AEW Dynamite Results (3/9/22): Adam Page Defends AEW World Title, Bryan Danielson & Jon Moxley Team Up + More!

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WWE Backstage Morale Was Immediate Improvement Under Triple H

The show begins and our commentary team of Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone and Excalibur welcome us to tonight's show and first-ever AEW World Champion Chris Jericho makes his way to the ring. Jericho says Sunday night at Revolution was one of the best nights of his career and even though he lost, it was the best match he's had in AEW and for that, he wants to thank Eddie Kingston. Jericho says Eddie brought something out of him that he didn't know existed anymore and after their match, he didn't shake Eddie's hand and he [Jericho] didn't live up to his word and his word is everything, so tonight, he wants to apologize to Eddie face-to-face and shake his hand. Eddie Kingston's music hits and he makes his way down to the ring. Eddie says they're about to get real, real deep. Eddie says the Friday night before Revolution, he didn't wanna show up, he wanted to go out and drink and to forgot his problems. Eddie says he wanted that poison because Chris got into his head and he [Eddie] was afraid. Eddie says at the Fan Fest the day before Revolution, he had four separate people come up to him and inspire him and when he got back to his hotel room that night, he cried, because he wanted to win the big one for them, not even himself. Eddie says for those people at the Fan Fest, he hopes he did them proud but now it's time for the other issue. Eddie says the hand-shake wasn't for them, that hand-shake was for Jericho. Eddie says he went in there and showed him respect by dragging out the man he looked up to and respected, the Lionheart and no matter what anyone says, he proved him and everybody else wrong because he's still the man. Jericho says everything Eddie said was right and he tells Eddie that he respects him and thanks him for giving him one of the best matches of his career. Jericho extends his hand, Eddie shakes it and out comes 2point0 and Daniel Garcia. 2point0 and Garcia attack Jericho and Kingston, Santana & Ortiz make the save. Santana holds Garcia up, Jericho grabs a bat and wallops Santana with it! Jericho, 2point0 and Garcia attack Kingston, Santana & Ortiz, Jake Hager comes down, acts distraught but also joins the attack. 2point0 holds Kingston up and Jericho drills him with the bat and Hager launches Kingston off the apron and through a table with a massive power-bomb. Jericho and Hager wrap their Inner Circle vests around Santana & Ortiz then Jericho says this is The Jericho Appreciation Society. Jericho, 2point0, Garcia and Hager all celebrate and we see a video package highlighting CM Punk's win over MJF in a dog collar match from Revolution last weekend.

Adam 'Hangman' Page (C) vs. Dante Martin — AEW World Championship

A hand-shake kicks things off. Page locks-up Martin, who spins and leaps out of the hold, Page reapplies, Martin spins out, bounces off the ropes, sends Page to the ropes but the champion nails him with a clothesline. Page tosses Martin to the ropes but eats a drop-kick from the challenger. Martin sends Page to the corner, delivers a few chops to the chest, launches himself off the middle rope, Page catches him, rolls and lifts him before sending him crashing to the canvas with a slam. Martin to the apron, Page follows out with a spring-board clothesline that sends Martin to the outside and we head to a commercial break. Back from the break and the pair exchange strikes in the center of the ring, Page gets sent to the outside, Martin follows with a spring-board moonsault off the middle rope before tossing the champion back into the ring. Martin goes up top, Page catches him into a power-bomb, goes for the cover but Martin kicks out at two. Page knocks Martin down with a hook, Martin slides outside, Page misses a dive off the apron, Martin rushes back inside, leaps onto Page, who shoves him back, Martin comes storming at Page who leaps back into the ring with the Buckshot Lariat and gets the 1-2-3 for the win!

Winner - Adam 'Hangman' Page (C)

— After the match, Page tells Martin to get back in the ring. Page tells him that he [Dante] was put in a tough position last year after his brother got hurt and he knows that Darius is back and he'll probably be going for the AEW Tag Team Titles but calls Dante one of the fastest and hardest-hitting people he's ever faced and once he [Dante] makes it back up the rankings, he'd love to do it again. Adam Cole interrupts and says at Revolution, he proved that Page wasn't untouchable. Coke says they went to war and he knows he took Page to the limit and congratulates Page on his 'fluke' win. Cole says anyone can get lucky once but it won't happen the next time they face each other. Cole challenges Page and any two partners of his choosing to a six-man tag match next week. Cole says his partners will be two of his best-friends and one of the best tag teams in the world but he'll let Page sit on that until next week. Cole says Page's title reign is running on borrowed time and he'll make Page's life a 'living hell' until he hears 'and new AEW World Champion, Adam Cole Bay-Bay!'. Cole's music hits and we head to a commercial break.

