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- The show starts off with highlights from AEW Double Or Nothing ‘20.

- The Inner Circle are backstage and Chris Jericho talks about tonight’s pep rally, Jericho talks about buying Stadium Stampede victory shirts and Santana reveals that they have a truckload of them to get rid of.

- Matt Hardy & The Elite are shown backstage, Hangman Page leaves quickly to return to the hotel with Kenny Omega. The Young Bucks say they want a different version of Hardy, who turns into the old school Matt Hardy.

Matt Hardy & The Young Bucks (Matt Jackson & Nick Jackson) vs. Joey Janela & Private Party (Isaiah Kassidy & Marq Quen)

The match begins with Matt getting Quen in a headlock, Nick tags in and he nails a dropped Quen with a slingshot leg drop. Private Party hits the ring and The Bucks take them both out, Janela tags in and The Bucks double team him. Hardy tags in and he triple teams Janela with The Bucks, Nick tags in and he hits Janela with a Whisper In The Wind. Kassidy tags in and Nick nails him with a shoulder tackle, Nick goes to the ring apron and Kassidy nails him with a springboard stunner. Quen tags in and he uses a hurricarana to knock Nick to the arena floor, Janela then hits Nick with a suicide dive and death valley driver on the arena floor. Kassidy tags back in and he nails a downed Nick with a series of strikes before applying an abdominal stretch, Nick fights back and Kassidy nails him with an elbow strike. Nick avoids Silly String to drop Private Party with kicks, Nick goes for a super kick on the arena floor and he accidentally nails Blade. The Butcher & The Blade attack Nick before Matt makes the save, Janela also attacks The Bucks on the arena floor.

Nick fights back and he nails Janela with a face buster on the staging, Nick then hits Quen with a monkey flip on the arena floor. Nick also nails Kassidy with a destroyer before tagging Hardy in, Hardy quickly starts cleaning house against the opposing team. Hardy nails Kassidy with a Side Effect for a near fall, Kassidy recovers and he nails Hardy with a spinning head kick. Hardy recovers to nail both members of Private Party with DDT’s, Janela interferes and Hardy takes him out as well. Hardy goes to the top rope and he nails all of the opposition with a moonsault for a near fall, Matt tags in and he attacks Kassidy with strikes. Janela interferes and he attacks Matt and Nick, Janela then hits The Bucks with a missile drop kick. Janela looks for a dive and Hardy hits him before The Bucks land a double super kick, Private Party then hit The Bucks with suicide dives. Quen gets injured during the dive and Kassidy gets a near fall on Hardy, Kassidy gets Hardy on the top rope before eating a super kick from Matt. The Bucks then hit Kassidy with More Bang For Your Buck for a three count.

Winners: Matt Hardy & The Young Bucks (Matt Jackson & Nick Jackson)

After the match, The Butcher & The Blade attack The Young Bucks while Matt Hardy takes the injured Marq Quen backstage. FTR drives a truck to the arena and they get into the ring, FTR attacks The Butcher & The Blade, The Young Bucks eventually jump in on the attack as the FTR leave the ring.

- AEW World Champion Jon Moxley comes to the announce table before the next match.

- Highlights are shown of Brian Cage’s AEW debut.

Brian Cage w/Taz vs. Lee Johnson

The match begins with Cage attacking Johnson before the bell, Cage corners Johnson before landing multiple clothesline smashes. Cage then tosses Johnson completely across the ring before landing a release German suplex, Cage then nails Johnson with multiple power bombs. Cage then hits Johnson with a Drill Claw for a three count.

Winner: Brian Cage w/Taz

After the match, Taz gets the microphone and he says that he respects what Jon Moxley has done throughout his career. Taz says that Moxley will be dealing with Brian Cage at AEW Fyter Fest, Taz says that Cage will tear Moxley’s heart out at Fyter Fest.

- Dr. Britt Baker DMD makes her way on stage for an interview with Tony Schiavone, the former Rebel pushes Baker while she’s in her wheelchair. Baker is out to tell The Rules Of Being A Role Model and rule three is “don’t hurt the role model.” Baker says her injury last week wasn’t an accident, but was instead a conspiracy by Nyla Rose, Kris Statlander and Hikaru Shida. Baker says she is close friends with TNT executives and there would be no women’s division without her, Baker says that Statlander is no alien. Baker also says that Shida is a fraudulent champion, while saying that Rose purposely landed on her leg to injure her. Baker has Rebel grab a conspiracy board and it has all the evidence on it, Baker says that referee Aubrey Edwards is the leader of the conspiracy. Baker says that Edwards was the referee for almost all of her injuries, Baker says she’ll be back at AEW All Out.

- The Inner Circle are interviewed backstage, Chris Jericho says the pep rally will be the biggest spectacle in AEW history. Orange Cassidy randomly walks by and interrupts the interview.

Hikaru Shida vs. Christi Jaynes

The match begins with Shida backing Jaynes into the ropes before letting her go free, Jaynes challenges Shida to a dance off before attacking her from behind. Shida gets angry and she attacks Jaynes with a bunch of strikes, Jaynes recovers to drop Shida with a springboard arm drag. Shida and Jaynes take turns pulling each other’s hair, Shida sends Jaynes into the corner before landing a running knee strike. Shida traps Jaynes on the ring apron before landing another knee strike, Shida follows up by nailing Jaynes with a back breaker. Shida keeps Jaynes down while applying a camel clutch to her, Shida releases the hold to hit Jaynes with a suplex for a near fall. Shida goes to the middle rope and Jaynes knocks her down with an enziguri, Jaynes goes to the top rope and she goes for a sunset flip before landing a strike for a near fall. Jaynes goes for a moonsault and Shida avoids it, Shida then hits Jaynes with a rolling forearm strike for a near fall. Shida then hits Jaynes with a falcon arrow for a three count.

Winner: Hikaru Shida

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