AEW Dynamite: St. Patrick’s Day Slam Results (3/16/22): Britt Baker vs. Thunder Rosa III Inside Of A Steel Cage + More!

Welcome to's live coverage & discussion for AEW Dynamite: St. Patrick's Day Slam (3/16/22)!

We'll be bringing you full, fight-by-fight results of every match on the card.

Athena: Mercedes Mone Brings Star Power To AEW, But Your Minion Overlord Is Tiers Above Her

The show begins and our commentary team of Jim Ross, Excalibur and Tony Schiavone welcome us to tonight's show and it's time for our opening contest.

Adam Cole & reDRagon (Kyle O'Reilly & Bobby Fish) vs. Jurrassic Express (Jungle Boy & Luchasaurus) & Adam 'Hangman' Page

— Fast-paced action from JB and KOR start this one off, KOR takes control and makes the tag to Fish, who lays in a couple shots and quickly makes the tag to Cole. JB sneaks in a tag to Luchasaurus but the big man is quickly secluded in the opposing team's corner. Cole, KOR and Fish exachnge quick strikes and quick tags, Cole's back in and works over Luchasaurus' leg before making the tag back in to KOR. JB gets the hot tag from Luchasaurus, JB, Page and Lucha all go up to the same turnbuckle and plant all three members of the opposition with simultaneous moonsaults to the outside! JB tosses Fish back into the ring, goes for the cover but Fish lifts the shoulders. Cole with a cheap shot to JB, KOR and Fish work over some slick double-team work on JB, KOR goes for the cover but JB kicks out at two. KOR slows the offense down as we head to picture-in-picture. KOR makes the tag to Cole who continues to slow it down and keep JB on the mat. Cole makes the tag to KOR, who slams JB to the mat and works over the left arm before locking-in a head-and-arm choke. JB powers out, we're back from picture-in-picture and the pair make tags to Fish and Luchasaurus, respectively. The big man takes out bout KOR and Fish, he sends Fish out of the ring, wallops KOR with a slam but Cole stymies his momentum with a super-kick. JB evens the odds and takes out Cole, Luchasaurus hits a standing moonsault on KOR then goes for the cover but KOR kicks out. Luchasaurus lifts KOR up for their finisher, JB launches himself off the top rope, KOR ducks and JB flips into a super-kick from Cole, KOR locks-in a guillotine but Page makes the save. It's now Page and Cole face-to-face in the center of the ring as the two legal men. They exchange hard strikes, Cole goes for the Panama Sunrise, Page spins out, Fish with a super-kick, JB with a kick to Fish, KOR eats a slam from Page. Page lifts Cole, Lucha lifts KOR and JB drills the pair with a diving clothesline, JB makes the cover on Cole but Fish breaks it up just in time! KOR and Fish take out Page and Luchasaurus long enough for Cole to drill JB with The Boom and he gets the 1-2-3! What an opener!

Winners - Adam Cole & reDRagon

Ricky Starks, Powerhouse Hobbs and Keith Lee are backstage. They argue, Lee and Hobbs lock eyes and the feed goes out in the area. Apologies.

Before our next matchup, we see Kris Statlander looking into a mirror. Kris says something needs to change following her loss to Leyla Hirsch at Revolution. Kris teases that she's ditching the alien gimmick and we head back to the ring for match number two of the night.

Bryan Danielson & Jon Moxley (with William Regal) vs. Best Friends (Chuck Taylor & Wheeler Yuta) (with Orange Cassidy, Trent and Danhausen)

