AEW Dynamite 5/6/20 Results: A Street Fight, Matt Hardy's In-Ring Debut & Jake Gives Brandi The Snake

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AEW Reveals Bracket For World Title Eliminator Tournament During 10/16 Episode Of Dynamite

- The show starts with highlights from last weeks AEW TNT Title Tournament matches.

Cody vs. Joey Janela

The match begins with Janela backing Cody into the corner before letting him go free, Cody gets Janela in a headlock and Janela gets free before eating several shoulder tackles. Janela recovers by nailing Cody with an arm drag, Janela and Cody exchange a few roll ups for a few near falls. Janela gets up and he attacks Cody with some chops and knee strikes, Cody kicks the hand of Janela before landing a chop to his back. Cody corners Janela before attacking him with a series of strikes, Cody follows up by nailing Janela with a front release suplex for a near fall. Janela recovers to trip up Cody and land a spin kick to the head, Janela also rakes the back of a downed Cody. Janela then drops Cody with a hard Irish whip into the corner, Janela follows up by nailing Cody with a diving back elbow strike. Cody fights back and Janela propels him into the ropes, Janela then hits Cody with a back suplex for a near fall. Janela keeps Cody down while locking him in the body scissors, Cody gets free and he exchanges strikes with Janela. Janela and Cody battle to the arena floor as Janela throws him into the barricade, Janela follows Cody around while attacking him with chops. Cody recovers and he sends Janela face first into the side of the entrance ramp, Janela fights back and he nails Cody with some more strikes.

Janela gets Cody on the entrance ramp before missing a running axe handle attempt, Cody then hits Janela with a Disaster Kick to knock him to the arena floor. Cody nails Janela with a moonsault from the stage and it sends both crashing to the arena floor, Cody gets Janela back in the ring and he attacks him with more strikes. Janela recovers and he nails Cody with a super kick, Janela goes to the top rope and he lands a top rope elbow drop for a near fall. Janela goes back to the top rope and Cody attacks him, Cody then hits Janela with a super inverted suplex for a near fall. Cody looks for Cross Rhodes and Janela escapes to land a spinning elbow strike, Cody recovers and he nails Janela with a power slam for a near fall. Cody goes for a Disaster Kick and Janela counters by landing a German suplex, Janela then nails Cody with a lariat before going back to the top rope. Cody avoids the leap from Janela to land a Cody Cutter for a near fall, Cody and Janela get into another striking exchange a short time later. Cody ends the exchange by nailing Janela with a Cross Rhodes for a three count.

Winner: Cody

- A video package airs highlighting Nyla Rose’s run in AEW, while also highlighting all of Rose’s potential challengers.

- Tony Schiavone interviews Nyla Rose, who says she is the most dominant force in the AEW Women’s Division.

Nyla Rose vs. Kenzie Paige

The match begins with Rose dropping Paige after landing a few strikes, Rose then tosses Paige across the ring before choking her in the corner. Rose keeps Paige cornered while landing shoulder thrusts to the midsection, Rose misses a charge in the corner and Paige looks for a roll up. Rose gets angry and she levels Paige with a clothesline, Rose then nails Paige with a release German suplex. Rose goes to the top rope and she lands a swanton bomb, Rose then hits Paige with a pair of power bombs and a Beast Bomb for a three count.

Winner: Nyla Rose

- MJF appears and he talks about how some wrestlers claim to be the next big thing, MJF says he is the big think in pro wrestling. MJF says some have already started comparing him to other wrestling legends because they are insecure, MJF says that he has taken their spots while being just 24 years old. MJF says he’ll be a champion one day, while saying that he is something the sport of pro wrestling hasn’t seen before. MJF says that his spot at the throne is safe when he returns to AEW, MJF then says he is injury free and will return to his throne next week.

- Shawn Spears appears and he talks about what Lance Archer did to Dustin Rhodes last week, Spears says he blames Cody for what happened to Dustin. Spears talks about how Cody could’ve stopped what happened to Dustin last week by throwing in the towel during the match, Spears says Cody has proven that he could live with what happened to Dustin.

- Tony Schiavone interviews MJF, who says everybody is looking forward to seeing him return to action next week. MJF and Cody compliment each other on what they both have been saying as of late, MJF and Spears exchange a bunch of compliments. Schiavone says that MJF will face Jungle Boy at AEW Double Or Nothing.

