AEW Dynamite 4/22/20 Results: Darby Allin vs. Sammy Guevara, Dustin Rhodes vs. Kip Sabian & More!

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- The show starts with Cody sitting in an office chair watching videos of the participants in the AEW TNT Title Tournament, Cody wonders if he is comfortable being a mid card wrestler while also discussing his role in AEW. Cody talks about the importance of the AEW TNT Title, Cody also talks about complacency in professional wrestling.

- A video package airs highlighting Sammy Guevara and Darby Allin.

AEW TNT Title Tournament Opening Round
Sammy Guevara vs. Darby Allin

The match begins with Guevara nailing Allin with a suicide dive during his entrance, Guevara then throws Allin into the ring post and barricade. Guevara finds a ladder from under the ring before placing it on the ring apron and barricade, Guevara then throws Allin into the barricade again. Guevara gets Allin on the ladder before going to the top rope, Guevara nails Allin with a frog splash and both crash onto the arena floor as we go to a commercial break. We return from the break to see a doctor checking on a downed Allin, Guevara gets Allin back in the ring and he makes the ref ring the bell before getting a near fall on a pin attempt. Guevara holds Allin down while stomping away on his head, Guevara corners Allin before landing more strikes. Guevara gets Allin on the top rope and he meets him up there, Allin trips Guevara up before removing his boot. Allin hangs Guevara upside down for a short time while holding him in an ankle lock, Allin then nails Guevara with a chop block followed by headbutts to the injured ankle.

Guevara fights back and he kicks Allin in the face before landing an enziguri, Guevara follows up by nailing Allin with a springboard cutter for a near fall. Allin shocks Guevara and he reapplies the ankle lock, Guevara gets to the ropes and Allin gets him away from them before reapplying the ankle lock. Guevara gets free and a striking exchange breaks out with Allin, Guevara ends the exchange by nailing Allin with a spinning back fist. Guevara then kicks Allin in the face before getting a near fall on a pin attempt, Allin falls to the arena floor as we go to a commercial break. We return from the break to see Allin working over Guevara on the arena floor, Allin goes for a suicide dive and he crashes into the barricade as Guevara gets out of the way. Guevara gets Allin back in the ring and he goes to the top rope, Guevara nails Allin with a 630 splash for a near fall. Guevara gets Allin by the ropes before nailing him with more strikes, Allin recovers to hit Guevara with a stunner. Guevara looks for a GTS and Allin counters with a roll up for a three count.

Winner: Darby Allin

- Matt Hardy appears from the Hardy Compound, Hardy says his words and these events must be documented. Hardy talks about inviting Chris Jericho to the Hardy Compound to battle in the Elite Deletion, Hardy says that Hardy is trembling in fear of Hardy. Hardy calls Sammy Guevara a false God and he invites Guevara to the Hardy Compound, Hardy says Guevara will be sentenced to deletion if he shows up. Hardy talks about Jericho being angry with him for his relationship with The Elite, Hardy says AEW is a platform for the future of pro wrestling. Hardy promises to kick The Inner Circle’s asses before getting to Jericho himself.

Kenny Omega vs. Alan Angels

The match begins with Angels attacking Omega with a leg kick, Omega scores a takedown on Angels before applying a front headlock. Angels gets free and he works over the arm of Omega, Omega gets free and he gets Angels in a headlock. Omega releases the hold before dropping Angels with a shoulder tackle, Angels avoids a snap dragon suplex before eating chops from Omega. Omega then drops Angels with a headbutt, Omega looks for a snap dragon suplex and Angels bites his hand. Angels drops Omega and he lands a senton afterwards, Omega blocks a second senton before landing a back breaker for a near fall. Omega traps Angels in the corner while attacking him with a bunch of strikes, Angels fights back and he nails Omega with strikes of his own. Omega recovers and he drops a charging Angels with a clothesline, Angels gets to the ring apron before dropping Omega on the top rope. Angels then nails Omega with a drop kick for a near fall, Angels mounts Omega while landing more strikes.

