AEW Dynamite 5/12/21 Results Moxley vs. Nagata, Allin vs. Miro, Cassidy vs. PAC, and much more

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The first camera shot shown is a split picture of Jon Moxley and Yuji Nagata.

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Jim Ross begins the show with, “It’s Wednesday Night, and you know what that means.” Ross then welcomes the viewer to Daily’s Place in Jacksonville, Florida, “The Home of the Jags.” Ross and his colleagues Excalibur and Tony Schiavone begin going over tonight’s card featuring Jon Moxley vs. Yugi Nagata for the IWGP U.S. Championship, Darby Allin vs. Miro for the TNT Championship, The coronation of The Pinnacle, PAC vs. Orange Cassidy World Championship Eliminator Match, The Young Bucks vs. SCU for the AEW Tag-Team Championship..”

Yuji Nagata vs. Jon Moxley (w/ Eddie Kingston)

Yuji Nagata is out first and is followed out by Jon Moxley, who is with Eddie Kingston. Moxley is coming out to the song "Wild Thing" from the band The Troggs as a tribute to Onita. Before the match begins, Bryce Remsberg holds the belt up. The bell rings, and we begin with both Yuji Nagata and Jon Moxley exchanging strikes. Nagata hits Moxley with a knee strike followed by a big boot. They show Rocky Romero in the crowd. The action is outside the ring now, and Moxley delivers a big diving knee strike.

The action is back in the ring; Moxley hits Nagata with a lateral press. Moxley now kicks Nagata multiple times, and Nagata asks for some more. Moxley goes up top and dives toward Nagata, but Nagata catches Moxley, hits Moxley with multiple kicks, and then hits Moxley with an exploder. Nagata fakes a dropkick but catches Moxley looking up and then kicks him again. Moxley is getting multiple kicks to the face, and Moxley is asking for more.

Moxley hits Nagata with a German suplex; Moxley goes for a piledriver, but Nagata escapes it and hits Moxley with a back body drop. Nagata hits Moxley with an Avalanche Exploder from the top turnbuckle. Moxley is back up, and he gets a few strikes in; Nagata escapes a headlock and puts Moxley in an arm breaker. Moxley and Nagata's exchange strikes again; Moxley is hit with an enzuigiri, but Moxley comes back with a lariat, which takes Nagata down. Moxley goes for another headlock but Nagat escapes.

Both men exchange multiple strikes, and Moxley hits the Paradigm Shift out of nowhere and goes to pin and get the win over Moxley. After the match, Moxley pays respect to Nagata by bowing.

Winner: Jon Moxley (w/ Eddie Kingston)

- They go to a promo with The Inner Circle, and they say they want a rematch with The Pinnacle.

- Cody Rhodes makes his way to the ring; so he can make his announcement on his plans for Double or Nothing. He cuts a promo talking about how he is proud to be an American. He then says that Anthony Ogogo has no problems burying the United States and Rhodes says it's ironic because he has a Green Card. Rhodes says that Ogogo has a lot of the same rights that others have. Rhodes tells Ogogo he is not living the England dream, and he is here to live the American Dream. He talks about some of the people he's wrestled, like Doug Williams and PAC from England. He then quotes a song from Willie Nelson. He then talks about segregation and talks about America. He gets emotional when he says that his wife will be giving birth to a half-white and a half-black child. Cody Rhodes says for one night at Double or Nothing, he will not wrestle as The American Nightmare but as The American Dream Cody Rhodes.

- They go to a vignette to SCU; Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian talk about their past, and they say they will end their tag-team if they lose.

AEW Tag-Team Championship Match
SCU vs. The Young Bucks (w/ The Good Brothers and Don Callis)

Nick Jackson and Frankie Kazarian start the match, and both men exchange strikes; Kazarian gets the upper hand, and he tags in Christopher Daniels. Daniels and Kazarian double-team Nick Jackson by getting multiple kicks and strikes in. They exchange tags multiple times; The Young Bucks finally control when Matt Jackson delivers a dropkick to Kazarian outside the ring. The Young Bucks continue their flurry of strikes. Matt Jackson hits Daniels with a dive on the outside of the ring. We go to our first picture-in-picture commercial with The Young Bucks in control.

