AEW Dynamite 3/24/21 Results: Laredo Kid Returns, Kenny Omega vs. Matt Sydal, plus much more

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We are welcome by Jim Ross to AEW Dynamite, and he then says, "It's Wednesday Night, and you know what that means." Ross then introduces his fellow commentators Tony Schiavone and Excalibur.

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Kenny Omega (w/ Don Callis) vs. Matt Sydal

Kenny Omega and Matt Sydal getting into each other's faces. They then tie-up with Omega countering Sydal wristlock into a bodyslam. Omega sends Sydal into the ropes, and Omega delivers a nice back elbow and follows it up with another bodyslam. Omega gets Sydal back up; then immediately delivers a heavy chop. Sydal gets rather heated about it and starts getting multiple strikes on Omega; Omega rolls to the outside.

Omega gets back into the ring, and he takes a cheap shot at Sydal, which allows Omega to slow down and still control the action. Sydal comes back with another flurry of offense. Omega is sent to the corner by Sydal, who then delivers a nice knee strike. Sydal goes for a pin attempt, but Omega kicks out at two. Omega is back up and hits Sydal with a very vicious clothesline along with a very vicious backbreaker.

Mike Sydal is now at ringside, Omega cannot control the action, and Sydal hits a leg lariat. Sydal then hits a move similar to a brainbuster. Sydal was going for a top rope hurricanrana, but Omega gets out of it, and Sydal lands on top of the turnbuckle hard. Omega now hits Sydal with a Snap-Dragon suplex. Omega signals that he is going for the V-Trigger, Sydal counters with a dropkick. Sydal goes for a Meteora, but Omega catches him and delivers a powerbomb to Sydal.

Omega now hits Sydal with another vicious knee strike. Omega hits the V-Trigger, he then goes for One-Winged Angel, but Sydal counters it. Omega goes for the V-Trigger again, but Sydal escapes it again. Omega then comes right back with another V-Trigger and then finally hits the One-Winged Angel. Omega then pins Sydal to get the win.

Winner: Kenny Omega (w/ Don Callis)

They then go to Dark Order's John Silver for a promo, and Alex Marvez asks Silver ready to go for tonight. Adam Page then comes up and says to Silver, "are you ready, big match. No matter what happens, the guys will still be proud of you."

Adam "Hangman" Page vs. Cezar Bononi (w/ Nic Nemeth and JD Drake)

The match begins with a lock-up; Cezar Bononi throws Adam Page right to the ground. Page then comes back with a heavy chop; Bononi then begins throwing multiple strikes in on Page. Page is now back up and gets in the face of Bononi and delivers his own set of multiple strikes. Bononi then goes for a suplex, but Page gets out of it and delivers a clothesline. Page then ends it by hitting the Buckshot Lariat, then follows it up by pinning Bononi.

Winner: Adam "Hangman" Page

Lance Archer then does a promo saying how he respects Sting, but he has no problem taking his TV time because it's his time.

They then go to a recap from last week's main event match; they come back to Tony Schiavone on the platform by the ring with Dr. Britt Baker DMD. Baker says the crowd should be giving her more respect. She then calls out Thunder Rosa and says, last week you put the Women's division on the map. Baker then says she does not need Legends congratulating her. She says, "thank you, Mick Foley, for the thumbs up; what took you twenty years to be a hardcore legend, and I did it in one night" She then calls out Tony Khan and says, "Tony, you walk around trying to get all these old legends and stars, but you have your biggest right here."

They come back from a commercial with Dasha Fuentes interviewing Christian Cage. He is advising the Varsity Blonds and Dante Martin. Frankie Kazarian then comes up and asks Christian, "when does the work start." Christian says next week, and he needs a challenger, so Kazarian accepts. Kazarian then says to Cage, "are you busy Monday Nights? of course you're not. I am wrestling on Elevation, so you should stop by."

