AEW Dynamite Results (6/8/22): Casino Battle Royale, Jon Moxley Faces Winner, Thunder Rosa Defends Women’s World Title, More

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  • Casino Battle Royale — Winner Faces Jon Moxley In Tonight's Main Event
  • Jon Moxley vs. Casino Battle Royale Winner
  • Thunder Rosa (C) vs. Marina Shafir — AEW Women's World Championship
  • PAC vs. Buddy Matthews

Live Coverage

Our commentary team of Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone and Excalibur welcome us to tonight's show and it's time for our opening contest of the evening!

Casino Battle Royale — Winner Faces Jon Moxley In Tonight's Main Event

Darby Allin, Eddie Kingston, Lance Archer, Daniel Garcia and Tony Nese are the Clubs and they start this one off. Kingston and Garcia attack each other right as the bell sounds, Nese slides to the outside, Kingston and Garcia brawl through the middle rope and onto the outside and Archer's in the ring awaiting Darby, who comes in and dumps Archer through the middle rope and onto the outside and cracks him with a dive through the ropes. Kingston and Darby get in the ring and trade shots and it's time for the next suit.

Ricky Starks comes down to the ring, followed by Jake Hager, then Rey Fenix, Swerve Strickland and Keith Lee round out the Diamonds. Fenix and Garcia are paired off along the ropes, Swerve and Lee take out Nese with a double team move in the corner and Kingston's being worked over in the corner by Garcia and Hager. Nese tried to kick Swerve out of the ring but Lee makes the last second save and launches Nese to the outside and Tony Nese is the first participant to be eliminated. Archer knocks Lee over the top rope but Lee comes in and sends Archer over the top rope with a powerbomb and Lande Archer is eliminated and it's time for the next suit.

John Silver, Konosuke Takeshita, Max Caster, Austin Gunn and Colten Gunn make up the Hearts. Bowens starts an 'Ass Boys!' chant and we head to a commercial break. Back from the break and it's time for the final suit, the Spades, which are made up of Powerhouse Hobbs, Kyle O'Reilly, Bobby Fish, Dante Martin and Ring Of Honor Pure Wrestling Champion, Wheeler Yuta. Darby nails O'Reilly with a Coffin Drop before O'Reilly even enters the ring and the brawl is on whilst back in the ring. Fenix and Martin dump each other to the apron, Caster and the Gunn Club stand in the middle of the ring and scissor each other but Fenix cracks Caster with a pump kick to break up the celebrations.

Fenix kicks Caster out of the ring and Caster is the third man eliminated from the matchup and Gunn Club quickly joins the list as Lee and Swerve dump them out but Swerve sneaks behind Lee and sends out his tag partner. Andrade El Idolo is revealed as the Joker and now the field is complete. Kingston and Garcia are on the apron, as is Silver and Hobbs clocks Silver with a shoulder strike and Silver is out but Hager and Garcia end up eliminating themselves as well as Kingston and they beat down Kingston on the outside but all three are officially eliminated. Takeshita drills Starks with a Death Valley Driver in the center of the ring and Takeshita and Hobbs exchange forearms but Starks comes from behind and he and Hobbs sends Takeshita out.

Martin sends Starks over the top rope, Starks holds on, Hobbs tosses Martin into the ropes and Starks ducks under Martin and drags the top rope down and Martin goes flying to the outside and he's eliminated. Fenix sends Starks to the apron and Fenix cracks him with a springboard kick to eliminate Starks. It's down to Swerve, Fenix, Hobbs, Darby, Andrade, O'Reilly and Fish as the final seven. Darby looks for the Coffin Drop, Andrade catches him, Swerve knocks Andrade back and wallops him with a super kick in the corner.

Swerve lays out both O'Reilly and Fish with a super kick on Fish then a back-body drop on O'Reilly. Darby tosses Fish to the outside and Bobby Fish is eliminated and Swerve sneaks behind Darby and launches him to the floor and Darby's out but Andrade comes behind Strickland and sends him out as well. Andrade, Fenix, Hobbs, O'Reilly and Yuta are the final five. Fenix unloads a fast-paced offense on Andrade and cracks him with a super kick but Hobbs takes him out from behind. Hobbs deadlifts Fenix and puts him on the apron but Yuta comes from behind and tosses Hobbs out.

