he thinks Guevara is so mad because he wants to take over. MJF is trying to trick Guevarato state that he hates Jericho. Guevara sarcastically says, "he hates Chris Jericho," and says to MJF, "Is that what you wanted to hear?" MJF then shows Guevara that he is recording their conversation, and Guevara hits MJF down low, and they go to a commercial.

The Nightmare Family (Cody Rhodes & Lee Johnson w/Arn Anderson) vs. Peter Avalon & Cezar Bononi

The match begins with Cody Rhodes taking control right off the bat. Cody gets some shots in on Peter Avalon, and he tags in Lee Johnson. Lee Johnson gets a few strikes in until Cezar Bononi gets the blind tag. Bononi comes out and takes down Johnson, Bononi gets some more strikes in. Johnson tags in Rhodes, Rhodes gets a few punches in on Bononi, but Bononi comes back and strikes with a hefty punch and follows it up with a pump-handle slam.

We come back from a commercial, and Cody is selling that he has a shoulder injury after the big slam from Bononi. Lee Johnson tags in, and he delivers a big corkscrew dive onto Bononi. Johnson is back in, and he hits Avalon with a nasty neckbreaker. Avalon is the legal man, and he goes to hit the Marti-Knees, but Johnson ducks, and he then rolls up Avalon to get the win for The Nightmare Family.

Winner: The Nightmare Family (Cody Rhodes & Lee Johnson)

- This was his first win in AEW; after the match, the rest of The Nightmare Family come out to celebrate with him. Tony comes out to interview Lee Johnson, and he talks about how far he's come in the past year.

- The next segment Dasha is in the back with The Young Bucks, and they talk about how last week Anderson and Gallows cost them the match. Gallows and Anderson said their problem is with Private Party. The Young Bucks then say they want to defend the titles before Revolution and challenge Santana and Ortiz in a match for next week's Dynamite. Anderson then asks The Young Bucks to "Too Sweet Me," and they decline because Sting is right around the corner. Anderson says, "Sting doesn't care; he was Wolfpack. Red and Black," and then Anderson walks off doing Sting's "wooo."

- Dasha is now having a backstage segment with Adam Page; Page is interrupted right away by Matt Hardy and tells him to go to the bar, and drinks are on him tonight. Adam Page walks away from Hardy, and then The Dark Order appears, and they make the segment awkward for both Page and The Dark Order, and they say they will see each other later.

PAC (w/ Rey Fenix) vs. Ryan Nemeth

The match begins with PAC taking control right away; he hits Ryan Nemeth right away with a suplex. PAC then goes to the top rope and nails a big dropkick on Nemeth. PAC gets in the face of Nemeth, Nemeth gets a punch in on PAC. This gets PAC angry, and he delivers some stiff shots to Nemeth, and Nemeth rolls out of the ring. PAC brings Nemeth back into the ring, but Nemeth nails PAC right away with a dropkick. Nemeth then hits PAC with a nasty looking DDT, and PAC lands on his neck. PAC rolls out of the ring, gets back into the ring, and hits Nemeth with some intense strikes. He kicks Nemeth a few times and then goes up for the Falcon Arrow, and he hits it. He follows it up by putting Nemeth in The Brutalizer, and Nemeth taps out right away.

Winner: PAC

- After the match, they go to a promo of Miro, and he's with Kip Sabian and Penelope Ford. He talks about how they will pay for Orange Cassidy and Chuck Taylor did.

- Dasha is in the back again with Chris Jericho, Jake Hager, and Wardlow. Ortiz, Santana, and MJF interrupt the interview and say that Sammy Guevara is the one that put MJF in the trainer's room.

The Inner Circle (Chris Jericho & MJF) vs. The Acclaimed

The match begins with Max Caster and MJF locking up, and MJF sells his rib injury. He gets back in the ring and tags in Chris Jericho right away. Caster takes Jericho downs right away with a shoulder tackle, Caster and Anthony Bowens exchange tags and nails Jericho with multiple strikes. Jericho tags in MJF and MJF takes control of the match; he gets Caster in the corner and gets some cheap shots in on him. The Referee, Aubrey Edwards, is distracted by Jericho, and MJF takes advantage with a cheap shot to the eyes. MJF then tags in Jericho, and Jericho gets some strikes in on Caster before he tags back out. MJF is controlling the match as they go to a commercial.

They come back from the commercial, and MJF has Max Caster stretched out; he and Jericho use each other to gain the upper hand. Aubrey Edwards checks to see if they are cheating, and Edwards kicks the arm of MJF. Caster takes advantage, and he gets to Bowens and tags him in; Bowens gets some strikes in. Ortiz gets on the apron and is knocked down, the Referee Edwards is distracted, and Caster hits Jericho with their boombox. They go for the pin, but Jericho kicks out for the pin, the other members of The Inner Circle try to interfere, but it is not needed as Jericho hits the Judas Effect on Bowens and gets the win.

Winners: The Inner Circle (Chris Jericho & MJF)

After the match, Sammy Guevara tells Chris Jericho that on December 9th, if anything else happened with MJF and the Inner Circle, he would quit. So Guevara ended up quitting and left the arena. They come back from a commercial, and Alex Marvez catches up with Guevara and says he wants to go and think about things.

- They go to Matt Hardy and Adam Page at the bar, and Hardy tells Page that he will help make Page a bigger star in AEW. Hardy tries to get Page to sign a contract; when Hardy is not looking, Page throws the contract that Hardy gave him, and Page signs his own, and he has Matt Hardy sign the contract, and Hardy puts it in an envelope and tells Page he will see him later.

