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- Cody is in the ring and he addresses how the coronavirus has affected the world, Cody talks about how important wrestling is in this time. Cody says all human beings need to stand together while standing at a distance, Cody says he refuses to live in fear. Cody speaks to Matt Jackson and Tony Khan next, Cody says Jackson’s anger against Hangman Page last week was misplaced. Cody talks about how much he has praised Page over the years, Cody says Page needs to get over himself and stop being the “other guy” in The Elite. Cody also addresses Kenny Omega over their odd relationship, Cody says he needs the real Omega to show up at Blood & Guts. Jackson and Omega make their way to the ring, Omega gets the microphone and he talks about his relationship with Cody. Omega says everything they built up could all be gone by next week, Omega says he wants to go out the way they all came in as The Elite. Jackson talks about what happened to Nick at the hands of The Inner Circle last week, Jackson questions where Page is.

Page comes out and Jackson talks about how things have been strained between them, Jackson wants to know if Page will stand with them and Page raises a shot glass before heading backstage. Omega tells the viewers that AEW wants the best for everybody, Omega says all they can do is give everybody the best possible show.

- A video package airs highlighting Death Triangle.

- Tony Schiavone interviews MJF, who says he is out here and not wrestling because he doesn’t have to because the winner’s purse wasn’t big enough for him. MJF says he will sit in the crowd and he will watch the show with Shawn Spears, who are both gambling on the matches.

Best Friends (Chuck Taylor & Berretta) w/Orange Cassidy vs. Lucha Bros (Pentagon Jr. & Rey Fenix)

The match begins with Berretta backing Fenix into the corner before letting him go free, Fenix then backs Berretta into the corner before attempting a thrust kick. Berretta blocks that and a striking exchange breaks out, Fenix gains control and he attacks Berretta with more strikes. Berretta fights back and he nails a charging Fenix with a double stomp, Taylor tags in and he double teams Fenix with Berretta. Taylor drops Fenix with a back suplex for a near fall, Berretta tags in and he works with Taylor to hit Fenix with a double suplex for a near fall. Berretta follows up on that by nailing Fenix with a back elbow strike, Taylor tags in and he clocks Fenix with a drop kick. Berretta tags in and he nails Fenix with a top rope axe handle smash to the back, Fenix fights back and he pokes Berretta in the eyes before landing a head kick. Pentagon Jr tags in and he nails Berretta with a super kick, Fenix and Pentagon Jr then hit Berretta with a double super kick for a near fall.

Pentagon Jr follows up on that by attacking Berretta with some leg kicks, Pentagon Jr takes Berretta down and he pulls back on his arms. Fenix tags in and he double teams Berretta with Pentagon Jr, Fenix also knocks Taylor off the ring apron with a drop kick. Berretta recovers and he attacks Pentagon Jr with a suicide dive, Fenix then hits Berretta with a suicide dive. Taylor returns and he nails Fenix with a spear on the arena floor, Taylor and Pentagon Jr brawl on the arena floor. Fenix and Berretta also brawl on the arena floor, Pentagon Jr grabs Berretta and he throws him into the barricade while Taylor bites Fenix. Fenix and Taylor take their battle into the ring before going back to the arena floor, Fenix eventually gets Berretta in the ring and he holds him in a chin lock. Fenix then hits Berretta with a leg drop for a near fall, Pentagon Jr tags in and he nails Berretta with a thrust kick to the head for a near fall.

Berretta fights back and Pentagon Jr attacks him with more leg kicks, Berretta catches Pentagon Jr in an arm drag before landing a tornado DDT. Taylor tags in and Fenix gets one as well, Taylor immediately starts cleaning house against the opposing team. Best Friends then hit Fenix with an assisted cutter after knocking Pentagon Jr out of the ring, Lucha Bros return to hit both opponents with some super kicks. Cassidy comes out from the announce table area and he distracts the Lucha Bros, Berretta knocks the Lucha Bros to the arena floor so Cassidy can take them out with a dive. Taylor nails Pentagon Jr with a pile driver for a near fall, Berretta tags in and Fenix returns to prevent the Best Friends finisher. Pentagon Jr kicks Berretta in the balls while the ref was distracted, Lucha Bros hit Berretta with a package pile driver double stomp combo for a three count.

Winners: Lucha Bros (Pentagon Jr. & Rey Fenix)

- Tony Schiavone interviews Best Friends, Chuck Taylor says they want to face Death Triangle in a street fight and Trent Berretta says it should happen in an actual parking lot.