Dante Martin and The Varsity Blondes vs. Shawn Spears and FTR (w/ Tully Blanchard, MJF, and Wardlow)

Shawn Spears and Griff Garrison begin the match; Garrison and his partners keep Spears in their corner. Spears makes it over to Dax Harwood for the tag. Dax takes down Garrison and gets some shots in on Garrison. Harwood then tags in Cash Wheeler, and they both attack Garrison; this causes Brian Pillman Jr. and Dante Martin to get in the ring and stop it. FTR and Spears roll to the outside, but the order is restored. They go to a picture-in-picture commercial with FTR controlling the match. They come back with Dante Martin taking everyone out. FTR hit Dante Martin with the C4, and Hardwood pins Martin to get the victory. After the match, The Pinnacle cut a promo about how they destroyed Inner Circle. MJF takes shots at Jericho and how he outsmarted him.

Winners: Shawn Spears and FTR (w/ Tully Blanchard, MJF, and Wardlow)

They do another promo with Team Taz, and he says that everything is good between Team Taz. He's heard the rumors, but all is well, and Brian Cage apologized for saying how he respected Sting.

QT Marshall is now out with Tony Schiavone and says that he doesn't get the respect, and he's tired of being just known as Cody Rhodes's friend. He challenges Cody Rhodes to an exhibition match for next week's match. He says Cody will go to the Hilton tonight, and I'll have to stay back to work. Cody comes out and has the producer's headset on. Cody accepts the match, and Arn Anderson will be the referee. Rhodes says he won't hurt Marshall because of everything he has done for him. Cody says to QT that he might be his best friend and have their match next week.

The Young Bucks and Brandon Cutler vs. Rey Fenix, Pentagon Jr., and Laredo Kid

Nick Jackson and Rey Fenix begin with a lock-up; they both reverse their holds multiple times. They each counter each other's moves without actually striking each other. Matt Jackson and Pentagon Jr. are both tagged in; Jackson gets the first strike in on Pentagon; however, Pentagon Jr. comes back with a thrust kick. Laredo Kid and Brandon Cutler are now the legal men; they both exchange multiple strikes. Rey Fenix hits The Young Bucks with dive over the top rope, he goes for another one, but Cutler stops it by kicking Fenix right in the back. Cutler then dives over the top rope and hits Laredo Kid and Pentagon Jr.

They head to a picture-in-picture commercial break with The Young Bucks and Cutler controlling the action by keeping Laredo Kid in their corner. Matt and Nick Jackson exchange tags multiple times, and each time they deliver multiple punches and kicks to Laredo Kid's back. They are now back from the commercial break with Brandon Cutler and Laredo Kid; they are exchanging multiple strikes. Pentagon is tagged in and hits two Switchblades on both Nick and Matt Jackson.

Pentagon hits a diving foot stomp on Nick Jackson; he goes for the pin, but Cutler and Matt save. Now, Nick and Rey Fenix both exchange multiple thrust kicks. Laredo Kid and Matt Jackson are both the legal men; Matt Jackson hits two Northern Lights suplex, one on Pentagon and one on Laredo Kid. Nick Jackson hits a standup enzuigiri. Laredo Kid hits the Spanish Fly on Cutler, which gets the victory for him, Pentagon, and Rey Fenix.

After the match, Kenny Omega attacks Laredo Kid. Matt Jackson stops him; Omega said three years ago, we had a choice, and we chose to stick together. I could have stayed in New Japan; I did not go to greener pastures in New York; no, I chose AEW. He says he never chose AEW; he chose The Young Bucks. He wanted to help them reach their dreams. They chose to tag with Brandon Cutler instead of him; Omega says he will give them one more time. He tells them to throw them up; he is referencing the too sweet hand gesture. The Young Bucks walk-out. Rey Fenix, Laredo Kid, and Pentagon attack Kenny Omega. The Good Brothers then come out to help Omega backstage.

Winners: Rey Fenix, Pentagon Jr., and Laredo Kid

Jon Moxley and Eddie Kingston are cutting a promo. Kingston says that The Good Brothers and Omega will pay for what they did. Moxley asks, "how far are they willing to go". Moxley then says that he doesn't like owing people things, but he owes The Young Bucks. He doesn't care for the melodrama going on with The Bullet Club.