Bryan Danielson & Jon Moxley (with William Regal) vs. Anthony Henry & JD Drake

Moxley and Bryan attack right as the bell sounds. Moxley and Drake officially start this one off. Moxley sends Drake to the corner, nails him with a forearm then a back suplex before making the tag to Bryan, who lays into Drake with a number of kicks to the chest and then one up top that sends Drake down. Drake drags Bryan to his corner, Henry makes the self-tag and starts walloping Bryan with a bevy of kicks but Bryan's just getting angry and tosses Henry to the mat and drills him with a kick to the back of the head. Moxley's tagged in, lays into Henry with some kicks then tags Bryan right back in. Bryan kicks Henry and locks in an arm-and-leg lock, Moxley makes the self-tag, bites Henry on the forehead and slaps him right in the chest before slamming him then goes for the cover but Henry kicks out. Moxley tosses Henry to the corner, misses a clothesline and Henry lands a missile drop-kick. Henry makes the tag to Drake, Moxley makes the tag to Bryan, Moxley plants Henry on the outside with the Paradigm Shift, back in the ring, Bryan unloads kicks to Drake's chest and locks-in the Labell Lock which forces the tap from Drake!

Winners - Bryan Danielson & Jon Moxley

— After the match, Tony Schiavone gets in the ring and asks Regal why he brought Bryan and Moxley together. Regal says he never though he and Schiavone would have this kind of interaction again and notes it's been 29-years since Regal first-came to America and he was on TBS with Schiavone. Regal says his time is flying by and he's had a very tough life and he knows he's not long for this world but he's here to be with these 'incredible' gentleman Bryan and Moxley and says this is the first-time he can thank Schiavone because 29-years ago, Schiavone was the first one to help him when he came to America but the time to be nice is over. Regal says somebody told him that his friend Bryan Danielson mentioned him on AEW Dynamite and it peaked his interest because then he had to go and watch. Regal says he found out his friend of 21-years, Bryan Danielson was going to fight Jon Moxley and everytime his [Bryan] name was mentioned in Ring of Honor or any other company, his [Regal] name was attached to it. Regal says if somebody wants to work hard, he'll make them a better professional wrestler. Regal says when he first met Bryan, he sat him down and told him what NOT to do because that'll save him 10-years on his career. Regal calls Bryan the perfect professional wrestler and says Bryan's what he [Regal] never could be. Regal says 11-years ago he met Moxley and for a whole year, the psychological things they put on each other would make the devil cry. Regal says Bryan and Moxley did things the right way, in the ring and what a better way to show the future generation how to excel then pairing the perfect wrestler with the perfect and utter sadistic person that'll take things to a completely other level. Regal warns the rest of the locker room and says if they step into the ring with Moxley and Bryan, they won't like the outcome and it's either step up or get stepped on.

PAC vs. Wheeler Yuta

PAC with control early and isolates the arm, then a drop-kick and tosses Yuta out of the ring. Penta Oscuro makes his way down to the ring, PAC sends Yuta into the barricade, then a brain-buster and tosses Yuta back into the ring. Yuta sends PAC into the corner, then hits a boot, goes up top, nails PAC with a cross-body, goes for the cover and PAC kicks out. PAC nails Yuta with a German suplex, then a cover, Yuta kicks out, PAC with another brain-buster then locks-in the Brutalizer to force the tap and gets the win!

Winner - PAC

FTR are backstage with Tully Blanchard. Dax says wrestling was his first love then calls out reDRagon but Tully interrupts and says he was brought in by FTR to win them titles and they start to bicker. Cash says it's about family and Tully isn't family so he's gone!

Andrade, Matt Hardy, Jose, The Butcher, The Blade, Isiah Kassidy and Marq Queen of The AHFO are all in the ring. Matt says he wants to make things right but he knows Andrade wants to fire him. Matt says he's not donning a suit because when he wears a suit, he turns into an a**hole and says Andrade and Jose certainly know what he's talking about. Andrade poses that they take a vote on it Matt stays, which they do one-by-one. Andrade and Jose vote for him to go, Matt, Isiah and Marq vote for him to stay...and then Isiah and Marq turn their thumbs down and the attack begins, it's 6-on-1. Darby Allin and Sting run down and make the save...then the original Hardy Boyz music hits and Jeff Hardy's here! Matt, Jeff, Darby and Sting clear house, The Hardy Boyz embrace and we cut to a commercial break.

— Swerve Strickland is backstage, before he can say much, Tony Nese interrupts and says they have a history of wrestling on Friday nights, so they should rekindle that. Strickland agrees and says he'll beat Nese's ass.

Tony Schiavone's in the ring and out comes Wardlow. The big man says there's a moment in life when you need to decide if you'll help someone else's accomplishments or if you take the chance to accomplish your own. Wardlow says he knows MJF wasn't a good person and asks the fans to forgive him for associating himself with that. Wardlow says he grew up poor and watch his mom struggle and MJF offered to change his life, and for that, he thanks him...but says it doesn't give MJF the right to disrespect him. Wardlow reveals he's still under contract with MJF but says he doesn't care and won't watch his back anymore, nor is he a member of The Pinnacle. Wardlow says MJF needs to be smart and if he allows him out of his deal, he'll leave him alone because all he cares about is becoming TNT Champion and calls AEW, Wardlow's world.