Danielson and Yuta start this one off. Danielson slams Yuta to the mat, rakes his forehead and makes the tag to Moxley, who starts walloping Yuta in the corner. Moxley makes a quick-tag to Danielson, who nails Yuta with a takedown, then a punch to the temple and quickly makes another tag to Moxley. The former AEW World Champion with a suplex and a quick neck-crank and Danielson's tagged back in. Yuta rolls out of an arm-bar from Danielson but Danielson stomps on his arm to regain control. Yuta spins out, does a backflip to break the hold and slides to his corner to make the tag to Chuck. Danielson tosses Chuck across the ring but Chuck knocks Moxley off the apron, slides into Danielson and locks-in a Boston Crab. Danielson slides out, tosses Chuck to the apron and rakes his throat with the top rope. Danielson makes the tag to Moxley then goes out to toss Chuck back into the ring where Moxley continues the onslaught before making the tag to Danielson and the pair nail Chuck with a double leg snap. Danielson world over Chuck's legs in a leg-lock and makes the tag to Moxley whilst still applying the hold, Moxley stomps on Chuck's back, Danielson goes back to the apron and Moxley puts Chuck on the top turnbuckle, follows him up and lands a super-plex then goes for the cover but Chuck kicks out. Moxley works over a partial Kimura and we head to a commercial break. Back from the break and Chuck knocks Moxley back with a strikes, makes the tag to Yuta who unloads a bevy of kicks to Moxley, goes up top, misses a double-stomp and eats a running clothesline from Moxley. Yuta flips behind Moxley, lands a German suplex, goes for the cover but Moxley quickly escapes. Yuta with some forearms onto a cornered Moxley, who powers out and makes the tag to Danielson, they hit a double spine-buster/clothesline combo, Danielson goes for the cover, Chuck makes the save, knocks Moxley to the outside, looks for a pile-driver but Moxley delivers The Paradigm Shift. Back in the ring, Danielson delivers his patented kicks to the chest, Yuta slides out before the last one and lands some chops to the chest, Moxley's back in and takes out Yuta, Danielson with a German suplex then a cover but Yuta lifts the shoulders after a count of two. Danielson laughs, Yuta struggles to his feet, clinging onto Danielson's kick-pads and tights to stand back up, Danielson makes the tag to Moxley, who locks in a bulldog choke and gets the tap from Yuta!

Winners - Bryan Danielson & Jon Moxley

After the match, Best Friends bring Yuta back to his feet and as they're about to walk-out, Yuta slowly pushes Orange Cassidy's hand away and gets in the tiny. Yuta extends his hand to William Regal, who slaps him, Yuta gets in Regal's face, Danielson, Moxley and Regal all laugh, Yuta smirks and it appears as if Yuta has joined the stable.

Chris Jericho, Jake Hager, Daniel Garcia and 2point0 make their way to the ring. 2point0 salivate over Jericho, not only as an in-ring performer...but as a human-being. Jericho says the earth has been around for over four billion years but we're all lucky enough to have lived during the Chris Jericho-era. Jericho says for over 30-years, he's done nothing but deliver five-star matches, amazing promos and help build companies, including AEW. Jericho says instead of praising him, everyone degrades him and talks trash about him on social media. Jericho says he's the best total package performer in professional wrestling history. Jericho says Sammy Guevara left him, Santana and Ortiz disrespected him and Eddie Kingston made him look like a fool making him tap out on pay-per-view. Jericho says Hager, Garcia and 2point0 appreciate him and that's why they're The Chris Jericho Appreciation Society and nobody else in AEW can touch them because they're just all a bunch of professional wrestlers. Jericho says he's not a professional wrestler, he's a sports entertainer, which gets a massive jeer from the crowd, so Jericho says it again. Garcia says he has something to get off his chest, Garcia says if Jericho's going to stand there and call himself a sports entertainer, then he is too. Garcia says 'my name is Daniel Garcia and I'm a sports entertainer'. Jericho calls Garcia more terrifying than anything Edgar Allen Poe. Jericho says Garcia appreciates him because Jericho once donated thousands of dollars to a fund for independent professional wrestlers who were hurt in a car accident in Buffalo in of those wrestlers were Daniel Garcia. Jericho says 2point0 won't be known as 2point0 anymore, because that's a dumb name from bad creative. Jericho renamed Matt Lee, Daddy Magic Matt Maynard and Jeff Parker is now Cool Hand Ang' Angelo Parker. Jericho says got a phone call from his former bestfriend Kevin [Owens] and he said he needs some help for two of his buddies who were just fired and asked if he could put them on Talk Is Jericho so they can get a job. Jericho says at the end of the podcast, he realized they have passion and desire and AEW hired them and that's why they appreciate him. Jericho calls Jake Hager is right-hand man and says he [Hager] had had his [Jericho] back since 2010 and calls him the hand of The King. Hager says they're The J.A.S. and they beat up pro wrestlers. Jericho calls himself the last great mind in pro wrestling. Jericho says remember the date, March 16th 2022, the new era in AEW, the sports entertainment era. Jericho says they're The Jericho Appreciation Society and that's entertainment.

We then see a video package highlighting the feud between Serena Deeb and the returning Hikaru Shida.

