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- The show starts with a video preview for AEW Double Or Nothing ‘20.

- A limo is shown arriving to the arena and The Inner Circle comes out, Chris Jericho promises to do something to The Elite tonight.

- Brodie Lee comes out with Dark Order members before the next match begins, Lee tells 10 take a knee before saying the viewers at home may feel disconnected from him. Lee says it would seem like the people at home cannot relate to him, but they are all wrong and he is no God. Lee says the Dark Order of now operates at a higher level and they are the lions of AEW, Lee says he has to win at AEW Double Or Nothing ‘20 to pay off the loyalty and love of the Dark Order members. Lee tells 10 he is now a high knight in the Dark Order, Lee tells 10 to hurt Jon Moxley for him before heading backstage.

Jon Moxley vs. 10

The match begins with Moxley immediately nailing 10 with a knee strike and a shoulder capture suplex, Moxley then nails 10 with a suplex slam. Moxley keeps 10 cornered while stomping away on him, Moxley argues with the ref and 10 attacks him from behind. 10 then nails Moxley with a pump kick that sends him to the arena floor, 10 leaves the ring and he throws Moxley into the barricade. 10 then drops Moxley back first on the ring apron, 10 gets Moxley back in the ring and he nails him with a rip cord cutter for a near fall. 10 mounts a downed Moxley while attacking him with strikes, Moxley fights back and 10 nails him with a spine buster. Moxley recovers and he nails 10 with a Paradigm Shift, Moxley follows up by nailing 10 with a gotch style pile driver. Moxley then hits 10 with a second Paradigm Shift for a three count.

Winner: Jon Moxley

After the match, Jon Moxley leaves the ring and he throws a few chairs back into it before grabbing a microphone. Moxley traps the arm of 10 in a steel chair and Moxley says that he doesn’t know why Brodie Lee stole the AEW World Championship belt, Moxley gives Lee 10 seconds to give him the belt back of he’ll break 10’s arm. Lee appears on the big screen and he says Moxley just had to ask to get his belt back, Lee says everybody has to make sacrifices and he is leaving the arena tonight. Moxley then breaks the arm of 10 by smashing it with a steel chair before leaving the ring.

MJF w/Wardlow vs. Marko Stunt

The match begins with MJF poking Stunt in the eyes before landing a slam, Stunt tries fighting back and MJF gets him in a bear hug. Stunt gets free and MJF blocks his roll up attempt before landing an overhead slam, MJF drops Stunt with a snap mare before making him pick his own nose. Stunt fights back again and MJF levels him with a clothesline before landing more strikes, MJF then chokes Stunt on the middle rope. Wardlow interferes and he chokes Stunt while MJF distracted the ref, MJF grabs Stunt and he tosses him across the ring. MJF gets Stunt on the top rope and he follows him up there, Stunt fights back and he knocks MJF off the ropes. Stunt then lands a top rope hurricarana on MJF before landing multiple drop kicks, MJF misses a charge in the corner and Stunt nails him with a knee strike. Stunt then sends a charging MJF out of the ring, MJF avoids a suicide dive and Stunt still sends him into the ring steps. Stunt goes for a suicide dive and MJF cracks him with a forearm strike, MJF nails Stunt with a shoulder breaker followed by the Salt Of The Earth to force a tap out.

Winner: MJF w/Wardlow

After the match, MJF grabs a microphone and he says that one of his rats would give Marko Stunt a kiss before mocking him further. Wardlow grabs Stunt and MJF punches him with the ring covered hand, Luchasaurus and Jungle Boy make the save.

- Highlights are shown from last weeks brawl between Cody and Lance Archer.

- Tony Schiavone is the host for the showdown between Jake “The Snake” Roberts and Arn Anderson, Roberts says its surreal to be sitting across the table from Anderson. Roberts says Anderson should start getting used to coming to the ring alone, Roberts says Cody has wormed his way around from facing Lance Archer. Anderson says that Roberts almost made him believe what he said, both talk about never meeting Roberts in the wrestling ring. Anderson says Roberts’ snake was a distraction from his true evil, Roberts says he would love to battle Anderson. Anderson talks about Mike Tyson appearing at AEW Double Or Nothing ‘20, Anderson questions whether or not Roberts will do anything to Tyson. Roberts says he promised that Archer would get the first shot at Tyson, Anderson says that Cody wants to win the AEW TNT Title because he wants to continue moving AEW forward. Anderson threatens Roberts and an angry Roberts shoves the table away, a bunch of AEW officials hit the ring to separate them.

- A video package airs highlighting Darby Allin.

- A video package airs on Pac, who says he has been forced to sit at home once before and he no longer treads the path alone. Pac says Rey Fenix is an assassin and he will destroy Orange Cassidy tonight.

Orange Cassidy vs. Rey Fenix

The match begins with Fenix attempting to attack Cassidy on the entrance ramp and Cassidy avoids him, Cassidy continues avoiding the attacks from Fenix. Cassidy trips up Fenix before sling shotting him, Fenix does a flip off the top rope and Cassidy nails him with a drop kick. Cassidy then drops Fenix with an arm drag before exchanging a few roll ups for a few near falls, Fenix recovers and he nails Cassidy with a double stomp. Fenix looks for a power bomb and Cassidy counters with a roll up for a near fall, Fenix leaves the ring before dropping Cassidy with a head kick. Fenix then hits Cassidy with a springboard leg drop for a near fall, Fenix holds Cassidy down while applying a chin lock. Fenix releases the hold before choking Cassidy in the corner, Fenix also leaves the ring and he attacks Cassidy with strikes. Fenix goes for a chop and Cassidy causes him to hit the ring post, Fenix still manages to get Cassidy back in the ring before taunting him with a few strikes. Fenix traps Cassidy in the ropes while wrenching away on his arm, Fenix then knocks Cassidy back to the arena floor. Cassidy gets back in the ring and Fenix nails him with more strikes, Cassidy fights back and he nails Fenix with a superman punch.

Fenix leaves the ring and Cassidy nails him with a suicide dive, Cassidy gets Fenix back in the ring before landing a top rope high cross body and a tornado DDT for a near fall. Cassidy goes back to the top rope and Fenix recovers to nail him with an uppercut, Cassidy knocks Fenix off the ropes before landing a diving DDT for a near fall. Cassidy looks for an Alabama slam and Fenix gets to the ropes, Cassidy and Fenix battle to the top rope and Cassidy lands a headbutt before eating a sunset bomb for a near fall. Fenix then hits Cassidy with a forearm strike before looking for the muscle buster and Cassidy counters with a roll up for a near fall, Cassidy then hits Fenix with an air raid crash for a near fall. Kip Sabian comes to ringside and he sets up a ladder before climbing it, Fenix nails a distracted Cassidy with a low blow and cutter for a three count.

Winner: Rey Fenix

After the match, SCU comes out and they knock Kip Sabian off the ladder and into the ring, Jimmy Havoc goes after SCU and a brawl breaks out. Rey Fenix takes out a bunch of people with a suicide dive, Colt Cabana comes out and he nails a bunch of people with dives. Best Friends hit the ring to help Orange Cassidy land a suicide dive onto everybody.

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