SCU is now in control of the match, and they begin double-teaming The Young Bucks; they hit The Celebrity Rehab. They go for the BME, but Matt Jackson stops Daniels at the top rope. Nick Jackson hits a powerful bulldog on Frankie Kazarian. Nick hits Daniels with a massive Superkick, and Daniels is busted open big time. Nick Jackson hits Kazarian with a buckle bomb, and Matt Jackson kicks the back of Kazarian.

Kazarian hits Matt Jackson with a Styles Clash; Nick Jackson hits Kazarian with a piledriver. They go for a pin, but Daniels is back and breaks it up. Kazarian tags in Daniels; Daniels goes for The Angels Wings but doesn't hit. Daniels is busted open again after getting opened up by Nick Jackson. Matt Jackson is in the corner and pretends he's crying and says, "I'm sorry, I love you," a reference to Shawn Michaels/Ric Flair Mania match. Daniels gets super kicked, and Matt goes for the pin but kicks out after the pin attempt.

Daniels is up, and he goes for the BME, but he falls off the turnbuckle and goes for it again. Nick Jackson stops Kazarian from trying to stop the pin, but Daniels kicks out anyway. The referee Rick Knox is distracted, and Matt Jackson sprays something in the eyes of Daniels, and Daniels gets super kicked again. Matt goes for the pin, but Daniels kicks out again; now, The Young Bucks hit the BTE and get the win.

Winners: The Young Bucks (w/ The Good Brothers and Don Callis)

- They go backstage and show Moxley and Kingston destroying The Elite's locker room.

- Back from the commercial break and show what happened during the break, and SCU embraces each other as they are now done as a team.

- Christian Cage announces that he has an open challenge match next week, and he mentions he will be in the Casino Battle Royal. Matt Sydal appears and says, "not so fast" he plans on winning, and Sydal signed up for the match next week against Cage.

World Title Eliminator Match
Orange Cassidy (w/ Best Friends) vs. PAC (w/ Lucha Bros.)

The match begins with both men staring at each other. Orange Cassidy puts his sunglasses on PAC, and PAC breaks them. Orange Cassidy hits PAC with The Beach Break right away and goes for the pin; PAC kicks out. PAC rolls out of the ring; Cassidy goes right after PAC with a tope suicida. They head out to another picture-in-picture commercial with the action going back and forth between Cassidy and PAC.

They come back from the commercial with PAC in control of the match. PAC sends Cassidy into the barricades outside the ring; during the match, Tony Schiavone announces that AEW will have a Fan Fest before Double or Nothing. PAC is controlling the match by just hitting Cassidy with multiple strikes. PAC hits three big shotgun dropkick's from the top turnbuckle.

PAC moves Cassidy over to the corner so he can end it with the Black Arrow. Cassidy rolls away from PAC; PAC goes after Cassidy again, but PAC misses and goes into the turnbuckle. Cassidy gets a little offense in, but PAC hits Cassidy with the Liger Bomb, and Cassidy is legitimately hurt. The ref Aubrey Edwards steps in-between Cassidy and PAC to check on Cassidy; Cassidy rolls outside of the ring.

The match is being delayed; the trainer comes out to check on Cassidy. Don Callis tells PAC to end it and that Kenny Omega is a busy man and needs to end it. Kenny Omega is in the ring, and he hits PAC with the belt and leaves the ring as the ref is distracted. The ref begins to count, and she makes it to ten. The match ends in a double count-out.

Winner: N/A (Double Count Out)

- Kenny Omega celebrates that he no longer has a match at Double or Nothing; however, Tony Schiavone informs him he will now be in a triple threat match.

- They go back to The Elite's dressing room, and The Young Buck challenges Jon Moxley and Eddie Kingston at Double or Nothing.

