AEW Dynamite 7/22/20 Results: TNT Title Match, Sammy Guevara Returns & Eddie Kingston Debuts!

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Ricky Starks Discusses His Relationship With Tony Khan, Being In The AEW 'White House'

- Eddie Kingston comes out before the opening match talking about Cody growing up around wrestling legends while he grew up around junkies and alcoholics. Kingston says that every person Cody has previously faced was a child, Kingston promises to put Cody in the ground. Kingston says Tony Khan paid him to show up and take the title from Cody, Kingston says that Khan would allow a No DQ Match if Cody accepts and Cody does.

AEW TNT Championship
No DQ Match
Cody (c) w/Arn Anderson vs. Eddie Kingston

The match begins with Kingston attacking Cody before the bell sounds, Kingston knocks Cody out of the ring while attacking him with strikes. Cody fights back and he attacks Kingston with strikes of his own, Cody gets Kingston back in the ring and Kingston trips him up before landing more strikes. Kingston traps Cody in the corner while attacking him with chops, Cody fights back again and he nails Kingston with a Disaster Kick. Kingston leaves the ring and Cody nails him with a suicide dive, Cody gets Kingston back in the ring before landing a missile drop kick. Cody takes his belt off as Kingston leaves the ring, Cody follows him and Kingston takes his belt before whipping him with it. Kingston removes the padding from the arena floor and Cody back drops him on it to avoid a pile driver, Cody traps Kingston in a headlock while nailing him with more strikes. Kingston gets back in the ring after raking Cody’s eyes, Kingston then hits Cody with a right followed by a back drop suplex. Kingston backs Cody into the corner while attacking him with more strikes, Cody fights back and Kingston drops him. Kingston keeps Cody down while stomping away on him, Kingston then applies a chin lock to the downed Cody.

Kingston releases the chin lock before attacking Cody with more strikes, Kingston traps Cody in the ropes while landing more strikes. Kingston follows up by drilling Cody with a clothesline, Kingston keeps Cody down again while applying the stretch plum to him. Cody gets free and he exchanges strikes with Kingston, Kingston droops Cody before kicking him right in the back. Kingston then gets Cody in a dragon sleeper and Cody gets free before landing some strikes, Kingston rakes the eyes of Cody and Cody fights back before nailing him with a chop block. Kingston’s leg gives out on him and he nails Cody with a low blow a short time later, Kingston follows up by nailing Cody with a DDT. Kingston leaves the ring and he grabs a bag from under the ring, Kingston brings the back in the ring and it is full of thumbtacks that are eventually spilled in the ring. Kingston gets Cody back up while attacking him with more strikes, Cody fights back and he drop kicks Kingston in the injured knee. Cody looks for a Cody Driver and Kingston gets free to power bomb him on the thumbtacks, Cody survives a back drop suplex to nail Kingston with a clothesline. Cody looks for the figure four and he attacks Kingston with a ton of strikes, Cody eventually gets Kingston in the figure four and Kingston taps out.

Winner: Cody w/Arn Anderson, still the AEW TNT Champion

- AEW Champion Jon Moxley appears from an undisclosed location, Moxley says he keeps it real and he will do exactly what he says he’ll do. Moxley talks about nearly destroying Brian Cage’s arm at AEW Fight For The Fallen, Moxley says he won’t let go of Cage’s arm next time they meet.

- MJF gets the microphone before the next match and he mocks Griff Garrison, Garrison says he isn’t Jungle Man is Griff Garrison. Garrison talks about how MJF lost at Fyter Fest and that leads to MJF attacking him.

MJF w/Wardlow vs. Griff Garrison

The match begins with MJF nailing Garrison with a plethora of strikes before propelling him into the corner, MJF then hits Garrison with an overhead belly to belly suplex. MJF follows up by nailing a downed Garrison with a knee drop, MJF also decides to rake the back on a downed Garrison. MJF holds Garrison down while ripping away at his face, MJF follows up by dumping Garrison out of the ring. MJF follows him out there before throwing him into the barricade, MJF then tosses Garrison into the ring post. MJF gets Garrison back in the ring before grabbing the microphone to do some trash talking, Garrison knocks the microphone out of MJF’s hands and MJF attacks him some more. Garrison knocks the microphone into MJF’s face before rolling him up for a near fall, MJF gets angry and he nails Garrison with the Heat Seeker for a three count.