Scorpio Sky (C) (with Dan Lambert, Paige VanZant & Austin Vanderford) vs. Wardlow — TNT Championship

They lock-up to start, Wardlow lifts Sky high above his head and sends him crashing to the mat. Sky with a kick to the leg, shoves Wardlow into the corner, taunts him, Wardlow comes firing back and spears Sky into the corner before sending him face-first into the mat with an Alabama slam. Sky goes out of the ring to recover, Wardlow chases, Paige VanZant stops him, Austin Vanderford steps-in, kisses PVZ, Wardlow scoops Vanderford up for a power-bomb but Sky comes from behind and takes out the big man as we head to a commercial break. Back from the break and Sky in working over Wardlow in the corner, Sky shouts in Wardlow's face, the big man gets angry and shoves Sky back and tosses him over his head with a belly-to-belly overhead suplex, then another. Wardlow's selling a mid-section injury, Sky looks for a spring-board cutter, Wardlow catches him and almost gets the power-bomb but Sky fights his way out and looks for a suplex but Wardlow powers out and slams Sky to the mat with a spine-buster. Wardlow calls for the Power-bomb Symphony, lifts Sky, slams him to the mat for the first one, lifts him back up and plants him with another. Wardlow's eating up the crowd, who's in a ruckus for the big man. Wardlow goes for and lands a third, rolls up Sky, looks for a quick fourth, Dan Lambert gets on the apron and distracts Wardlow, Sky rolls out of the ring, Wardlow chases and looks for the power-bomb on the outside but Shawn Spears makes his way down to the ring with a pair of steel chairs in-hand. Wardlow tells Spears to come down, the referee tells Wardlow to get back in the ring and tells Spears to leave, MJF comes out of nowhere and drills Wardlow with the Diamond Dynamite Ring then sends him face-first into the ring post, Wardlow's disoriented and rolls back into the ring, Sky rolls him up and gets the three-count to retain his title!

Winner - Scorpio Sky

After the match, Austin Vanderford attacks Wardlow but Wardlow takes him out and comes face-to-face with MJF, sets him up for the power-bomb but Spears hits him with a chair to save MJF. Vanderford locks-in a rear-naked choke, Spears drills him with a chair shot to the face, MJF hands Dan Lambert a stack of cash and American Top Team alongside Scorpio Sky exit. MJF wallops Wardlow with the ring yet again and celebrates with his foot on Wardlow's chest, he plants a kiss on the ring and we head to a commercial break.

Back from the break and TBS Champion Jade Cargill is backstage alongside Mark Sterling with Alex Marvez. Alex asks Jade about how she feels about being in the cusp of 30-0. Mark interrupts and says Marvez should be ashamed of himself for not wearing green at St. Patrick's Day Slam and asks if he's scared of getting pinched...but he guesses being pinched is better than getting the kiss of doom. Cargill asks if anyone is ready to face 'that bitch'.

Private Party (Isiah Kassidy & Marq Quen) vs. The Hardys (Matt & Jeff Hardy)

Matt and Marq start this one out. Hardy with some forearms to start, Isiah comes in and attacks Matt, Jeff evens the odds and dumps Isiah to the outside and Matt continues to work over Marq. Matt makes the tag to Jeff, who goes up top and lands a diving clothesline, Isiah comes back in and gets hit with The Hardys patented corner flip that Jeff does after jumping off of a knelt Matt. Jeff lands a drop-kick to Marq's back, goes for the cover but Marq lifts the shoulders at two. Jeff locks-in a head-lock, Marq sends him off the ropes, Jeff shoved him down, dances and plants Marq with an arm-drag before going for another cover but Marq kicks out after a count of one. Jeff sends Marq to the corner, makes the tag to Matt, they hit a double leg sweep, Matt goes for the cover but Marq, again kicks out. Marq drags Matt to the canvas, makes the tag to Isiah, Private Party hit a double suplex, Isiah goes for the cover but Matt kicks out. Matt sends Isiah to the corner, goes for a splash, Isiah lands an elbow, Matt goes for a Razor's Edge, Isiah slides out and Private Party send Matt 'man parts' first into the ring post and we head to a commercial break. Back from the break and Isiah's working over Matt in the corner before making the tag to Marq, who unloads a bevy of shots to a cornered Matt. The crowd reigns down 'we want Jeff!' chants? Isiah goes over to Jeff on the apron and does Jeff's dance, they go for the Hardys corner spot but Matt catches Isiah and plants him with a urinage onto the back of Marq. Matt crawls to the corner and makes the tag to Jeff as the crowd erupts! Jeff takes out Isiah with a spine-buster, then a double-leg stomp and a drop-kick before going for the cover but Isiah kicks out. Jeff with a leg-drop that catches Isiah's legs into a pin but Isiah kicks out. Jeff with with front-suplex, takes his shirt off, goes up top but Marq trips him up. Marq sets Jeff up on the top turnbuckle and goes for Gin & Juice but Matt hits the Side Effect on both Marq and Isiah, Jeff goes for and lands a splash, goes for the cover but Isiah kicks out. Jeff and Matt each hit a Twist Of Fate, Jeff goes up top and lands the Swanton Bomb on Isiah for the 1-2-3 and the win!