Angels misses a leap off the top rope and he still manages to land a combo on Omega, Omega recovers to hit Angels with a snap dragon suplex. Omega nails Angels with a V Trigger for a near fall, Omega then hits Angels with a power bomb and V Trigger for a three count.

Winner: Kenny Omega

- A video package airs highlighting Scorpio Sky, who talks about his love for professional wrestling growing up. Sky talks about the near career ending back injury he suffered in 2008/2009, Sky talks about speaking with his dead mother before deciding to continue with pro wrestling. Sky talks about forming SCU with Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian.

- Highlights are shown of Dustin Rhodes announcing that he’ll put his career on the line against Kip Sabian tonight.

Jimmy Havoc vs. Orange Cassidy w/Best Friends

The match begins with Havoc jumping Cassidy before the bell sounds, Havoc drops Cassidy after nailing an elbow strike to the back of the head. Havoc then chokes Cassidy with his jacket, Havoc then corners Cassidy before attacking him with strikes. Havoc takes Cassidy’s shirt off before choking him with it, Havoc then dumps Cassidy out of the ring and he follows him out there. Havoc decides to throw Cassidy into the barricade before dropping him on top of it, Havoc gets Cassidy off the barricade before suplexing him on the arena floor. Havoc gets Cassidy up before throwing him into the ring post, Havoc drops Cassidy with a back chop and eye poke. Havoc gets Cassidy back in the ring before stomping on his hand, Havoc starts manipulating the arm of Cassidy. Havoc also starts choking Cassidy with his own arm, Cassidy fights back and Havoc knocks him onto the top rope. Havoc then hits Cassidy with a death valley driver and sliding European uppercut for a near fall, Havoc nails Cassidy with a short arm clothesline before applying an arm bar until Cassidy gets to the ropes.

Havoc corners Cassidy again while biting his hand, Havoc gets Cassidy’s hands in his pockets after biting both of them. Havoc gets Cassidy down to his knees while attacking him with more strikes, Cassidy recovers and he knocks Havoc out of the ring with a drop kick. Cassidy then nails Havoc with a suicide dive, Cassidy gets Havoc back in the ring before landing a top rope high cross body and tornado DDT for a near fall. Havoc fights back and he corners Cassidy before getting him on the top rope, Havoc goes to the top rope and Cassidy knocks him off. Cassidy nails Havoc with a top rope splash for a near fall, Havoc gets up and he cracks Cassidy with some strikes. Havoc goes for an Acid Rainmaker and Cassidy counters with a superman punch, Penelope Ford comes to the ring to distract Cassidy and Chuck Taylor deals with her. Kip Sabian interferes and he takes out the Best Friends, Cassidy avoids a Ford dive before rolling up Havoc for a three count.

Winner: Orange Cassidy w/Best Friends

After the match, Jimmy Havoc and Kip Sabian attack Orange Cassidy until Best Friends make the save.

- MJF appears and he says mankind is going through an epidemic right now because he hasn’t wrestled on AEW Dynamite in a long time, MJF says that he suffered a hangnail while throwing his cash around while gambling on AEW Dynamite. MJF says his injury is life threatening and he will be back, MJF promises to win the AEW World Title when he returns.

Wardlow vs. Lee Johnson

The match begins with Wardlow nailing Johnson with a knee strike to the midsection, Johnson fights back and he nails Wardlow with a drop kick. Wardlow gets angry and he nails Johnson with a pop up power slam, Wardlow then tosses Johnson across the ring a few times. Johnson fights back again and he nails Wardlow with a few strikes, Wardlow recovers and he nails Johnson with a corner spear. Wardlow places Johnson on the top rope before dragging him off to land a knee strike, Wardlow then hits Johnson with an F-10 for a three count.