Winner: MJF w/Wardlow

- Tony Schiavone gets an update from Rebel after Dr. Britt Baker’s recent nose surgery, Baker calls Rebel into her locker room and Schiavone follows her in. Baker talks about how her nose was injured by Hikaru Shida, Baker says Rule #4 is to “Never Count Out The Role Model.” Baker calls herself Michael Jordan before hinting at a return at AEW All Out.

- Taz and Brian Cage make their way to the ring, Taz says he and Cage have had a very difficult week and there were a lot of heated discussions. Taz reveals that Cage nearly fired him after Taz threw in the towel at AEW Fight For The Fallen, Taz says he didn’t want Cage to suffer a second torn bicep and he stands behind what he did last week. Taz says that Cage is the FTW Champion because he has an FTW mindset, Darby Allin interrupts and Ricky Starks attacks him from behind. Cage then hits Allin with multiple power bombs, Starks then hits Allin with the double underhook DDT. Cage goes to hit Allin with the skateboard when Jon Moxley makes the save.

- A video package airs revealing that AEW is holding a women’s tag team tournament this Summer.

- Alex Marvez interviews The Inner Circle, Jericho talks about the jacket that Orange Cassidy ruined last week on AEW Dynamite. Jericho says he will embarrass Cassidy and Jurassic Express, Jericho proceeds to mock all the members of Jurassic Express.

Falls Count Anywhere Match
The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson) vs. The Butcher & the Blade

The match begins with The Bucks finding The Butcher & The Blade in a kitchen, a brawl quickly breaks out between the teams. Nick smashes Blade face first on a table, Butcher catches a leaping Nick and he drops him on the knees of Blade. Blade then power bombs Nick onto the table for a near fall, Matt returns and he gets suplexed on a metal table for a near fall. Everybody battles out of the kitchen and onto the concourse, Butcher and Blade send The Bucks into the columns. Butcher tries sending Blade into The Bucks and The Bucks get out of the way, Nick nails Butcher with a knee strike to the face while Matt held a sheet pan in front of him. Butcher battles Nick and he throws him into the side of an AEW big rig, Butcher and Blade throw Matt into the truck. Butcher then sends Nick face first into the door of the big rig, Matt leaps off the truck too take out both opponents. The Bucks then throw Blade face first into a plexi glass shield, Butcher fights both of The Bucks and he gets hit with a baking sheet. The Bucks put Butcher on a table before climbing to the shelf of a bar, Matt almost puts Butcher through the table after leaping off the shelf.

The Bucks hit Blade with a double super kick and he falls onto an escalator as we go to a commercial break, we return from the break to see The Bucks battling Butcher at the ringside area. Matt nails Butcher with an assisted sliced bread before Nick lands a knee strike, Butcher fights back and he avoids a dive from Nick. Blade arrives and he attacks The Bucks with a steel chair, Butcher grabs a table and he sets it up on the arena floor. Butcher and Blade toss Nick over the barricade and into a steel retaining wall, Matt fights back and he nails Blade with a stunner before Nick takes out Butcher with a dive. The Bucks look to double suplex Butcher through a table and Butcher winds up suplexing them on the arena floor, Blade goes for a dive and he winds up hitting a table. Butcher then spears Matt through another table set up on the barricade, Butcher gets Matt in the ring and he follows him in there. Matt fights back as Nick hits Butcher with a chair shot to the head, Nick then attacks a cornered Butcher with strikes before double teaming him with Matt for a near fall. Matt then gets Butcher in a sharp shooter while Nick applies a cross face, Blade returns and he breaks everything up. Blade drops Nick on the top rope before knocking Matt out of the ring, Butcher and Blade meet Matt on the stage and they land a power bomb neck breaker on him.