Winners - The Hardys

— After the match, Andrade, Alex The Assitant, The Butcher, The Blade and Bunny all make their way down to the ring. Andrade takes off his suit jacket, they surround the ring, alongside Private Party and Darby Allin's music hits and he makes his way down to the ring with Sting! Andrade and the rest of The Andrade Family Office back off and we head to a commercial break.

Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D. (C) vs. Thunder Rosa — Steel Cage Match, AEW Women's Championship

Rosa comes out on fire, Baker with a suplex to stymie the momentum, Rosa with one of her own and sends Baker face-first into the cage before dragging Baker across the it. Baker with a takedown and a few shots before going out of the ring to retrieve a number of steel chairs. Baker lines Rosa up for a chair shot but Rosa drills her with a running clothesline and then a pair of shots across the back with the chair. Rosa with a stunner then tosses Baker into the corner, plants a running elbow onto her, then a step-up double stomp from the middle rope, then a running drop-kick into the corner and goes for the cover but Baker kicks out. Rosa unloads punches into the forehead of a new-opened up chair shot, Baker goes for a punch, Rosa ducks and Baker nails the referee with it instead. Rosa with the roll-up, no referee to count, Rosa lands the Thunder Rolling Driver, goes for another cover but again, there's no referee to count. Rosa goes up-top, Baker grabs a chair and starts going to town on the challenger. Baker sets up a few chairs on the mat, goes up-top with Rosa, looks for the double avalanche slam off the top rope and she gets it and plants Rosa onto the chairs! Referee Aubrey Edwards comes running down to take referee Paul Turner's spot, Baker makes the cover but Rosa kicks out at two-and-a-half. Baker unloads forearm shots onto Rosa, Baker yells at Edwards, who yells right back to the a big pop from the crowd. Baker tosses Rosa into the corner, then sets up four chairs, Rosa's busted open pretty badly, Baker puts Rosa on the top rope, Baker sets up another trip of chairs, making it seven. Baker grabs an eight chair and starts stabbing it into the rib cage of Rosa. Baker goes up top, grabs Rosa for a Spanish Fly, Rosa fights back, grabs Baker by the hair, Baker fights back, they trade a number of punches, Rosa with a head-butt and slams Baker's head off the cage and Baker goes crashing into the chairs! Rosa goes for the cover but Baker lifts the shoulders at two-and-a-half. Baker hits a super-kick out of nowhere, goes back under the ring and grabs a bag of thumbtacks. Baker slams the bag into Rosa's head twice before dumping the tacks all over the ring. Baker sets up Rosa for a neck-breaker, Rosa powers out but Baker nails her with a back-body drop onto the tacks, then goes for the cover, Rosa kicks out, Baker transitions into Lock Jaw, Baker flips off Rosa, who bites the champion's hand, Rosa slams Baker's hands into the racks, Rosa plants Baker with a power-bomb onto the tacks and Baker rolls out of the ring. Baker grabs a chair and wallops Rosa with it on the outside. Baker gets back in the ring, Rosa struggles back in as well and the crowd pours down the 'AEW! AEW! AEW!' chants, Rosa scoops Baker and drills her with the Thunder Driver Slam for the three-count and the win! New champion!

Winner - Thunder Rosa (And NEW AEW Women's Champion)

After the match, Thunder Rosa celebrates with the title as her adopted-hometown of San Antonio, Texas goes absolutely crazy, Dustin Rhodes comes down to embrace the new champion and the show goes off-the-air.

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