- Adam "Hangman" Page and says he lost to 3 men because of Taz. Page tells Cage to meet him at Double or Nothing, and he tells Cage to leave Taz.

- The Pinnacle is in the ring for their coronation. MJF starts by saying he is the new demo god. MJF talks about how proud they are of being number one in the ratings and broke a TSN record. MJF said they broke the record "because they had a Canadian Hero," and he says it's Shawn Spears. Tully Blanchard now has the mic and tells the crowd he has gifts for The Pinnacle, and he said he spent thousands on watches for his guys. He says The Pinnacle is on the top of the world, and they are looking down on everyone else. Then an airhorn starts blaring, and it's Ortiz, Sammy Guevara, and Jake Hager arriving in a golf cart with a trailer, and Chris Jericho appears with a cast on his arm. Jericho tells MJF and The Pinnacle that The Inner Circle wants a rematch. MJF says no, and Jericho tells Sammy to get them, and Sammy starts hosing down The Pinnacle with the bubbly. MJF says he will give them a rematch, and it will be a Stadium Stampede, and if they lose, The Inner Circle has to break up.

- Jim Ross has a sitdown with Dr. Britt Baker. Ross says she has come a long way since last year. Baker says Ross is painting her as a villain, and she is okay with it. Baker says, "Shida has been holding the division together." Baker says she is the face of the Women's division. Baker guarantees to win the AEW Women's Championship at Double or Nothing.

Thunder Rosa vs. Jazmin Allure

The match begins with both tying up; however, Rosa takes control right away. Thunder Rosa is delivering some strong strikes to Jazmin Allure. Jazmin Allure tries to get some offense in; however, Rosa ends that offense right away. Rosa hits Allure with a shoulder breaker and then the Fire Thunder Driver.

Winner: Thunder Rosa

- Excalibur announces that Serena Deeb will return next week and will take on Red Velvet. The Young Bucks will wrestle The Varsity Blondes, Christian Cage will go against Matt Sydal next week.

- We get a promo with Jade Cargill and Tony Schiavone; they show highlights from AEW Elevation of Mark Sterling offering to be her manager. Tony asks Jade who will manage her, and she says nobody and that she will take care of her own business.

- They come back from commercial break with a black and white video of Darby Allin; talking about Miro. Allin asks Miro what has he accomplished

TNT Championship Match
Miro vs. Darby Allin (w/ Sting)

Darby Allin is in the ring first, and Miro gets in the ring, and Miro attacks Darby Allin right away. Miro is beating down Allin and is yelling at the referee Paul Turner to ring the bell. Turner won't ring the bell and is continuing the beatdown. He throws Miro around some more and then throws him over the barricade into the first row. They show Scorpio Sky and Ethan Page just laughing and enjoying what's going on with Darby Allin.

The bell rings to start the match, and Miro hits Allin with a superkick right away. Miro goes for the pin; however, Darby kicks out at two. Miro begins celebrating, thinking he's won. Darby rolls out of the ring, Miro goes after him, but Darby gets some offense when he sends Miro into the ring post. Allin then hits cannonball tope suicida. Darby goes back inside the ring, and he goes for the Coffin Drop, but Miro catches him and drops with a belly-to-back suplex. They head out to their final commercial, but they show Ethan Page and Scorpio Sky attack Sting during their break.

Miro is throwing Darby Allin around, but Darby counters one of Miro's moves into a stunner, and then Darby hits another stunner. Allin goes for the Coffin Drop, but Miro catches him. Miro throws Allin into the corner; Darby, however, lands on his feet. Darby hits Miro with the Code Red; he goes for the pin, but Miro kicks out at two. Darby has Miro in a sleeper again, but Miro gets out of it. Miro locks in his submission, and the referee called for the bell. After the bell, Scorpio Sky and Ethan Page go after Sting, but The Dark Order saves Sting, Page, and Sky run away. Miro stands tall in the ring; however, Lance Archer comes out, and he wants Miro. The show goes off the air.

Winner and New TNT Champion Miro

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