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IMPACT World Tag Team Championship Match And More Set For Victory Road 2021

Santana & Ortiz vs. Best Friends (Chuck Taylor & Trent)

The match between Santana & Ortiz and doesn't get started right away because Best Friends jump Santana & Ortiz during their entrance, Ortiz throws Trent into the LED screen while Santana suplexes Taylor on the arena floor. Ortiz grabs Trent’s jacket and he whips Taylor with it, Trent dives off the stage and onto Santana and Ortiz. Santana prevents a double suplex onto the ring steps before Ortiz sends Trent into those ring steps, Santana gets propelled over the barricade by Taylor. Ortiz chokes Trent while Taylor grabs some steel chairs and sets them up on the arena floor, Trent returns and he nails Ortiz with a spear on the arena floor. Santana finds another chair and he hits Taylor with it, Santana looks for a pile driver on the staging and Taylor counters with a back body drop. Santana throws Taylor off the staging and onto a pile of chairs on the arena floor, the bell finally rings as Santana and Trent exchange strikes in the middle of the ring. Trent ends the exchange by nailing Santana with a double knee strike, Ortiz interferes and that allows Santana to hit Trent with a pump kick.

Santana then drops Trent right on the top rope, Ortiz tags in and Trent is nailed by a double suplex by the opposition for a near fall. Ortiz then hits Trent with a gut wrench suplex followed by a drop kick, Santana tags in and Trent sends him out of the ring before hitting Ortiz with a tornado DDT. Trent then hits Ortiz with a suicide dive, Trent goes for a spear on Santana and he crashes into the barricade after Santana gets out of the way. Santana gets Trent into the ring before landing a few strikes, Trent fights back and he manages to tag Taylor in. Taylor quickly starts cleaning house against the opposing team, Taylor clears the ring before landing a suicide dive. Taylor gets Santana back in the ring and he lands sole food followed by a falcon arrow for a near fall, Taylor then catches Santana in a sunset flip for another near fall. Trent tags in and he nails Santana with a running knee strike, Trent goes to the ring apron and Ortiz grabs his leg. Santana knocks Trent off the ring apron and onto the ring steps, Ortiz gets Trent back in the ring before tagging into the match.

Taylor returns and he attacks Santana as Trent hits Ortiz with his half of Strong Zero for a near fall, Santana then sends a charging Taylor into the crowd. Santana grabs a steel baton and he hits Trent with it, Santana tags in and Trent is hit with a Street Sweeper for a three count.

Winners: Santana & Ortiz

- MJF is backstage with Wardlow, MJF says he will win the AEW World Heavyweight Champion at AEW All Out ’20. A member of his staff arrives and he tells MJF that Mark Sterling is locked in his locker room, Wardlow breaks the door down and he gets Sterling out of there. MJF talks about all that he has sacrificed to try and become the AEW World Heavyweight Champion, MJF says Sterling should be more afraid of him instead of Jon Moxley.

Winners Face Each Other At AEW All Out ‘20
SCU (Christopher Daniels & Frankie Kazarian) & Private Party (Marq Quen & Isaiah Kassidy) vs. The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson) & Jurassic Express (Luchasaurus & Jungle Boy)

The match begins with some chain wrestling between Kazarian and Boy, Kazarian drops Boy with a shoulder tackle before exchanging some pin attempts. Matt and Quen are tagged in by their partners, Matt drops Quen and he attacks him with a plethora of strikes. Quen recovers and he nails Matt with a pop up drop kick, Kassidy tags in and he drops Matt with a springboard head scissors takedown. Matt leaves the ring and Daniels attacks him after tagging into the match, Nick makes a blind tag and he double teams Daniels with Matt. Matt tags in and he double teams Daniels alongside Nick for a near fall, Daniels fights back and Nick tags into the match before landing a springboard double stomp. Matt tags in and Daniels shoves the Bucks into each other before landing a back suplex on Matt, Boy tags in and he cleans house against the opposing team. Kazarian tags in and he levels Boy with a clothesline, Kazarian nails Nick with a slingshot cutter before Daniels lands a dive on The Bucks a short time later.

Kazarian corners Boy while attacking him with some strikes, Kazarian drops Boy before landing a springboard leg drop for a near fall. Kassidy tags in and he attacks Boy with some more strikes, Quen tags in and Boy gets double teamed by Private Party for a near fall. Daniels tags in and he nails Boy with a suplex for a near fall, Daniels follows up by dropping Boy with a headbutt. Kazarian tags in and he double teams Boy with Daniels, Kazarian holds Boy down while pulling up on his arms. Kassidy tags in and he attacks Boy before tagging Quen into the match, Private Party again nails Boy with some double team maneuvers. Quen is eventually tagged in after his team nails Boy with a series of slingshot elbow drops, Quen then hits Boy with a suplex for a near fall. Daniels tags in and he cracks a cornered Boy with more strikes, Quen tags in and he accidentally clotheslines Daniels. Boy then drops Quen before tagging Luchasaurus into the match, Luchasaurus quickly starts cleaning house against the opposing team.