Jon Moxley vs. Frankie Kazarian

The match begins with Moxley and Kazarian battling into the corner, Kazarian trips up Moxley and he gets him in a headlock. Moxley gets free and Kazarian drops him with a shoulder tackle before reapplying the headlock, Moxley gets free and he works over the arm of Kazarian. Moxley gets Kazarian down before stomping away on his bent arm, Kazarian gets up and Moxley nails him with some strikes. Kazarian fights back and they exchange some strikes until Moxley gains control, Moxley gets Kazarian back down while wrenching away on his arm. Kazarian gets back up and he gets Moxley back in another headlock, Moxley gets free and another striking exchange breaks out until Kazarian gets him in another headlock. Moxley gets free after nailing Kazarian with a back breaker, Moxley keeps Kazarian down while applying a modified camel clutch. Moxley keeps Kazarian down while landing cross face strikes to the head, Moxley corners Kazarian while landing some shoulder thrusts. Moxley hits Kazarian with a second back breaker for a near fall, Kazarian fights back and he nails Moxley with a spin kick to the face. Kazarian goes for another headlock and Moxley propels him outside of the ring, Moxley leaves the ring and he nails Kazarian with some strikes.

Kazarian fights back and Moxley knocks him off the entrance ramp and to the arena floor, Kazarian fights back and Moxley sends him into the barricade. Moxley gets Kazarian back in the ring before landing a throw suplex for a near fall, Moxley keeps Kazarian down while holding him in a chicken wing. Kazarian eventually gets to the ropes to break the submission attempt, Moxley knocks Kazarian back out of the ring after landing a running knee strike. Moxley leaps off the middle rope and Kazarian nails him in midair with a super kick, Kazarian gets Moxley back in the ring before landing a springboard drop kick. Kazarian follows up by nailing Moxley with a slingshot DDT for a near fall, Kazarian looks for an Unprettier and Moxley counters by landing a release German suplex. Kazarian recovers and he catches a ducking Moxley with a back stabber followed by an Unprettier for a near fall, Kazarian and Moxley have another striking exchange in the middle of the ring. Moxley ends the exchange by nailing Kazarian with a shotgun drop kick, Moxley looks for a Paradigm Shift and Kazarian counters by locking him in a variety of submission holds. Moxley gets free and Kazarian nails him with a leg drop to the back of the head, Moxley goes back to the ring apron and Kazarian gets him back in the ring.

Kazarian then nails Moxley with his own release German suplex, Kazarian then clocks Moxley with a series of strikes before Moxley drops him with a forearm strike. Moxley then cracks a charging Kazarian with a clothesline, Moxley looks for a double under hook slam and Kazarian rolls him up a few times for a few near falls. Kazarian then nails Moxley with a suplex into the corner, Kazarian goes to the top rope and Moxley meets him up there before getting knocked off the ropes. Moxley avoids the Kazarian leap before landing a Paradigm Shift for a three count.

Winner: Jon Moxley

After the match, Dark Order attacks Jon Moxley until the rest of SCU comes out to try and assist Moxley. Christopher Daniels gets slammed on the entrance ramp by a Dark Order member, Dark Order members also work over Frankie Kazarian on the arena floor. Brodie Lee comes out and he attacks Daniels with a chair shot, Lee then nails Moxley with a discus clothesline. Lee gets a microphone and he says he is here to answer Moxley’s bounty, Lee says nobody is here to save Moxley. Lee says he is a leader now and he makes lives extraordinary, Lee says that he wants Moxley’s AEW World Championship. Lee calls Moxley a scared fatherless boy from Cincinnati, Lee challenges Moxley for AEW Double Or Nothing and Moxley seemingly accepts before Lee kicks him in the face. The Dark Order members attack Moxley again as Lee heads backstage.

- Brandi Rhodes appears to address Jake Roberts and Lance Archer, Rhodes says she has received the messages from Roberts. Rhodes says she feels that she knows what could happen next between everybody and she won’t fall for it, Rhodes says she will hit back if Roberts ever struck her. Rhodes says Roberts knows her family and the people she does business with, Rhodes tells Roberts to keep her name out of his mouth.

QT Marshall w/Brandi Rhodes vs. Lance Archer w/Jake Roberts

The match begins with Archer attacking Marshall before the bell sounds, Marshall fires back and he attacks Archer with strikes of his own. Archer misses a charge in the corner and Marshall nails him with more strikes, Archer recovers and he nails a leaping Marshall with a forearm strike. Archer keeps Marshall down while choking him by the ropes, Archer corners Marshall before attacking him with more strikes. Archer also nails Marshall with multiple running back elbow strikes in the corner, Marshall fights back and he sends a charging Archer out of the ring. Marshall goes for a dive and Archer catches him before landing a choke slam on the ring apron as we go to a commercial break, we return from the break to see Archer nail Marshall with a twisting splash for a near fall. Marshall tries fighting back and he nails Archer with a few strikes, Archer uses the big boot to knock Marshall back to the arena floor. Britt Baker hits Marshall with her shoe and Brandi takes it before throwing it into the crowd, Archer gets back in the ring and Marshall nails him with a clothesline. Marshall then nails Archer with a handspring enziguri, Marshall also hits Archer with a suplex before going to the top rope.