Butcher and Blade the grab more tables before Nicks attacks Butcher, Butcher battles Matt by a table while Blade battles Nick. The Bucks send Butcher and Blade into each other, The Bucks then attack Butcher and Blade with multiple super kicks. The Bucks then nail Blade with a BTE Trigger before putting him on a table, The Bucks then nail Butcher with a double super kick before putting him on top of a table. The Bucks climbs the staging and they put Butcher and Blade through the tables for a three count.

Winners: The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson)

- Alex Marvez interviews Jake Roberts and Lance Archer, Archer grabs Marvez and he drags him into a locker room before attacking everybody who was in it. Roberts says they are getting frustrated and somebody from AEW is going to have to take a beating sooner or later.

Diamante vs. Ivelisse

The match begins with Ivelisse attacking Diamante before the bell, Ivelisse corners Diamante while nailing her with a bunch of strikes. Diamante fights back and she attacks Ivelisse with a bunch of strikes, Ivelisse nails Diamante with a body kick followed by a springboard arm drag. Diamante recovers and she nails Ivelisse with her own arm drag, Diamante then nails Ivelisse with a hurricarana and several more strikes. Ivelisse fights back and she attacks Diamante with a bunch of elbow strikes, Diamante recovers and she hits Ivelisse with a drop kick. Ivelisse leaves the ring and she drags Diamante out of the ring before a striking exchange breaks out, Diamante sends Ivelisse into the barricade before another striking exchange breaks out. Diamante breaks the refs count before getting Ivelisse back into the ring, Ivelise goes to the ring apron before nailing Diamante with a head kick. Ivelisse keeps Diamante down while kicking her in the back and applying a chin lock, Diamante gets free and she gets Ivelisse in a kravat. Ivelisse gets free and she nails Diamante with more strikes, Diamante fires back and she lands strikes of her own. Ivelisse nails Diamante with a head kick before eating one as well, Diamante then nails Ivelisse with a few clotheslines and a release German suplex for a near fall.

Diamante looks for her finisher and Ivelisse avoids it before landing a power bomb for a near fall, Diamante recovers and she catches a charging Ivelisse in a small package for a three count.

Winner: Diamante

Hangman Page vs. Five

The match begins with Five attempting a head kick and Page avoids it, Page then cracks Five with a forearm strike followed up by more strikes. Five fires back and Page drops him with a single chop, Page then nails Five with a boot to the face. Page follows up by nailing Five with a suplex for a near fall, Five knocks Page into the corner before landing a knee strike to the midsection. Page gets Five to the ring apron before kicking him into the barricade, Page leaves the ring and he sends Five back into the barricade. Page also drops Five midsection first onto the top of the barricade, members of Dark Order come out onto the stage. Five nails a distracted Page with a low blow before landing a drop kick, Five traps Page in the ropes before landing a top rope elbow drop. Five gets Page back in the ring before attacking him with more strikes, Five then hits Page with a neck breaker for a near fall. Five goes to the top rope and he misses the double stomp attempt. Page gets up and he nails Five with a pop up press slam, Page then hits Five with a bridging fall away slam for a near fall. Page gets Five to the ring apron and Five fights back to land a springboard drop kick, Five mounts Page before landing a few strikes.

Five then nails Page with a senton before Page blocks his moonsault attempt, Page nails Five with a few strikes before eating a series of kicks from Five. Page recovers and he levels Five with a lariat, Page follows up by nailing Five with a corner clothesline and fall away slam. Page then hits Five with a discus elbow strike for a near fall, Page hits Five with a power bomb after that for a three count.

Winner: Hangman Page

After the match, Brodie Lee and Colt Cabana come out while Lee gets into the ring to confront Hangman Page. Lee says he has always been impressed with Page, Lee says he isn’t impressed with Page’s lack of friends or a tag partner while in immediate danger. Lee offers Page a chance to join Dark Order and Page says he isn’t ready to join a cult right now, Lee heads backstage with Cabana as the rest of Dark Order get into the ring. Page gets surrounded and Page starts fighting the Dark Order before getting overwhelmed, FTR make the save and clear the ring before Kenny Omega comes out.

