AEW Rampage New Year's Smash Results For 12/31/21 Cody Rhodes vs. Ethan Page, HOOK, Street Fight

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- AEW commentator Excalibur welcomes the viewer to AEW Rampage; he begins it with "It's Friday Night, and you know what that means." He then introduces Tony Schiavone and Ricky Starks.

Roderick Strong To Will Ospreay: You Don't Stand A Chance, The Assassin Will Fall To The Messiah

Darby Allin ( w/ Sting) vs. Anthony Bowens ( w/ Max Caster)

The match begins with a tie-up; neither man gets the upper hand for the first minute. Bowens is the first to gain control when he uses his heel to trip up Allin. Allin wallops Starks, and we see Bowens escape the ring.

Bowens enters the ring and begins attacking Allin with some stiff rights. Allin hits Bowens with a shotgun dropkick. Max Caster gets on top of the ring canvas to try and distract Allin; it does not work as Allin flips the bird to Caster. Bowens sends Allin outside of the ring after pushing him into the steel post. Bowens takes control of the match as we go to our first picture-in-picture commercial break of the evening.

Allin recovers and goes for the Coffin Drop; however, Bowens pushes Allin, falling on top of the ropes. Bowens then hits a quick DDT, Bowens goes for the pin, and Allin kicks out at two. Darby is about to go for the tope suicida; however, Max Caster stands on the canvas, and Sting gets involved and takes out Caster.

Anthony Bowens enters the ring, and Darby Allin hits him with a Code Red, and a short time later hits the Coffin Drop to get the victory. After the match, Andrade Il Idolo comes out. Allin and Sting watch him and turn their backs on The Acclaimed, and they get taken out.

Winner: Darby Allin ( w/ Sting)

- We get a Hook and Taz Technique Video; Taz goes over HOOK's finisher REDRUM.

Street Fight
Penelope Ford and The Bunny vs. Anna Jay and Tay Conti

The match begins right away; it's pandemonium right away. Penelope Ford has Tay Conti on a table outside of the ring. Ford enters the ring and hits Conti with the moonsault. The table does not break; Ford rolls Conti back into the ring, hitting Conti with a glass bottle. Tay Conti and The Bunny are busted open with blood running down their faces.

The Bunny and Ford enter the ring and begin setting up chairs and a table. Anna Jay enters the ring, and she hits The Bunny with a suplex and land on the chairs. We go to another picture-in-picture commercial break.

During the break, Ford and The Bunny control most of the match. We return from the commercial break with Anna Jay holding onto the back of The Bunny, The Bunny falls back, and they both go through the table.

Tay Conti is then slammed hard onto a ladder on the outside by Penelope Ford. The Bunny grabs a bag and empties it, and it's filled with thumbtacks. Anna Jay hits a superplex on The Bunny and land on the thumbtacks. Jay goes to pin The Bunny, but Ford breaks up the pin. We see Tay Conti taking out Penelope Ford with the Gotch Piledriver, and they go through a table.

They go back to the in-ring action, we see The Bunny put on the Brass Knuckles, and as she goes to seeing at Anna Jay, she slips on the thumbtacks. Anna Jay then wraps up a barbed wire across her arm and then puts on the Queenslayer; The Bunny taps out.

Winner: Anna Jay and Tay Conti

- We get a clip showing how we go to "Hangman" Adam Page vs. Bryan Danielson.

- Mark Henry interviews Dan Lambert and Arn Anderson; they each take shots at each other. Anderson tells Lambert that they made it personal by going after Brandi Rhodes and his brother Dustin Rhodes.

TNT Championship
"All Ego" Ethan Page ( w/ Dan Lambert and Scorpio Sky) vs. Cody Rhodes (C) ( w/ Arn Anderson)

AEW Ring Announcer Justin Roberts introduces the competitors. Cody Rhodes gets booed as expected. Then, the bell rings, and Cody runs right at Ethan Page and takes him down with a headlock.

Cody hits the ropes; however, Dan Lambert trips up Cody. Page hits Cody with a suplex and has the upper hand. Page runs the ropes, and now Arn Anderson trips him up. The crowd is chanting, "Let's go, Cody, Cody sucks."

The action goes to the outside, and Page takes control. Page nails Cody with a big slam, and a fan puts their hand out and helps Cody up. Page and Rhodes are back in the ring; Rhodes has Page hooked with a leg lock submission of sorts. Ethan Page is in pain, but he hits Rhodes with a stiff shot. Rhodes returns the favor. We go to our last picture-in-picture commercial break of the evening.

Cody works on the left leg of "All Ego" Ethan Page during the break. Rhodes hits Page with a suplex; Cody will attempt to hit Page with a lariat, however; Page takes Rhodes out with a shoulder tackle. Page nails Rhodes with a back body drop and then hits him with a DDT. Cody rolls out of the ring, and Scorpio Sky begins attacking Cody. Dustin Rhodes makes his way out and starts fighting with Scorpio Sky.

Rhodes hits Page with the Cross Rhodes and then goes for the pin. Page kicks out at two. Both men are on the top rope, and Page hits Rhodes with a powerslam. Page goes for the pin; however, Rhodes kicks out.

We see Rhodes and Page exchange strikes multiple times, Cody gets sent to the ropes, and he hits Ethan with the Cody Cutter. Cody goes for the pin, and Page kicks out at two. Rhodes then puts Figure Four on Page, Page soon, then reverses it. Cody grabs the ropes, and Page releases the hold. Page goes for the Ego's Edge; Cody counters it by hitting Page with two Cross Rhodes and a Tiger Driver '98. Rhoades pins Ethan Page to retain his TNT Championship. Rhodes celebrates his win and is booed for it. We go off the air with Cody celebrating while standing on the ropes.

Winner: Cody Rhodes ( w/ Arn Anderson)

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