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- Dynamite opens with a new intro package. Taz set the stage for Brian Cage vs. Matt Sydal as Darby Allin watches from the crowd.

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Matt Sydal vs. Brian Cage

Matt Sydal starts the match by quickening the pace but quickly gets caught by “The Machine” who immediately begins to overpower the smaller man with strong strikes and a belly-to-belly overhead throw. Sydal tries to speed things up again but gets taken down with a backbreaker. Cage shows off his strength before throwing Sydal over the top of him and covering him for the count of two. Brian Cage would then try to wear him down with a surfboard stretch, which would finally see Matt mount a comeback.

Sydal would take over with some strikes before Brian Cage once again cornered him. Both men would exchange counters and then Brian Cage hit what looked to be a Facebuster knocking out both men. Cade would roll to the outside and be hit with a Meteora on the ramp. Paige Turner from Sydal gets a near fall. Sydal reversed a suplex into a Hurricanrana for two but then got caught coming off the top rope and Cage landed the Drillclaw for the win.

WINNER: Brian Cage

- Ricky Starks cut a promo after the match and the next step for Team Taz is the TNT title. They also promised they would have a presence on the show later tonight.

- Cody Rhodes is out to cut a promo. He congratulates Darby on his TNT Championship win again. Cody says that he's not after the TNT title right now before he gets interrupted by Jade Cargill who runs him down on the microphone and says he is no Giant Killer. Jade says she does know a giant by the name of Shaq. Brandi Rhodes comes out to confront Jade and Jerry Lynn has to come out and separate the two women.

- Out come Team Taz while Cody is distracted. Darby Allin is out for the save. He and Cody dispatch of Team Taz and Will Hobbs comes out to celebrate with them.

- Jon Moxley comments on Kenny Omega winning the title opportunity and says that he is man enough to beat Kenny Omega twice. Their match is set for Wednesday, December 2.

Bunkhouse Match: The Butcher & The Blade (w/ The Bunny) vs. The Natural Nightmares

The match gets underway right away with brawling all over the ringside area. QT Marshall gets busted open with A guitar shot to the head. Dustin Rhodes gets handcuffed to the top rope and during picture-in-picture, Butcher & Blade beat up QT Marshall with a variety of weapons. Back from break, QT Marshall gets a bale of hay dumped on him. Butcher & Blade are in complete control and Dustin Rhodes gets back in the ring and beats up both men with the Flip Flop and Fly jabs. Dustin picks up a ladder and attacks both men before Butcher gets the advantage once again with a steel chair.

The action spills to the floor again with Butcher and Dustin going onto a platform and Dustin bulldogging Butcher off of the platform and through some plywood. Inside the ring, Blade and QT Marshall are both covered in blood and they begin slugging it out while Allie watches on. QT Marshall gets the advantage and climbs a ladder delivering an elbow drop off the top and covering the blade for a near-fall. All four men are back in the ring and Dustin is briefly cleaning house before he gets taken out by a chain courtesy of Blade. Butcher & Blade hit Full Death on a setup of two steel chairs, but QT breaks up the pin. Diamond Cutter on Butcher from QT. Marshall would then hit a Rolling Elbow into a chair into the face of Blade who inadvertently knocked Allie off of the apron and through a table. QT Marshall hit a Diamond Cutter on Blade and scored the pinfall victory.

WINNER: The Natural Nightmares.

- There was a brief video package running down The Elite Deletion. Matt Hardy told Sammy Guevara that he will be a major star in wrestling as long as he doesn't squander the opportunity that Matt has given him.

- Chris Jericho welcomes out the original Inner Circle to formally induct Maxwell Jacob Friedman and Wardlow to the crew. There is no Sammy Guevara despite the fact that Chris Jericho says he got out of the hospital and was expected to be there.

Santana protests MJF joining the group after MJF quotes Drake. Maxwell then says they're all going to celebrate Jericho's birthday, which was on Monday, and that next week, they're going to Vegas. Jericho and Maxwell are all smiles as the group embraces to end the segment.

- Alex Marvez interviews The Young Bucks who say that they want new tag teams to face. Next week they're going to face Top Flight. Also confirmed for next week is Team Taz against Cody Rhodes and Darby Allin.

Scorpio Sky vs. Shawn Spears (w/ Tully Blanchard)

Both men lock up to start off. Very quickly, Sky and Spears begin to brawl on the outside. Sky bites him as Tully follows behind. Sky sends Shawn back in the ring, but Spears climbs up top to launch him off. Momentum shifts back and forth during picture-in-picture. Back on the single screen, Spears dodges a dropkick and as action goes to the floor once again, both men run up the steel steps and meet with strikes. Shawn Spears would deliver a backbreaker on the steel steps. Back in the ring, Shawn Spears avoids a TKO. Following a sharpshooter by Scorpio, Spears would load the leather glove and strike Scorpio in the face for the pinfall.

WINNER: Shawn Spears

- Dasha was unable to get a hold of Kenny Omega but Alex Marvez caught him on his way out of the Arena. Kenny says that he's never faced Jon Moxley in an official capacity, referencing that their match last year was non-sanctioned. He promises he will take center stage again on December 2.

Tay Conti (w/ Anna Jay) vs. Red Velvet (w/ Brandi Rhodes)

The two lock up and exchange some holds. Momentum shifts back and forth and Velvet is able to hit a Leg Lariat. Tay and Velvet shove one another. Conti executes some judo throws and a back kick to send us into picture-in-picture.

In the home stretch, a pair of roundhouse kicks knock both women out. Conti rejects Anna’s suggestion to use a chair and almost loses, But Cakes out of a pin combination would follow a Leg Lariat by Velvet. Conti with a big pump kick to the face and transitions into a Gory Special x GTS combination. Tay is victorious.

WINNER: Tay Conti

- Backstage, the Inner Circle is celebrating their upcoming trip to Vegas when Sammy Guevara shows up and says that the reason he wasn't in the ring is that MJF emailed him to them at the beach. Jericho has to quell all the tension between everybody.

- It's confirmed that next week will feature Orange Cassidy going one-on-one with Kip Sabian.

Penta El Zero M vs. Rey Fenix

The match starts off quick with both men exchanging strikes. Both Lucha Brothers also score early near fall attempts. Penta slows the pace of the match down with an Inverted Cloverleaf. Shortly after that, Penta begins to rip away the mask of his brother which commentary points out would be a disqualification in Mexico, but Eddie Kingston corrects them saying they're not in Mexico. Fenix would eventually gain control scoring a near fall on a splash attempt. Turnabout is fair play as Fenix begins to go after the mask of his brother, which Eddie Kingston wildly objects to this time around. Later in the match with Penta on the floor, Fenix nails a twisting splash and then back in the ring, Fenix hits a Senton Atomico for the count of two.

Towards the end of the match, both men make their way to the apron and Penta hits a nasty Package Piledriver on the apron followed by a destroyer and then rolls his brother into the ring for a second Package Piledriver which scores him the victory.

WINNER: Penta El Zero M

- After the match, Eddie Kingston kicks Fenix out of the ring and says that Penta doesn't need anybody anymore. This brings back the returning PAC who says Eddie Kingston made a big mistake and rushes the ring trying to fight him before they are separated by official personnel. Next week, PAC makes his in-ring return against Blade.

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