Private Party eventually drop Luchasaurus with a series of double drop kicks, Luchasaurus recovers to double clothesline Private Party and land a suicide dive on SCU. Matt tags in as Luchasaurus lands a double choke slam on Private Party, Young Bucks and Jurassic Express land stereo Risky Businesses on Private Party. Boy tags in and he levels Quen with a lariat, SCU interferes and they hit Boy with an elevated neck breaker. Quen then hits Boy with a top rope splash for another near fall, Daniels tags in and Matt accidentally hits Boy with a super kick. Daniels hits Boy with a uranage and the Best Moonsault Ever, Kassidy tags in and he nails Boy with a shooting star press for a near fall. Luchasaurus hits the ring and a brawl eventually breaks out between all the competitors, Boy takes out multiple people with a suicide dive. Matt tags in and The Buck hit Quen with a BTE Trigger for a three count.

Winners: The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson) & Jurassic Express (Luchasaurus & Jungle Boy)

- Jake Hager confronts Orange Cassidy backstage and he tells Cassidy that Chris Jericho wants him at ringside for his match tonight.

- Tully Blanchard is backstage with FTR, Blanchard talks about how FTR won the gauntlet match last week on AEW Dynamite. Blanchard says the next goal is for FTR to win the AEW World Tag Team Titles at AEW All Out’20, Cash Wheeler calls the match the most important of their careers. Dax Harwood says the win will give FTR seven figure incomes.

- Tony Schiavone holds an in ring interview with Kenny Omega, Omega says that everybody makes mistakes and Hangman Page will have to live with his choices for the rest of his life. Omega says Page will be at his side when they face FTR at AEW All Out ’20, Omega says he and Page will defeat FTR at the event. FTR come out with Tully Blanchard and they have a cooler in their possession, Dax Harwood says Omega and Page had a great run as tag team champions. Harwood says they have no problem with them and they want to have a great match at AEW All Out ’20, FTR wants to hold a toast with Omega and Omega turns them down before calling them dickheads. Omega insults Blanchard and he says that he knows an attack is coming, Page comes out and FTR tells everybody that Page turned on The Young Bucks by himself and they weren’t involved in that decision. Omega tries holding Page back and they wind up having words with each other, FTR drops the tag belts on the mat before heading backstage. Page looks to hand Omega his belt and Omega heads backstage as well.

- Alex Marvez interviews Chris Jericho, Jericho talks about the first ever Mimosa Mayhem Match happening this weekend at AEW All Out ’20. Jericho says the fourteen week rivalry with Orange Cassidy ends this weekend, Jericho talks about how he made Cassidy a main event star. Jericho says Cassidy still isn’t on his level, Jericho promises to drown Cassidy’s dreams when they meet this weekend. Jericho also issues a warning to Joey Janela for their match tonight.

- Orange Cassidy comes out to watch the next match.

Chris Jericho w/Jake Hager vs. Joey Janela

The match begins with Jericho attacking Janela with a ton of strikes, Jericho sends Janela into the corner before landing a corner clothesline and more strikes. Jericho follows up by nailing Janela with a back suplex, Jericho keeps Janela down while landing more strikes. Jericho then lands another back suplex on Janela, Jericho holds Janela down while pulling up on his arms. Jericho gets Janela up and he lands a cross chop to his throat, Janela tries fighting back and Jericho nails him with more strikes. Janela escapes the grasp of Jericho to land some strikes and a shoulder tackle, Jericho recovers and he nails a charging Janela with a clothesline. Jericho dumps Janela out of the ring after landing a few knee strikes, Janela dives back in the ring and Jericho nails him with a Code Breaker. Jericho gets Janela in the Lion Tamer and Janela passes out while in the hold.

Winner: Chris Jericho w/Jake Hager

After the match, Chris Jericho attacks Joey Janela with a few more strikes, Jericho removes a turnbuckle pad before sending Janela into the exposed corner. Jericho traps Janela in the ropes while attacking him with more strikes, Jericho throws a bloodied shirt at Orange Cassidy and Cassidy hits the ring. Jericho and Jake Hager attack Cassidy until Sonny Kiss makes the save, Hager lays out Kiss before Cassidy knocks him out of the ring. Cassidy follows up by nailing Jericho with a DDT, Hager eventually pulls Jericho out of the ring. Cassidy takes a bottle of Jericho’s bubbly out of his backpack and he dumps it on the mat.

- A video package airs on the Matt Hardy/Sammy Guevara feud.

- Sammy Guevara comes out during the split screen and he shows some signs to the camera, Matt Hardy appears and he does the same.