Andrade, Fenix, Yuta and O'Reilly all square off and it's Andrade and O'Reilly forming a partnership and they isolate Yuta after taking Fenix down with a double team move. Yuta's sent to the apron but he hangs on, Yuta hits Andrade with a headbutt and goes up top and cracks Andrade with a missile drop kick. Yuta's sent over the top rope once again but he comes right back in but he eats a lariat from O'Reilly. Andrade knocks Fenix off the top turnbuckle with a super kick, Fenix runs the ropes and blasts Andrade with a super kick and goes for a pop up cutter but Andrade low blows Fenix in mid air and tosses him to the outside.

Andrade and O'Reilly double team Yuta, O'Reilly accidentally sends Andrade over his head and to the outside and now our final two of O'Reilly and Yuta are fighting on the apron. Yuta cracks O'Reilly with a super kick but O'Reilly falls back into the ring and trips Yuta with a leg snap over the bottom rope and follows it up with a flying pump kick to send Yuta to the floor and O'Reilly wins!

Winner - Kyle O'Reilly

We then see Jon Moxley backstage. Moxley says it's been a strange year and it's even more than people already know. Moxley says he tried to tell people that he's going to grab professional wrestling by the balls and Kyle O'Reilly is barking up the wrong tree because later tonight, he's going to prove that the Forbidden Door, AEW, NJPW and professional wrestling all belong to him. Moxley tells his mother that he loves her and we head to a commercial break.

Back from the break and Tony Schiavone announces the BRAND NEW AEW All Atlantic Championship, which will feature an eight-man tournament for the title, which will see Ethan Page vs. Miro, Penta Oscuro vs. Malakai Black, an unannounced NJPW matchup and our next matchup of the evening, PAC vs. Buddy Matthews.

PAC vs. Buddy Matthews — AEW All Atlantic Championship Semifinals

Buddy gets PAC down to the mat with an arm drag to start. PAC dumps Buddy to the outside with a hurricanrana then chases Buddy out there but Buddy slides back into the ring. Buddy comes back out and PAC launches him into the timeskeeper’s area. PAC goes up top, Buddy follows him, and they spill to the floor. Buddy gets PAC on the apron and plants him with a back-body drop onto it. Buddy sends PAC back into the ring and PAC plants Buddy with middle rope DDT.

A striking exchange goes down, Buddy nails PAC with a flying knee but PAC fires back with a German suplex then a lariat. PAC goes up top, Buddy follows up and sends PAC to the mat and nails him with a Liger Bomb and goes for the cover but PAC kicks out. PAC plants Buddy with a poisonrana then a super kick before going up too and lands the Black Arrow on Buddy to get the 1-2-3!

Winner - PAC (Advances To AEW All Atlantic Championship Tournament Finals)

Eddie Kingston is then shown backstage. Kingston says Jake Hager cost him in the Casino Battle Royale and says that he hates the entire Jericho Appreciation Society. Kingston calls out Hager for a match at Rampage, this Friday night.

Trent Beretta makes his way down to the ring. Trent says he’s upset because today is National Best Friends Day and his friends aren’t here. Trent says Best Friends were cheated out of the Ring Of Honor Tag Team Titles and calls out the champions, FTR. Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler make their way down to the ring. Cash says the finish to their match doesn’t feel right to him either. Dax says if it was their choice, they’d have their rematch, tonight. Dax says Trent’s issues shouldn’t be with he and Cash, it should be with ‘Will Ospreay’s little bitch boys’…and out comes Will Ospreay! Jeff Cobb and Great-O-Khan also make their way down to the ring and the brawl is on. United Empire stand tall over FTR and Trent and the segment ends.

Kyle O’Reilly is shown backstage alongside Tony Schiavone. William Regal comes in and he says he’s taught O’Reilly a lot over the last number of years and offers his ‘best wishes’ for O’Reilly’s match against Jon Moxley, later tonight. O’Reilly says he’s in AEW to fight the best and fight for the AEW World Championship…and tonight, he plans to do both.

‘Hangman’ Adam Page vs. David Finlay

Adam Cole is on commentary for this one. Page drops Finlay with a shoulder to start. Finlay comes back with a drop kick then some chops to the chest followed by a boot to the face. The fight spills to the outside and Page sends Finlay into the barricade before taking a sip of a fan’s beer and we head to a commercial break. Back from the break and Page plants Finlay with a back-body drop then a clothesline into the corner. Page dumps Finlay to the outside and into the barricade but tosses Finlay right back into the ring but Finlay plants him with a powerbomb and goes for the cover but the former AEW World Champion kicks out. Finlay goes for a German suplex, Page slides out and cracks Finlay with an uppercut then drills him with the Buckshot Lariat for the three-count!