Jurassic Express (Luchasaurus & Jungle Boy) w/Marko Stunt vs. The Inner Circle (Chris Jericho & Jake Hager) w/Santana & Ortiz

The match begins with Jericho attacking Boy with a ton of strikes, Jericho drops Boy before stomping away on him. Boy gets up and Jericho attacks him with a few chops, Boy fights back and he nails Jericho with some arm drags followed by a drop kick. Hager tags in and Luchasaurus gets a tag a short time later, Luchasaurus and Hager immediately get into a wild striking exchange. Luchasaurus ends the exchange by dropping Hager with a clothesline, Luchasaurus then hits Hager with a head kick. Luchasaurus goes for a choke slam and Hager rolls through before going for an ankle lock, Hager applies the hold and Luchasaurus gets to the ropes. Jericho tags in and he attacks the injured leg of Luchasaurus, Luchasaurus fights back and Jericho drop kicks him in the injured ankle. Hager tags in and he gets a downed Luchasaurus in a chin lock, Hager releases the hold before wrenching away on the injured leg of Luchasaurus. Hager traps Luchasaurus in the corner before kicking away at his injured leg, Luchasaurus fights back and Hager nails him with a chop block. Luchasaurus recovers and he goes down alongside Hager after both land clotheslines, Boy and Jericho are tagged in by their respective partners. Boy goes after Jericho before taking out Santana and Ortiz with a suicide dive, Hager interferes and that allows Stunt to interfere as the ref argues with Hager.

Jericho recovers and he drops Boy before attacking Stunt, Jericho lands a few strikes on Boy before tagging Hager in. Santana interferes and he gets Boy out of the ring before throwing him into the barricade as Luchasaurus argues with the ref, Hager gets Boy back in the ring and he wrenches away on both of his arms. Jericho tags in and he nails Boy with a kick to the face, Santana interferes again as Jericho distracts the referee. Jericho then nails Boy with a delayed vertical suplex for a near fall, Jericho traps Boy in the corner before landing some strikes. Jericho gets Boy on the top rope and he follows him up there, Boy fights back and he knocks Jericho off the ropes before landing a cross body block for a near fall. Jericho recovers and he drops Boy before tagging Hager in, Hager keeps Boy down while pulling back on both of his arms. Boy fights back and Hager misses a charge in the corner, Hager gets up and he attacks Luchasaurus before tagging Jericho in. Jericho comes in the ring with his baseball bat and the ref makes him get rid of it, Jericho then hits Boy with a back suplex. Boy recovers and he catches Jericho in a roll up before landing a clothesline, Boy then hits Jericho with an enziguri.

Hager tags in and he nails Boy with a few knee strikes to the midsection, Hager keeps Boy down while holding him in a chin lock. Jericho tags in as Boy nails him and Hager with a double DDT, Luchasaurus tags in and he immediately cleans house against the opposing team. Luchasaurus then cracks both Hager and Jericho with head kicks, Luchasaurus then hits Jericho with a Crater before getting slammed by Hager, Boy then nails Hager out of the ring with a forearm strike, Stunt interferes behind the referee’s back and that allows Luchasaurus to hit Jericho with a thrust kick for a near fall. Luchasaurus then hits Jericho with a spinning head kick for a near fall, Santana looks to interfere and Boy knocks him into Ortiz. Serpentico interferes and he hits Luchasaurus with the baseball bat while the ref was distracted, Jericho then hits Luchasaurus with a Code Breaker for a three count.

Winners: The Inner Circle (Chris Jericho & Jake Hager) w/Santana & Ortiz

After the match, The Inner Circle attacks Jurassic Express before Serpentico takes off the mask to reveal that he was actually Sammy Guevara. The Inner Circle continues attacking until Orange Cassidy comes out with Best Friends to make the save.

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