Nyla Rose (w/ Vickie Guerrero) vs. Tay Conti

Before the start of the match, The Dark Order shows their support for Tay Conti. This surprised her, the match starts, and she goes in on Nyla Rose. Rose has the advantage of using her size. Conti just gets tossed around by Nyla Rose. Rose then keeps going at Conti; Rose delivers a big lariat to Conti. Rose then goes for the diving foot stomp and hits it. Nyla goes for the cover, but Conti kicks out to the surprise of Nyla Rose. They go to a commercial break with Rose controlling the action.

They come back, and Conti is delivering multiple knee strikes to Nyla Rose. Conti is showing aggression; she delivers a knee strike to the top of Rose's head. Tay Conti hits Rose with multiple overhead arm drags a pump kick; however, Rose comes back with a nasty clothesline. Rose is going for the Beast Bomb, but Conti gets out of it; Conti delivers multiple knee strikes. Conti comes out from nowhere with the DD-Tay to get the upset surprising. Tay Conti celebrates, but she gets attacked by Nyla Rose, and Shida makes the save. The Bunny comes and attacks Shida with a Singapore Cane. Matt Hardy says the Women's Eliminator Tournament was a sham because The Bunny was not in it.

Winner: Tay Conti

Orange Cassidy and Chuck Taylor cut a promo, and they say they are not done with Kip Sabian and Miro; they go to Miro and Kip for a promo now, and they both say how they are good friends, and everything is good between them.

Scorpio Sky is now cutting a promo and says that he will be challenging Matt Sydal next week on AEW Dark Elevation.

TNT Championship Match
John Silver (w/ The Dark Order) vs. Darby Allin

Before the match begins, Matt Hardy is out with his stable in the seats by ringside. The Dark Order stays out by ringside. The match begins with Darby Allin and John Silver locking up. Allin and Silver tie-up again; Allin keeps Silver in a headlock for what seemed like minutes. Silver gets out of it and destroys Allin with a big strike, and Allin's momentum takes him outside the ring. Silver is literally throwing Darby Allin around like he is a rag doll. Silver delivers a big knee strike, then follows it up with a brainbuster.

They go to their last commercial with John Silver controlling the match; he delivers some stiff strikes to the TNT Champion. Allin is trying to mount a comeback, but Silver has none of it and throws multiple rights at the head of Darby Allin. John Silver has Darby on the outside, and he goes to hit Allin with a clothesline. He misses and goes over the rail and lands hard onto the concrete. The count is at 8, but Darby stops it when he goes to hit a dive, but he misses and hits Stu Grayson comes out.

Sting now comes out to keep order, Silver, and Darby still going at it strong. Silver hits a big DDT on Allin; Silver goes for the pin, but Allin kicks out at two. Allin rolls to the outside, but Sting is protecting Allin from getting attacked. Silver gets Allin back in the ring, and they are going at it with stiff strikes. Silver hits Allin with a nasty chop to the chest of Darby Allin. Allin appears to go for a springboard stunner, but Silver catches him.

Allin has Silver down again, he goes to the top rope, and instead of going after Silver, he does a Coffin Drop onto The Dark Order members. Silver goes to end it with the Silver Bomb, but Allin reverses it into the Code Red. Allin then goes for the pin to get the win and retain his TNT Championship Belt.

Winner: Darby Allin

After the match, Sting walks over to John Silver and helps him. Silver is then stopped by Allin, who wants a fist bump. Silver obliges, and right after, Matt Hardy pulls the feet out under Darby Allin and begins attacking him. Private Party, The Butcher, The Blade, and The Bunny get involved. Then The Dark Order gets involved, and we have chaos in the ring.

Sting gets involved by hitting Marq Quen with his baseball bat. Tay Conti comes out and begins attacking The Bunny with multiple strikes to the head. They go off the air with Sting and Allin walking away from the melee.

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