Archer makes Marshall leap off the top rope before landing a shoulder tackle, Archer then hits Marshall with a Blackout for a near fall. Archer locks Marshall in the EVD Claw for a three count.

Winner: Lance Archer w/Jake Roberts

After the match, Britt Baker attacks Brandi Rhodes and she nails her with a DDT on the arena floor, Baker throws Brandi into the ring. Jake Roberts gets a snake and he comes into the ring before putting it onto Brandi, AEW officials come to the ring to help Brandi.

- Taz interviews Darby Allin, who says nothing while Taz says that he can help Allin before Allin storms off.

Street Fight
Le Sex Gods (Chris Jericho & Sammy Guevara) w/Jake Hager vs. Kenny Omega & Matt Hardy

The match begins with Hardy biting the hand of Guevara, Jericho and Omega quickly take their brawl to the arena floor. Jericho grabs Omega and he throws him into the ring steps, Guevara nails Hardy with an enziguri before eating more strikes. Hardy nails Guevara with a BT Bomb for a near fall, Omega hits the ring to double team Guevara with Hardy. Jericho returns and Hardy knocks him to the arena floor, Hardy and Jericho battle on the arena floor as Guevara catches a diving Omega with his knees. Jericho puts Hardy through a wall on the entrance tunnel, Jericho returns to the ring to double team Omega with Guevara. Jericho and Guevara keep Omega cornered while attacking him with chops, Guevara and Jericho nail Omega with a double suplex. Omega tries fighting back and he quickly gets overwhelmed by the opposing team, Jericho nails Omega with a Lionsault as Hardy returns to the ring. Hardy then attacks both members of the opposing team by nailing Guevara with a Side Effect for a near fall, Hardy then hits Jericho with a Twist Of Fate for a near fall. Guevara fights back and he knocks Hardy out of the ring before eating a snap dragon suplex from Omega, Jericho returns and he attacks Omega with a baseball bat.

Guevara goes for a shooting star press and Omega gets his knees up, Hardy returns and he knocks Jericho out of the ring. Hardy hits Guevara with a Twist Of Fate before Omega lands a V Trigger, Hardy leaves the ring to grab a ladder and Omega does the same to get a table. Hardy and Omega set the weapons up in the ring before placing Guevara on the table, Hardy puts Guevara through the table after landing a splash from the top of the ladder. Hager interferes before dropping Omega face first on the ring apron, Hager continues attacking Omega until Hardy makes the save. Hager recovers to attack Hardy and throw Omega into the barricade, Jericho grabs a steel chair to attack the opposition with. Jericho brings Omega up to the bleachers while throwing him into the barricade, Hardy returns and he battle Jericho before getting hit with a weapon. Everybody battles up the steps as Hardy tries throwing Jericho into an ice box, Jericho grabs a bag of ice and he attacks Hardy with it. Jericho and Hager put Hardy into the ice box, Omega returns and he attacks everybody with trash can shots. Omega grabs Jericho and he throws him into a golf cart and garbage can, Guevara returns and he attacks Omega with a garbage can.

Guevara grabs Omega and he throws him right into an ATM machine, Omega fights back and he throws Guevara into a pillar. Omega then nails Guevara with a power bomb into a steel garage door, Omega sends Hager into the garage door before nailing him with a knee strike. Omega throws Hager into a pile of barricades before getting attacked by Jericho, Jericho nails Omega with a suplex onto a barricade. Jericho follows up on that by throwing Omega into a pillar before attacking him with a street cone, Omega grabs a sign and he attacks Jericho with it. Hardy returns from the ice box as Damascus, Hardy rides the golf cart and he rides it right into Jericho. Omega gets in the golf cart and they eventually nail Guevara with it, Hardy gets Jericho on a table while attacking him with strikes. Omega climbs a cherry picker as Hager attacks Hardy, Omega leaps off the cherry picker and he takes everybody out. Omega looks for a One Winged Angel when Santana and Ortiz come out to attack him and Hardy, Hager power bombs Hardy through a few tables. The Inner Circle then focus their attack on Omega, Jericho then hits Omega with a power bomb onto a golf cart. Jericho then hits Omega with a Judas Effect for a three count.

Winners: Le Sex Gods (Chris Jericho & Sammy Guevara) w/Jake Hager

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