- They now go to the ring with Sting for an interview, but he is interrupted right away by Taz. Taz tells Sting that they have a friend of his, bringing this person with them. They then show Ricky Starks, and he zips up Darby Allin, who is in a body bag. They then drive off with the Bodybag being dragged by the vehicle. They then show Sting leaving the ring, and they break for commercials.

- They go to another segment with Alex Marvez interviewing Kenny Omega on the golf course, and Omega tells Marvez he forgot what it's like to lose and that he is the best, and he will show it again tonight.

Thunder Rosa vs. "Legit" Leyla Hirsch

The match begins with both women tying up, but neither gets the upper hand right away. Thunder Rosa is the first to gain control and hits multiple hip tosses on Leyla Hirsch. Leyla comes back and is now getting some offense, and she gets Thunder Rosa to the outside. Hirsch then nails Rosa when she dives to the outside. Hirsch gets back in the ring and goes for another dive, but Thunder Rosa follows right behind her, and she takes Hirsch down. Thunder Rosa is now controlling the match and is getting multiple strikes in on Hirsch. Rosa is putting multiple submission holds on Hirsch and then follows up with strikes. They head out for another break of commercials with Thunder Rosa still in control.

They come back, and Thunder Rosa hits Hirsch with a big dropkick in the corner of the ring. Hirsch gets up and comes back Thunder Rosa with some strikes and now hits her with a German suplex. Hirsch has Thunder Rosa down, and she goes up for the moonsault; however, she comes down onto Thunder Rosa's knees. Hirsch is okay, and she comes back for more strikes on Hirsch. Hirsch goes up for another moonsault, but nobody is home. Thunder Rosa takes control of the remainder of the match and finishes it when she nails Hirsch with the

Winner: Thunder Rosa

- They go to a segment with Jungle Boy being interviewed by Tony Schiavone. Jungle Boy tells FTR that he did not tattle on them, and they are not why they got suspended. Jungle Boy says the next time they face each other, he will make Dax "his bitch".

Falls Count Anywhere
Jon Moxley & Lance Archer (w/ Jake "The Snake" Roberts) vs. Kenta & Kenny Omega (w/ Don Callis)

Kenta is out first, and he has the IWGP U.S. Briefcase. Kenny Omega is introduced out now, and they go to a commercial break before Archer and Moxley make their entrance. Lance Archer is out third with Jake Roberts and is followed by Jon Moxley, and he is holding his IWGP United States Championship title. Don Callis is on commentary for this main event match. The bell rings, and Kenta goes right after Moxley and hits him with the briefcase. Kenta then goes at Archer and hits him with the briefcase, Archer turns around, and Kenta backs up, and Omega takes out Archer's leg. Omega and Kenta are double-teaming Moxley, and they are getting multiple strikes in on Moxley.

Omega is going for a big splash, but Archer cuts him off and knocks him right down. Moxley hits Omega with a running knee strike and knocks Omega out of the ring. We now have a staredown between Kenta and Moxley. Kenta goes for the Go to Sleep but escapes it. Omega then throws a trash can at Moxley, and now Omega is beating down on Moxley. Omega hits Moxley with a moonsault while holding the trash can. Kenta and Omega are now double teaming Moxley; however, here comes Lance Archer with a ladder. Archer uses the ladder and knocks both Kenta and Omega to the mat.

Moxley is up, and he dives Kenta, who is outside the ring. They go to picture-in-picture commercials with Moxley and Archer controlling the match. Moxley leaves the ring momentarily to grab a chair, but Kenta avoids the chair attack, and Moxley gets taken out by the same chair. They now go to the outside to Omega and Archer, but Kenta begins attacking Archer. Archer is down, and Kenta notices that Peter Avalon is just hanging out, and he hits the Go to Sleep on Avalon.

Archer is back up, and he grabs Omega and hits a massive chokeslam. They go to another camera, Moxley and Kenta are in a kitchen fighting. Kenta throws Moxley into a refrigerator and then gets him on top of a stainless steel table and DDT's Moxley. Archer then comes out of nowhere and hits Kenta with a box of potatoes. They take a short time and cut back to the beginning of the match. Moxley and Omega are back near the ring and going at it. Moxley grabs a Singapore Cane, and he nails Omega with it multiple times. Jake Roberts is by the ring, and Moxley acknowledges him, Omega kicks Moxley in the face, and Omega and Archer are about to go at it, but Kenta cuts him off, and they start battling.

Omega hits the V Trigger on Moxley, they cut back to Archer and Kenta, and they are by the commentary table. The commentary team gets out of the way so Archer can slam him through it. Kenta escapes and runs and jumps face-first onto Moxley. Omega and Archer are back in the ring. Omega has the cane, and he goes to strike Archer, but Archer catches it. The Good Brothers come out and stop Archer in his tracks. Anderson comes out and takes out Archer, Jake Roberts gets in the ring, and he punches Karl Anderson. Doc Gallows then hits Jake Roberts with a right hand and knocks him down to the mat.

The next thing we see is Omega lining up Archer for the V-Trigger, but Moxley cuts him off and hits him with a barb-wired bat. Kenta now enters the ring, and he hits the Go to Sleep on Moxley. The Good Brothers get another few shots in on Archer, and they then assist Omega to hit the One-Winged Angel on Archer. He hits it and now goes for the pin and gets the win. They go off the air with Omega, Don Callis, and The Good Brothers celebrating.

Winners: Kenny Omega and Kenta

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