Penelope Ford w/Kip Sabian vs. Kris Statlander vs. Riho vs. Hikaru Shida

The match begins with Ford immediately attacking Riho and dumping her out of the ring, Statlander and Shida then double team Ford. Sabian interferes and he knocks Statlander and Shida out of the ring, Shida and Statlander attack Sabian before working over Ford on the arena floor. Riho then takes everybody out with a dive from the top rope, Riho gets Ford in the ring and Ford immediately exits. Statlander and Shida return to double team Riho, Riho fights back until Statlander nails her with a back breaker. Statlander places Riho in the corner before Shida suplexes Statlander onto top of her, Statlander and Shida battle until Shida rolls her up for a near fall. Statlander recovers and she nails Shida with a clothesline, everybody works together to hit Statlander with top rope maneuvers. Ford and Riho then hit Shida with a double suplex, Ford and Riho have a striking exchange in the middle of the ring.

Riho then hits Sabian with a baseball slide drop kick, Ford then hits a cornered Riho with a handspring elbow strike. Sabian interferes again and Riho nails him with a knee strike, Shida returns and she nails Riho with a knee strike before getting taken out by Ford. Statlander returns and she nails Shoda with a front suplex, Statlander then slams Riho onto a downed Shida. Ford then nails Statlander with a poison hurricarana from out of nowhere, Shida then hits Ford with a drop kick and falcon arrow for a near fall. Shida then hits Ford with a running knee strike for a three count.

Winner: Hikaru Shida

- Tony Schiavone interviews Colt Cabana, who talks about watching an empty arena show and he talks about how Kip Sabian has hurt Penelope Ford's career. Sabian comes over and a brief physical encounter takes place before Sabian heads backstage.

- Tony Schiavone interviewed Jon Moxley earlier today, Moxley says he goes where he wants to go and he questions why he isn’t medically cleared to be at the show tonight before promising not to miss Blood & Guts.

The Butcher & The Blade vs. Jurassic Express (Luchasaurus & Jungle Boy)

The match begins with Blade backing Boy into the corner before landing a few strikes, Boy trips up Blade before rolling him up for a near fall. Boy then hits Blade with a springboard arm drag, Blade recovers and he drops Boy with a knee to the midsection. Boy corners Blade before tagging Luchasaurus into the match, Luchasaurus and Boy double team Blade for a near fall. Boy tags back in and he double teams Blade with Luchasaurus, Boy looks for a dive and he gets caught by the opposition before getting tossed into the barricade. Butcher and Blade then drop Boy face first on the ring apron, Butcher tags in and he stomps away on a downed Boy. Butcher then rakes the eyes of Boy along the top rope, Blade tags in and he nails Boy with a clothesline for a near fall. Butcher tags in and he nails an elevated Boy with a leg drop for a near fall, Butcher then drops Boy with a hard Irish whip into the corner.

Blade tags back in and he holds Boy down while applying a chin lock to him, Boy gets free and Blade quickly drops him. Butcher tags in and he double teams Boy with Blade before landing a knee drop, Butcher also stomps away on the leg of Boy as we go to a commercial break. We return from the break to see Blade working over a cornered Boy, Blade then hits Boy with a tilt-a-whirl back breaker for a near fall. Boy recovers and he drops Blade with a clothesline, Boy looks for a tag and Blade nails him with an elbow drop. Blade throws Boy out of the ring so Butcher can ram him back first into the ring apron, Blade gets a near fall on Boy as he is thrown back into the ring. Boy fights back and Blade meets him on the top rope, Boy gets free and he tags Luchasaurus in. Luchasaurus quickly starts cleaning house against the opposing team, Luchasaurus nails Blade with a moonsault from the ring apron.

Luchasaurus then nails Blade with a face smash followed by a head kick, Luchasaurus then hits Blade With The Extinction Of End for a near fall. Boy returns and he knocks Blade to the arena floor, Luchasaurus and Butcher have a striking exchange in the ring. Luchasaurus drops Butcher with a jumping side kick before setting up for a choke slam, Blade returns and he works over Luchasaurus with Butcher. Butcher and Blade hit Luchasaurus with an assisted uranage for a near fall, Boy returns and Butcher nails him with a back breaker. Luchasaurus returns and he knocks Butcher out of the ring with Boy assisting, Jurassic Express nail Blade with their finisher for a three count.

Winners: Jurassic Express (Luchasaurus & Jungle Boy)

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