We then see Keith Lee backstage alongside QT Marshall. QT says he and Keith have a common enemy in Team Taz and posits the possibility of looking after one another. Keith declines and QT says Keith will regret his decision.

Jurassic Express (Jungle Boy & Luchasaurus) (C) (with Christian Cage) vs. The Acclaimed (Anthony Bowens & Max Caster) — AEW Tag Team Championship

JB and Caster to start. Caster and Bowens double-team JB, who breaks free, tosses Bowens out and takes down Caster with a thunderous chop to the chest. An uppercut for caster lands, JB comes firing back with a kick to Caster and a dive outside to Bowens. Caster and Bowens with the double-team, Caster with a shoulder block to JB, Bowens comes in, tosses JB to the corner and lands a corner splash onto him. Luchasaurus eats a clothesline when trying to be tagged in, Bowens and Caster seclude JB in their own corner and continue the quick tags. JB finally breaks free, makes the tag to Luchasaurus, who cleans house and the fight spills to the outside, Caster tries to attack with the boom-box, Luchasaurus slides out, JB dives onto both Bowens and Caster out of nowhere. The fight gets back in the ring, Luchasaurus lands a standing moonsault on Caster then goes for the cover but Bowens breaks it up. JB's tagged back in, unloads strikes, Bowens tags himself in and super-kicks JB, then hits the Mic Drop and goes for the cover but Luchasaurus breaks up the pin. Caster tries to cheap shot JB with a chain, Christian stops it from happening, Luchasaurus head-butts Bowens, Luchasaurus scoops up Bowens on his shoulders, JB goes up top and launches himself into Bowens and he gets the 1-2-3 to retain the titles!

Winners - Jurassic Express (C)

Backstage, TBS Champion Jade Cargill is shown alongside Mark Sterling. Jade ponders who is going to be next to get 'the kiss of death'.

Thunder Rosa vs. Leyla Hirsch — #1 Contenders Match, AEW Women's Championship

A grappling exchange to start, Rosa with a drop-kick, Hirsch with a back-slam then a cover but Rosa kicks out. Hirsch tosses Rosa into the corner, works over the arm in the ropes, then a drop-kick but Rosa stymies Hirsch's momentum with a back drop-kick that sends Hirsch into the corner. A clothesline from Rosa lands but Hirsch comes right back with a German suplex then another cover but Rosa lifts the shoulders after a count of two. Rosa with a fireman's carry, a clothesline then another pin attempt but Hirsch kicks out. Hirsch looks to use the wrench that she used to defeat Kris Statlander at Revolution but Red Velvet comes down and puts a stop to it. Hirsch locks-in an arm-bar, Rosa gets to the ropes to force the break, Hirsch goes for a running knee, Rosa slides out and lands the Thunder Driver for the win!

Winner - Thunder Rosa

After the match, Tony Schiavone announces that Thunder Rosa will challenge Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D. for the AEW Women's Championship next Wednesday night in Rosa's hometown of San Antonio, Texas inside of a Steel Cage!

AEW Women's Champion Britt Baker's backstage. Britt says Thunder Rosa getting another title shot is pure conspiracy and says Rosa should be at the back of the line but says she's not afraid of anybody and it'll end just the same as it did at Revolution, next week.

Sammy Guevara (C) (with Tay Conti) vs. Scorpio Sky (with Ethan Page & Dan Lambert) — TNT Championship

Guevara snaps Sky's legs back, the fight falls to the outside, Sky's on the attack, Guevara fights back and this is a brawl to start. Guevara sets up a table, then puts Sky on it, goes up top and comes crashing down through it but Sky moves and Tay Conti comes down to check on Sammy. AEW officials and Tay assist Guevara backstage but Say waves them off and comes back into the ring to continue the fight. Guevara spits on Sky, they start going at it, Sky tosses him out and Tay argues with Paige Van Zant, who's seated in the front row. Sky with a back-breaker, Guevara kicks out of the ensuing pinball attempt, then he rolls up Sky but Scorpio keeps his title hopes alive by lifting the shoulders at two-and-a-half. Guevara with a spinning-back kick, then a spring-board cutter then goes for the cover but Sky kicks out! Dan Lambert and Ethan Page distract, PVZ attacks Conti, Guevara's distracted by checking on Conti and Sky hits the TKO for the win! New champion!

Winner - Scorpio Sky (And NEW TNT Champion)

After the match, Sky attacks Guevara with the title, Paige Van Zant attacks Tay Conti, PVZ and Sky dump Conti and Guevara's bodies on top of each other and PVZ signs her AEW contract on top of Conti's body as the show goes off-the-air.

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