Winner - ‘Hangman’ Adam Page

After the match, Page says he has a lot to say about the AEW World Championship but tonight is not the night. Page says he wasn’t in the Casino Battle Royale so it doesn’t look like he’ll get another shot at the title anytime soon…but that’s not the only title in professional wrestling and Page challenges IWGP Heavyweight Champion Kazuchika Okada to a match at Forbidden Door! Adam Cole comes down from commentary and says that Jay White may actually be the IWGP Heavyweight Champion by the time Forbidden Door rolls around. Cole tells Page that nobody will stop him from becoming the next AEW World Title because he’s the ‘franchise player’ in AEW.

We then head to a commercial break.

Back from the break and Tony Schiavone is in the ring and welcomes Wardlow down to the ring. Schiavone announces that Wardlow opted out of the Casino Battle Royale because he’s focused on the TNT Championship. Wardlow says he doesn’t want the AEW World Title unless he’d be facing CM Punk and since that can’t happen, right now, he wants the TNT Title. Wardlow says he’ll be waiting for Punk once he returns but says it’s time for a change when it comes to the TNT Title. TNT Champion Scorpio Sky makes his way down to the ring but Ethan Page and Dan Lambert rush down and stop Sky from rushing the ring. Mark Sterling comes down and says since he’s such a ‘nice guy’, he’ll give Wardlow two options. He can face Sterling in the court of law or he can wrestle 20 members of security in an elimination match, next week.

We then see Matt and Nick Jackson of the Young Bucks, backstage. Matt says they want the AEW World Tag Team Titles and Matt and Jeff Hardy appear. Matt and Jeff say that they hear The Bucks but since they beat them at Double Or Nothing, they’re next in line. Christian Cage, alongside the AEW World Tag Team Champions, Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus of Jurassic Express appears. Cage propose The Bucks vs. The Hardys vs. Jurassic Express for the titles in a Ladder Match, next week. Jungle Boy gives Christian a dirty look but it looks like the match is agreed upon.

Thunder Rosa (C) vs. Marina Shafir — AEW Women’s World Championship

Shafir grounds the champion early in the corner. Shafir unloads some shots on Rosa but Rosa kicks Shafir back and applies an armlock. Shafir lands a snap suplex then a super kick but Rosa fires back with some kicks of her own but Shafir trips Rosa and applies the Boston Crab. Rosa powers out and drops Shafir with a bevy of strikes and drills the challenger with a flying knee. Shafir lands a kick to the mid section then goes for a suplex but Rosa rolls up Shafir for the 1-2-3!

Winner - Thunder Rosa (STILL AEW Women’s World Champion)

After the match, Shafir attacks Rosa but Toni Storm rushes the ring and makes the save. Storm grabs the AEW Women’s World Title and takes a second to look at it before giving it back to Rosa.

We then see a quick promo from TBS Champion Jade Cargill alongside Red Velvet and Kiera Hogan of the ‘Baddies’. Cargill hypes up Red’s match against Kris Statlander for this Friday night on Rampage.

We then head to a commercial break before our main event of the evening.

Jon Moxley vs. Kyle O’Reilly (Winner Represents AEW At Forbidden Door For The Interim AEW World Championship)

A grappling exchange starts this one off. Moxley tells O’Reilly to keep coming with strikes, who he does and a striking exchange now takes place. Moxley dumps O’Reilly to the outside but O’Reilly takes control with a a bevy of kicks. Moxley trips O’Reilly and rips a right hook that wobbles O’Reilly.

Both competitors head back into the ring and Moxley puts O’Reilly on the top turnbuckle and slams him down to the mat with a back-body drop. O’Reilly comes back and drills the former AEW World Champion with a flying knee then unloads a number of strikes. Moxley hits a stunner out of nowhere but O’Reilly locks up a triangle choke and quickly transitions into a kneebar.

Moxley rolls out and the pair trade heavy strikes. O’Reilly plants Moxley with a suplex then a pair of clotheslines but Moxley comes back and hits a bulldog on O’Rielly then applies a bulldog choke. Moxley pops out of the submission and drills O’Reilly with a knee before planting him with the Paradigm Shift and gets the three-count!

Winner - Jon Moxley (Advances To Interim AEW World Championship Match At Forbidden Door)

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