Winner: Wardlow

- A video airs showing a woman breaking up with some guy through a phone message, the guy is on the computer and he comes across the Dark Order website. The person types that he needs help to the Dark Order, Brodie Lee appears to address the unnamed person. Lee says he understands what the person is going through, Lee gets the person to tell him about himself and his college football past. Lee says a lot of people are afraid of success before offering the person a Dark Order mask, which the person takes and Lee says the person is now a member of Dark Order.

Brodie Lee vs. Justin Law

The match begins with Lee backing Law into the corner before landing a plethora of strikes, Lee then nails Law with a super kick. Lee follows up by nailing Law with a head and arm suplex followed by a dragon suplex, Lee corners Law again before landing more strikes and an avalanche. Lee then hits Law with a bossman slam and discus lariat for a three count.

Winner: Brodie Lee

After the match, Brodie Lee has a staredown with Marko Stunt.

- Best Friends and Orange Cassidy are interviewed, Chuck Taylor talks about Cassidy being attacked earlier tonight. Trent says he’ll fight Jimmy Havoc and Kip Sabian since he cannot fight Penelope Ford.

- The Bubbly Bunch are back and Sammy Guevara says things aren’t going well for them right now, Ortiz says they need to focus on the positives. Jake Hager tells Guevara that he is too beautiful to be sad before saying he’ll beat Jon Moxley next time, Chris Jericho says he doesn’t want anybody to be sad. Santana says The Inner Circle should do a flim flam video, Jericho says the winner gets hand sanitizer and they all perform the flim flam dance. Jericho gets angry and declares Guevara the winner.

- A video package airs highlighting Dustin Rhodes and Kip Sabian.

AEW TNT Title Tournament Opening Round
Dustin Rhodes’ Career Is On The Line
Dustin Rhodes w/Brandi Rhodes vs. Kip Sabian w/Penelope Ford

The match begins with Sabian refusing to shake Rhodes’ hand, Rhodes starts working over the arm of Sabian. Rhodes drops Sabian before landing a knee drop to the arm, Sabian gets Rhodes in a headlock and Rhodes gets free before landing an uppercut. Rhodes gets Sabian back down while working over his arm, Rhodes then corners Sabian before landing some strikes. Ford interferes and that allows Sabian to gain control, Sabian drops Rhodes before landing a penalty kick for a near fall. Sabian then decides to choke Rhodes on the middle rope, Ford interferes and attacks Rhodes again. Sabian drops Rhodes afterwards for a near fall, Sabian keeps Rhodes down while applying a front headlock. Rhodes gets free as we go to a commercial break, we return from the break to see Rhodes attacking Sabian with more strikes. Rhodes misses a charge in the corner and Sabian stomps away on him for a near fall, Sabian focuses his attack on the injured knee of Rhodes. Rhodes collapses and Sabian stomps away on his injured knee, Sabian then nails Rhodes with a drop kick for a near fall.

Rhodes fights back and Sabian corners him before attacking the injured knee, Rhodes goes for a slam and Sabian falls on top of him for a near fall. Sabian keeps Rhodes down while wrenching away on his arm, Rhodes fights back again and he rolls up Sabian for a near fall. Sabian recovers to nail Rhodes with a pop up knee strike and discus clothesline for a near fall, Sabian holds Rhodes down while applying a chin lock. Rhodes gets free and Sabian kicks him right in the back, Rhodes recovers and he nails Sabian with a spine buster. Rhodes then hits Sabian with a lariat and atomic drop, Rhodes follows up by nailing Sabian with a bulldog. Rhodes also catches Sabian with a power slam for a near fall, Sabian fights back and he nails Rhodes with a springboard tornado DDT for a near fall. Sabian mounts Rhodes afterwards while landing a bunch of strikes, Ford tries interfering and Brandi nails her with a spear. Rhodes then nails Sabian with a destroyer for a three count.

Winner: Dustin Rhodes w/Brandi Rhodes

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