- Team Taz makes their way to the ring, Taz gets the microphone and he says a member of Team Taz will win the Casino Battle Royal at AEW All Out ’20. Taz also promises Darby Allin that Ricky Starks will destroy him in the battle royal, Taz also says Brian Cage will take care of Lance Archer. Jake Roberts comes out with Archer, Roberts says nobody from Team Taz will defeat Archer before calling them all losers. Eddie Kingston comes out with the Lucha Bros and The Butcher & The Blade, Kingston says nobody in the ring is tougher than them. Shawn Spears comes out next with Tully Blanchard at his side as everybody starts arguing, Taz says Team Taz will fight everybody and that starts a massive brawl between a bunch of people. Allin comes out and he goes right after Starks, Santana & Ortiz hit the ring next with Jake Hager and they join the brawl. Best Friends hit the ring as well and they go after Santana & Ortiz, the brawl continues throughout the commercial break.

- A video package airs on Dark Order and the recent havoc they have caused in AEW.

Thunder Rosa vs. Serena Deeb

The match begins with Deeb working over the arm of Rosa, Rosa trips up Deeb and she wrenches away on her leg. Deeb gets up and she drags Rosa back to the mat, Rosa gets up and Deeb quickly gets her in a headlock before a striking exchange breaks out. Rosa ends the exchange by nailing Deeb with some arm drags and a drop kick, Rosa traps Deeb by the ropes before landing some chops. Deeb recovers and she nails Rosa with a neck breaker, Deeb keeps Rosa down while smashing her knee onto the mat a few times. Deeb goes for the single leg crab and Rosa gets to the ropes, Rosa fights back and Deeb nails her with a rope assisted neck breaker for a near fall. Rosa recovers and she sends a charging Deeb into the middle rope before landing a seated senton, Rosa keeps Deeb down while stomping away on her. Rosa follows up by nailing Deeb with a neck breaker of her own, Rosa then hits Deeb with a running leg drop. Rosa holds Deeb down while applying a chin lock to her as we go to a commercial break, we return from the break to see Rosa kicking a downed Deeb in the back.

Deeb tries fighting back and Rosa chokes her on the middle rope, Rosa gets Deeb back down while applying a reverse bear hug to her. Deeb gets free and she nails Rosa with a back stabber, Deeb follows up by nailing Rosa with some clotheslines and an octopus stretch. Rosa gets free and Deeb rolls her up for a near fall, Deeb misses a charge in the corner and Rosa nails her with some knee strikes. Rosa keeps Deeb near the ropes while landing a running drop kick for a near fall, Rosa goes for a standing surfboard stretch and Deeb counters with a roll up for a near fall. Deeb looks for a pile driver and Rosa counters with a death valley driver for a near fall, Deeb recovers and she exchanges roll ups with Rosa. Rosa then hits Deeb with a release German suplex and running knee strike, Rosa follows up with a Thunder Driver on Deeb for a three count.

Winner: Thunder Rosa

- Jon Moxley is backstage and he talks about how MJF will challenge him for the AEW World Heavyweight Title at AEW All Out ’20, Moxley asks MJF if he is ready to do what it takes at AEW All Out ’20. Moxley says that he cannot let MJF become the AEW World Heavyweight Champion, Moxley says MJF has had it easy until now.

- Tony Schiavone interviews Big Swole in the crowd, Swole claims Dr. Brit Baker has been ducking her for the longest time. Swole says that Baker will have no place to hide when they meet at AEW All Out ’20, Rebel comes out disguised as a pizza delivery person and Baker attacks Swole from behind with a crutch. Baker shoves the pizza into Swole’s face before nailing her with a thrust kick, Baker applies the Lockjaw to a downed Swole.

- Wardlow comes out and he makes sure that Mark Sterling comes to the ring for the match with Jon Moxley.

Jon Moxley vs. Mark Sterling w/Wardlow

The match begins with Moxley scaring Sterling and making him fall backwards, Moxley shows Sterling how to make a fist before slapping him in the face. Sterling gets scared and he leaves the ring, Sterling gets back in the ring and Moxley causes him to fall back out of the ring. Moxley chases Sterling back into the ring and Sterling pokes him in the eye, Moxley recovers and he nails Sterling with a clothesline before sending him out of the ring. Moxley follows Sterling out there before throwing him into the barricade, Moxley buries Sterling under a bunch of weapons before beating him with a shoe. Moxley gets Sterling back in the ring before bringing a chair into the ring, Moxley gets rid of the chair before landing a Paradigm Shift for a three count.

Winner: Jon Moxley

After the match, Wardlow attacks Jon Moxley and he nails him with a series of F-10’s, MJF comes out and he tosses his walker away to reveal that he isn’t hurt. MJF gets in the ring and he attacks Moxley with a ton of strikes, MJF corners Moxley before choking him. MJF puts the ring on and he punches Moxley with it, MJF then bites the bloody head of Moxley. MJF lands more strikes on Moxley before posing with the AEW World Heavyweight Title belt.

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